The Beauty of Skiing at Squaw Valley Ski Resort


The Squaw Valley Ski Resort in North Tahoe has distinguished itself from other destinations because of its world-class slopes and subsequent hosting of the Winter Olympics in 1960. At the same time, the leadership of the resort is seeking to make Squaw Valley a year-round destination for visitors, as they seek to leverage its offerings in warmer months and capitalize on potentially millions of dollars in tourism revenue.

To realize this vision, the leadership of the facility are developing superior entertainment as well as recreational opportunities suitable for enjoyment 12 months per year. An example of an initiative along those lines is the creation of the Village at Squaw Valley Resort featuring shopping, lodging, restaurants, among other attractions. In addition, the site will provide guests with a wonderful seasonal park, biking and hiking paths and a Mountain Adventure Camp featuring ropes courses, zip lines, mountain climbing, water slides, bowling, performing arts, world-class fitness and recreational activities. 

Upon realizing this endeavor, the development projects the creation of 570 new permanent jobs and $26 million in tax revenues annually that can be allocated to public infrastructure such as roads, transportation projects and schools. Research analysis has projected also that existing businesses will benefit immeasurably by the increase traffic flow to Truckee and the North Shore. 

Sensitive to the needs and concerns of the local community, the leadership of Squaw Valley Ski seek to partner closely with residents. For example, the leadership of the initiative seeks and is listening to the thoughts expressed by the local population, especially on matters related to the environment and the quality of life for the North Tahoe community. 

At center of the Squaw Valley resort expansion is Andy Wirth, the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth possesses in excess of 25 years in business and is using it to make the destination one of the preeminent restarts worldwide. Wirth oversaw the transition of the Squaw Valley ski resort from its direction under the Cushing family in 2010. Prior to then, the family had run the facility for 70 years. From the beginning of his tenure, Wirth executed a $70 million upgrade to the facility, thus brining the resort on par with the competition. From there, worth oversaw a seamless merger with the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, whereby guests can seamlessly purchase a single ticket for admission to either facility.

Originally from Nuebrucke, West Germany, Wirth began his training in the industry as an undergraduate student Colorado State University and later at Edinburgh University in Scotland. He began developing practical experience with the Rocky Mountain National Parks as a backcountry ranger and as a wilderness ranger with the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.