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Currently making his home at Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager, Bruno Fagali’s talents are far reaching and extremely diverse. Since 2006, he has practiced within several different law disciplines, which have culminated into the time he also currently spends working in his own private practice. With his vast and diversified experience, Fagali is certainly one that you would want in your corner when it comes to compliance, ethics, administrative law, urban law, or regulatory law.

Few can compete with Fagali’s level of experience and knowledge. His ability to put his experience to work for those he represents is unsurpassed. Those seeking out the expertise of Fagali can rest assured that his unsurpassable level of experience paired with his outstanding reputation will not leave any room for disappointment. Compliance é tema dos atuais MBAs do país, reporta o advogado Fagali.

Choosing a lawyer could be a daunting task; however, with the experience and reputation following him, the pathway has been smoothly paved. Not only is his legal experience valuable, but also his familiarity with the country in which he resides. When trying to navigate a new geographical area without personal knowledge it can be an intimidating task; however, Bruno Fagali gives that local advantage that we all desire.

In reaching for your stars in life, look for the knowledge and familiarity that will push you to the next level. Bruno Fagali is that friend that we all wish we had. Offering not only the legal expertise, but the work ethic and local knowledge that makes the road to success a little bit easier to navigate. Whether tackling a new dream or just organizing and surveying your current situation, we all want nothing but the best. At one time or another, we have all said that we need an advantage, something to set us apart from the others. Bruno Fagali has developed himself into this advantage.

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Karl Heideck on Salary History Law in Philadelphia

The employee’s salary disclosure law which was passed in the city of Philadelphia is one of the most talked about laws to be passed in the recent past. The law which was enacted at the beginning of 2017 has been the talk of the town for some time now. The law ban potential employers from accessing the salary history of a potential employee. Philadelphia was to become the first city in the United States to pass such a law. According to a leading lawyer in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck, the law was seen as controversial initially since many employers perceived it as a measure by the state to prevent them from getting access to the information of the person they would like to hire. The law, however, received a lot of support from workers unions. According to workers unions, the law was put in place as a measure that would protect employees’ right to privacy while at the same time creating a tradition of transparency that for a long time have been missing from the hiring processes.

In one of his blog articles, Karl Heideck explained the entire law and the reasons why it was passed. According to him, the law was passed as a measure to address a discriminatory behavior that was in the hiring process for a long time. There existed a gap between the pay for men and women in the same profession. Women were usually offered a lesser pay than their male counterparts. Many employers were only willing to add a particular percentage of the previous salaries of women in the State. The increase used to be less than the one offered to men. According to statistics, more men have the advantage of starting jobs at a higher pay than their female colleagues for the same job description.

It has been a tradition of the employers to ask about the amount that a potential employee used to receive in the previous job. Applicants who refused to reveal their earlier pay were deemed to have not met the required qualifications for being offered a job opportunity.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a legal services provider in Philadelphia. He is one of the best lawyers from the region. He holds a Juris Doctor from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. He graduated in 2009. Apart from being a lawyer, he is one of the best legal commentators of our time. He runs a blog that he uses to educate the masses on various laws that are passed the implications that they have. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/public/Karl-Heideck click here.

Karl Heideck also holds a BA from the Swarthmore College. Before going into private practice, he worked for two major law firms in the region.

Karl Heideck Writes About Pennsylvania’s Improved Car Seat Law

In Pennsylvania, there is a new car seat law that has been activated in August 2017. The rule was first passed in August 2016, but drivers and car owners were given a grace period of one year for them to be to comply with the regulations. The law came after concerns that road carnage was one of the main causes of death among the children. There was a need for the issue to be addressed. One of the measures that legislators in the state thought as step forward in eradicating this menace was to pass a law that would make it mandatory for all car owners to comply with certain safety measures when they are carrying their children. The only way to deal with this issue was to put it in the records so that it was no longer an option but mandatory to have special seats for children. This was one the steps that the state is taking to counter the trend.

According to the new law, it is mandatory that for children less than two years, they should have special seats that are facing towards the rear if the car. Such a seat would put the safety of the child first. The child should also be fastened to the seat to secure them further, according to research done, it is likely for a child to break bones when facing backward than when facing to the front of the car.

The law also recommends that for children who are less than eight years, they should have special booster seats. However, for these children, there is an exception. For children who weigh more than 80 pounds or those taller than 4’9, they are exempted from complying with these laws. The traffic Marshalls have for the last one year been asking motorists to comply with the law without charging any fine. However, after the grace period was over. Motorists who have not been complying with the law are being charged $125 for children of below two years cases and $75 for children of less than eight years.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is practicing lawyer in Pennsylvania. He went to Temple University Beasley School of law. This is where he earned his Juris Doctor. He also holds a degree in English from the Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck specializes in civil litigation, intellectual property law, employment law, corporate law, and legal research and writing. Karl Heideck has been a practicing attorney for more than a decade now. His offices are based in Philadelphia.

Recently Karl Heideck has been dealing with bank frauds and other securities cases. Banks cases are one of his main strengths.

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