End Citizen’s United: Beto O’ Rourke’s Chances of Winning

Beto O’Rourke is close to getting Ted Cruz’s seat. Flipping it would be a huge win for Democrats and End Citizens United who have been on a huge role lately on gaining Republican seats. In Texas, which by far is a largely Republican state that would be a success. The question is, does Texas really want this? Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Judging by how many people vote Republican in the Lonestar State, the answer to that question is no. It does matter who gets out to vote so that either this will or will not happen. One of the key issues is getting rid of influential money tactics. End Citizens United has started this campaign where politicians are pledging not to take in too much money that can sway things in their favor. This group is all about keeping things fair and transparent. In politics, those kinds of principles are very much needed. If O’Rourke gets the seat, it would be wonderful to see what he does with it and what it means for Trump’s presidency. His winning Cruz’s seat will definitely shake things up.

End Citizens United has a poll that puts O’Rourke in position to take that seat by only just a few points. O’Rourke has been tirelessly campaigning and making promises that people really want to see kept. Hopefully, what he does can make a difference. Politicians as of late have been plagued with all kinds of scandals with Trump endorsing them. Now it is the Democrats turn to shape the course of the future. We can only hope that they will steer things in the right direction. End Citizens United are really looking for their candidate to win this thing in Texas. It will be all up to the voters.

Does O’Rourke have a chance to win Cruz’s seat? Yes. Will he win it? It depends on who you ask. It is not impossible but will Texas believe in O’Rourke or continue to see Cruz as their choice? Each man has an equal chance of winning if voters turn out.: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/ 



Marcio Alaor And His Contribution Towards The Success Of BMG Bank In Brazil

BMG bank is one of the most prestigious financial institutions not only in Brazil but globally. The company’s history can be traced back to more than 80 years since the company commenced their operations. BMG bank began their operations by venturing into financial services market as a family business, before engaging into series of venture that would see the company provide innovative solutions through products such as home mortgages, vehicle finance scheme, corporate asset finance, and payroll credit card.

BMG bank has affirmed their dominant market position by consistently streamlining their sales department with internal business operations. This strategy has led into the development of a business brand name reputable from a tradition that emphasizes on quality service provisions. In addition, BMG bank has deployed a robust and scalable information system infrastructure that enables the institution to take advantage of modern concepts such as big data analytics that deliver business intelligence.

It is through business intelligence that BMG bank is able to derive hidden but meaningful customer related information that drives the growth of new products and services.

BMG bank boasts of a talented workforce, and thus has adopted high level corporate governance practices. Today the bank is relying on their board of management whereby up to 40% of the same board members are independent. Such sovereignty is unusual from companies with a history of family owned and controlled business.

This strategy implies that the organization wants to do things in a different manner so that they may increase their product portfolio and at the same time market valuation.

Another strategy implemented by the bank is that they prefer operating with high quality credit portfolios. Most financial institutions operate on a very risky model of lending money. In certain cases, money gets lost, a situation that impacts negatively on the bank’s balance sheet. BMG bank in Brazil understands such risks. In most cases, fraud is common from both insiders who are employees working with the organization and outsiders who happens to be the clients. With such a scenario in the limelight, the bank has responded by establishing an anti-fraud unit and an internal anti-money laundering program. The company has also initiated an independent Audit and strategic investor relation program to mitigate on business risks.

The above initiatives would not have been possible without insightful business leaders. One such boss that the bank is blessed to have is Mr. Marcio Alaor who is the current vice president.

Mr. Alaor is a prudent business leader with decades of banking experience. Mr. Alaor clearly understands the changing business dynamics in the financial industry and these are the reasons why he aggressively implements sound business policies that drive BMG business forward. He consults widely on management issues working hand in hand with the banks board.