New ‘Ghostbusters’ Proton Pack Design Revealed

Slowly but surely, bits and pieces of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie are being leaked online. Co-writer/director Paul Feig is trying to beat some of the leaks by releasing some of his own photographs from the set via social media. His latest revelation was the newly redesigned proton packs, which he shared via Twitter.

Feig is trying to maintain a nod to the original Ghostbusters costumes and design, while also creating a more modern and innovative look and feel. His previously released pictures of the actual uniforms being worn in the movie are definitely quite similar to what the original team wore. The proton packs are no different. Their design has merely been streamlined, to make them less bulky to wear. No word yet as to how well they will function. The original proton packs were notorious for causing a lot of collateral damage in their wake. Flavio Maluf suggested these newer ones may be more efficient. With the advent of CGI, though, it’s possible that they will be even more grandiose in what they can do.