Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillar Plan

Richard Dwayne Blair, the sole founder of Wealth Solutions, provides clients with objective advice regarding wealth preservation, investment, and retirement strategies. He genuinely enjoys the challenge of helping others being able to accomplish their personal financial goals, wanting to make a positive difference among the lives of families, small business owners, and individuals. Richard has used his knowledge and experience through the years to help clients avoid common financial pitfalls and pursue their version of a successful retirement.


In order to help his clients devise a comprehensive financial plan, Richard Dwayne Blair follows a Three Pillar Approach to reach wealth and retirement goals. In doing so, Richard looks over the client’s current financial situation, what they’ll need for retirement, and sets out to create a holistic plan.


The first Pillar lays out a financial roadmap for the client. Taking into account the clients goals, strengths, risk tolerance, and any possible opportunities for monetary growth to determine a plan. The initial pillar always allows Richard to make a strong and lasting relationship with each of his clients, doing so grants him a deeper level of understanding towards an individual’s goals and whatever concerns they may have.


The second pillar was designed to help develop a long-term, effective strategy for each client’s unique investment goals and whatever their liquidity needs. Richard Dwayne Blair helps manage assets during upward market movement and negative market periods. He reallocates assets for maximum performance when the market peaks and again to help minimize the impact when the market ticks down. The strategy’s performance is monitored to ensure that it’s meeting the client’s or company’s expectations.


The third Pillar is finally reached when Richard Dwayne Blair has enacted several successful strategies towards reaching a client’s financial goals, providing them with adequate liquidity and growth. Richard details the final pillar to the client, that being insurance. As with anything in life, even with finances, you can’t predict every storm that will hit. Having the proper insurance is the only way to prepare for such events, supplying the client with adequate coverage. Richard helps his clients choose annuities, long-term care insurance, and even life insurance.