Penn Comments on #MeToo In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has been in hot water before. In fact he seems to percolate most of the time, and then do something that causes the pot to boil over. The noted actor, correspondent, director, philanthropist, and animated bird grunter has built up quite the resume for himself over the years. Now he is adding column to that resume with the release of his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. Citing disenchantment with the film world, Penn has decided to try his hand at writing a novel. So far Bob Honey is doing well, even though many critics are panning it. The novel is described as a satire, and takes jabs at many topics. Foremost among them the Trump administration and #MeToo. It is Penn’s comments about #MeToo that have currently caused the pot to boil over.

Penn does not pull punches in his new book. He likens Trump, who he refers to as the Landlord, to all four horsemen of the apocalypse. The book focuses on subjects of political frustration. It follows the exploits of septic tank salesmen turned assassin Bob Honey. Penn is well-known for his political activism. He is also among the Hollywood contingent that speaks out against the Trump administration. Naturally he would take aim at Trump within the pages of his novel, but no one expected a critique of the #MeToo movement.

The critique is in the form of a six-page poem that compares #MeToo to a playground battle. It claims that #MeToo takes subjects like rape and sexual misconduct, and infantilizes them, but a lot of activists thinks it helps the cause. Media outlets like Rolling Stone and the New York Times have already criticized Penn for his comments, but Penn does not appear to care. According to him it is a satire and every reader will take away what they want to. In face, Penn says the poem encourages movements for social equality, depending if you read it a certain way. This is not the first time the actor has criticized the #MeToo movement. Penn believes that any movement for social equality needs to focus on inclusion, and that if a movement uses its position to birth division it is just taking a step back.