Rodrigo Terpins – Did You Know That He is and Does So Much More Than Just Rally Racing?

To say that Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver – and a great one, at that – would be to say that a sandwich alone is a full meal: We’d be making a vast understatement, at worst. The point is this: Terpins specializes in rally driving but is an expert on many other subjects – such as writing stories. He delivers.

Plot Teaser – Written in Brazil but for an American Audience at Large

In early New Hampshire, a young man is in for more than he initially bargains for when he purchases a rare armoire from a store.

Story Excerpt – Translated, Summarized and Paraphrased into English

John simply cannot let go of his urge to potentially purchase a rare product. This young man is bold, inspired and adventurous and, as such, he intently decides to purchase the rare, antiquated piece – willing to bear the cost of whatever may lie ahead. He takes his chances, as is his usual decision in such matters, and begins to plan his next rare purchase.

As he opens it, he discovers piles of yellowed envelopes, all unopened. As he rummages the findings, a young woman enters and becomes no less curious than he. Now, both Luke and Wilma must uncover the truth. Luke, not willing to allow Wilma’s curiosity to wither away, permits her assistance.

He finds the same address on all of them, so he drives over to deliver the envelopes, after thanking Wilma for her short time of faithful service to him thus far as she has resulted a far more devoted personal assistant and bookkeeper than he could have ever hoped for.

Upon his arrival, another young woman opens the door, and she does not recognize the envelopes. Who they may be from becomes the next great mystery all of its own accord, and both he and her engage in a further intensified scrutiny, after having some tea and a few sweets. Check out his Facebook page for more info.