How Wikipedia Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of having to read each long Wikipedia page we could simply press a button and have it read to us? Well, that is exactly what Wikipedia and some engineers are trying to make possible. Wikipedia has approached the KTH Royal Institute of Technology university in Sweden to help develop a software that will allow users to have sections read to them. They were approached because they have had previous experience with other text-to-speech technologies. The servers for this technology will be hosted by Wikipedia. However, it will also be made available to anyone as an open-source platform. Wikipedia users would be able to record text and correct mistakes. A further development being planned is the ability of a recording to correct future transcriptions. The initial development of the text-to-speech software will be in Swedish. This is because the funding is coming from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. After it is developed in Swedish, it will support basic English and then move on to Arabic. After that, it will be expanded to support the rest of the two hundred and eighty languages.

The truth is, Wikipedia is getting bigger and more advanced. However, it is already a mammoth project and is looked upon as a reliable source of information by many, if not most, people. This fact is acknowledged by Google and the other search engines, as indicated by their search results. For example, when someone searches for information about a certain company or anything else, a Wikipedia page will likely come up among the first search results. However, many companies fail to take advantage of this marketing opportunity. There are people who are capable of excellent Wikipedia business page creation. For example, Get Your Wiki is a group of professional Wiki editors for hire that create Wikipedia pages for businesses. The truth is that having a Wikipedia page will do wonders for your business. When people search the web for information about your business and a Wikipedia page comes up, they start looking at your company as an authoritative business. Just having a Wikipedia page will do wonders. When you create a Wikipedia page it gives your company a good name, it is even better.However, it is not possible for anyone to simply start and make a Wikipedia page about their business. There are rules and guidelines, and you are not allowed write about yourself in a promotional manner. That’s why you should hire Wiki experts from Get Your Wikito provide professional Wikipedia pages to businesses.

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