Oren Frank, Talkspace

Oren Frank is a firm believer is seeking help when you suffer from a mental health disorder. He and his wife sought marriage counseling in hopes to save their marriage and it benefited them greatly. They ended up remaining married and they eventually had two beautiful children. Seeking counseling reminded them that not everyone has the chance to get help when they need it. Some people don’t have a way and others can’t afford it. The Talkspace app provides an affordable way for others to receive help from a licensed therapist anytime they need one.

Most individuals who seek help from Talkspace have never sought help before, and most of them would never. This is the reason Oren created the app. He wanted an easier way to help others get the help they need. Health care is very expensive, and isn’t feasible, but luckily, Talkspace is affordable and beneficial. The app is constantly growing. Hundreds and thousands of individuals across the glove use this app to better their mental health disorders. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren believes this is a new start for the future. Technology is consistently coming up with new things, and this is something that could make a difference for millions of individuals. Oren is trying to push others to see the importance of psychotherapy. He had doubters, but he didn’t stop that from letting him accomplish his dreams. He desired to help the 60 million people diagnosed with a mental health disorder find help. Anyone can join this app and start to get the help they need immediately. He and his wife believe it is the future of therapy. They have progressed tremendously since the company was founded in 2014. Oren and his wife are proud of the direction that Talkspace is headed and they hope it continues to thrive.

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Oren Frank: Creating Talkspace for People Who Need to Talk to Therapists

Oren Frank is an Israeli entrepreneur and software developer who moved to the United States in search of a better opportunity. He is best known as the man behind the creation of Talkspace, a popular communications app used by millions of people around the world. Before setting up his career as the CEO of Talkspace, he used to work for a software development firm, and this is where he practiced his skills in becoming a programmer. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

The problems that he and his wife are experiencing led to the creation of Talkspace. Oren Frank stated that the app he made saved their marriage, and he is happy that his wife is still with him. When he was being threatened with a divorce, Oren Frank decided to create an app that would allow him to speak with a remote therapist through a handheld device. The end result was remarkable, and the advice provided by the therapist that he spoke with worked perfectly. Oren Frank realized that the world needs to know the app that he made, and he later decided to make it online. The app became an instant hit, and it was used initially by different people who wanted to have a decent communications platform.

However, as more therapists are being included to serve Talkspace, the use of the platform as a messaging app for two or more private individuals have shifted to patients calling their therapists to find out what they can advise about their condition. By serving as the CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank was also given an avenue where he can air out his ideas on how the company should grow further.

As Talkspace grew, Oren Frank and his team decided to expand the compatibility of the app and included more services than before. The number of therapists who have signed up to become an official therapist of Talkspace has breached the 1,000 marks, and they are serving half a million people who wanted to have access to professional therapists. The two people on the end of the line using the application will be given unlimited credit for sending messages. They can also share media that would make their communication with the therapists livelier, and it keeps on getting better as the CEO of Talkspace is speaking with other tech giants to upgrade his services.

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