William Saito Gives Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

William Saito is a Japanese businessman that has used his wealth of accumulated knowledge and expertise to create a wide-range of businesses. Saito has been seated on both sides of the table, as founder and investor, so he has a good understanding of what each party is in search of. Aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit greatly by getting an understanding of William Saito’s thoughts about start-up business topics.


A strong marketing plan is a must as despite the interest in your products potential customers need to be made aware of their existence. This should be a top priority from even before the venture is launched.


It may be a good idea to hire a marketing expert to get the company’s marketing efforts off on the right foot.


Finding A Niche

The marketing for a company should specifically define for potential customers the benefit of the products being offered. This is also important when soliciting investors who will want it explained to them the need the company will fill in the market before committing financial resources to cybersecurity. Entrepreneurs should make it plain to investors why the venture is needed.


Capital Acquisition

A major obstacle to the success of any small business start-up is surviving under the encumbrance of significant loan debt. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most entrepreneurs do not have the experience to discern between a good loan and a bad one.


Borrowing fewer dollars at the beginning of the venture and instead focusing on organic growth minimizes risks while providing the company with more flexibility in company management.



William Saito never fails to express the importance of diversity in business ventures. Fifteen of the nineteen business interests owned by Saito are operated by women and has been quite vocal in regards to the lack of diversity seen in both the private and public business sectors. Saito explains that when a business makes diversity a priority it can count on a more forward-thinking staff that promotes equality.


About William Saito

William Saito is a well-known investor in start-ups in the country of Japan. He was also employed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as an advisor on cybersecurity issues. The World Economic Forum recognized Saito with the distinction of being named a Young Global Leader in 2011. Saito was also listed by Nikkei as one of the most influential individuals in Japan.