A Cool New Terminator Poster is Out

A new international movie poster for Terminator: Genisys is out and the top stars of the film are present on it. The star would gets the most space on the poster is, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is featured with a half-human/half-cyborg face and he’s sporting the pump-action shotgun he originally carried in the first movie. By the way, the original Terminator (1984) is being re-released to movie screens in select cities. Of course, all the Terminator films are playing on TV regularly now to hype up the release of the new film.

The coolest part of the new international poster is the way John Connor is depicted.

The proverbial cat is out of the bag as far as a major plot twist in the movie is concerned. John Connor becomes a T-1000-like cyborg in the new film. Essentially, he is more of a villain in this feature than he is a hero. You would think such a twist should be kept secret until after the film is released. Apparently, the marketing people feel it would be a wiser plan to reveal the twist as a means of generating interest in the film. Fans like Keith Mann (prnewswire.com) agree that the first trailer for the feature was, well, pretty bad. Concerns arose about the new Terminator film turning out to be a flop as a result. Giving the way the plot twist and making it a major component of the marketing could reverse the damage.

Azalea Banks To Star In A New Upcoming Movie

Maybe Azalea Banks will stop complaining so much and bullying other people, now that she has some additional projects coming up. Azalea Banks will be starring in the movie called “Coco,” which will start filming soon. The movie will be produced by RZA, who is a Wu-Tang Clan member. Azalea Bank’s New Movie. Although there is not much information out about the movie yet, it’s only known that Azalea Banks will be the star of the movie. Maybe Azalea will go on social media and brag about it, and she’ll throw it in Iggy Azalea’s face, kind of like how she does everything else.

Although Azalea Banks seems to be a talented star, but she could complain a lot less, especially since she’s trying to build up her star power. Recently, Azalea complained about the BET Music Awards, which did’t sit well with Beneful people on Twitter. The BET Music Awards decided to award Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper for the fifth year in a row. Azalea Banks was nominated too, but she feels like it was pointless. Azalea feels the nominations are just for show, and that there is a plot to allow Nicki to win every year.

Azalea is also known for the war of words she has had with Iggy Azalea. More than likely Azalea Banks doesn’t care for Iggy Azalea because they have similar names.

IMAX Camera Gear Up for Infinity War

Apparently, fans loved Avengers: Age of Ultron so much they are already looking towards the next entries in the series Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II. Studio executives surely are looking toward the next two films since the recent one has totally cleaned up at the box office. In order to ensure fans really do enjoy their experience in the theater, a major production decision has been made. The Infinity War films are going to be shot with a very sophisticated new high-end camera.

The two-part project is going to be a really big event according to businessman Jaime Garcia Dias. Nine straight months are being dedicated to the principle shooting of the feature. Now, we learn that an advanced 2D digital IMAX camera is being employed to shoot the feature.

Alright, some may be saying that only “super tech and movie geeks” are going to be thrilled at this news. To a degree, that might be correct. Fans of all things high-tech and digital love to hear about new innovations when they emerge. For the average fan though, the use of brilliant new forms of cinematography can truly change a film experience for the better.

Over a half a century ago, audiences were treated to Cinemascope and other stunning filming achievements. Films shot with such innovative camera technology truly left amazing impressions.

Martin Freeman Added to “Captain America: Civil War” Cast List

Despite the fact that the second phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will not be concluding until the release of “Ant-Man,” fans are already clamoring for details regarding Phase III, which begins with “Captain America: Civil War.” While many fans are debating which heroes will be returning and which will make their debut, such as Spider-Man and Black Panther, it’s already a foregone conclusion that several mundane humans characters will be added to the roster.

Notably, Martin Freeman has been added to the film’s roster, likely as one of those mundane humans. Head producer Kevin Feige has confirmed this announcement, though there is currently no information that explains what character Freeman will portray.

Freeman may very well assume the role of a character like Phil Coulson or Adam Sender, whose characters are without any previous ties to Marvel’s comics multiverse (InterviewMagazine).

It Appears Jonah Hill is off his Diet

Actor Jonah Hill has struggled with his weight over the years. When we first saw the 31-year-old actor in some of his break-out films such as “Accepted” and “Knocked Up” he was a larger guy. In his first major role as Seth in the hit comedy film “Superbad” his weight stayed the same.

In 2011, Jonah joined the set of the critically acclaimed sports film “Moneyball” where he met actor Brad Pitt who helped coach him through a significant weight loss. Before the film, Jonah lost an impressive 40 pounds. He credited his weight loss to eating Japanese food and getting help from a nutritionist. Dan Newlin, an attorney in Florida, applauded Jonah’s weight loss at the time. He had said that changing his diet and understanding nutrition is what helped him to shed the weight.

Pictures of Jonah filming his new movie “Arms and The Dudes” clearly show the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor much heavier than he has been lately. It is estimated that he has put on nearly 70 pounds since filming “Moneyball”. I feel for the guy.

For the full story on Jonah and his new film, check it out on NY Daily News.

Another Jared Leto Joker Photo Emerges

On the heels of the official release of a photo featuring Jared Leto as The Joker, a fan has published a “spot shot” of the actor in makeup. This is the third photo and the second unofficial one. The new photo is taken from a profile and shows a near extreme close-up of the actor. His face is pasty white and the trademark red Joker lips are present. We cannot see any of the tattoos found in the official photo. It is also worth noting the gruesome mouth scars Heath Ledger sported are nowhere to be found either.

What do we learn from the new photo? Other than the image appears to be taken off a video monitor, not much. The Joker looks like, well, The Joker. Interestingly, Leto looks a lot less menacing in the bootleg photo than he did in the official. We shouldn’t infer too much from this though. Context is everything and there is absolutely no context for this photo image whatsoever.

For one, do not know if the image is of Leto in full makeup or not. Is he wearing the costume’s wig or not? Basically, we know very little based on the photo but we do know a lot more than we did six months ago.

Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso (dino.com) know that, hopefully, new photos will show the actor in full costume. We could also wish for a release of video footage showing Leto performing as The Joker. That would be a real coup and something fans would love.