OSI Industries, Icon Of The Midwest Production Sector

In 1909, in a Western Chicago neighborhood, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a little known butcher shop and retail store. The Chicago community was heavily dominated by the presence of other immigrants, all seeking better life for themselves and their families. Otto flourished in the location for over a decade, until WWI ended. Then he began expansion of the business into larger markets. Following a twenty year progression, Otto & Sons was born. Eventually, Otto & Sons became the main supplier of beef for McDonald’s hamburgers. Then on the strength of that partnership, in 1975 the company was rebranded, OSI Industries.

The company evolved and grew from a burgeoning company into a major meat supplier in both the US and abroad. The history of the company dates back 75 years and the biggest growth was fostered by the economic upspring in the decades following the second world war. When the company began operations as OSI Industries, there was a investment consultant strategically working the business end. His name was Sheldon Lavin and he would go on and lead company into the next frontier. A frontier that involved OSI industries opening its first meat manufacturing plant in another area besides Chicago. The plant was located in Utah and it served as an indicator of good things to come. The things have included unprecedented business development with acquisitions such as Baho Foods Flagship Europe.

OSI Industries cemented its place within the framework of the American Midwest. The spectacular expansion efforts have allowed the company to exceed expectations and rapidly explore opportunities in additional markets. One factor in the recent growth and expansion has been the remarkable leadership of its Chief Operating Officer (COO), David McDonald. David came from humble roots as an Iowa farm boy. Today, he’s a poised COO with one of the top food processing companies in world. OSI Industries has risen to the status of industry icon and in recognition of its economic growth, Forbes Magazine in 2016 ranked the private company as number 58. With a roughly estimated value of $6.1 billion.

The Story Behind OSI Group

OSI Group, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is an international food processing company with operations and subsidiaries around the world. The company started in 1909 as a small meat market in Oak Park Illinois.

The company rapidly in 1955 when McDonald’s, at the time a new company, picked OSI Group as one of it fresh beef suppliers. In the late 1960’s, due to advances in technology, McDonald’s was able to narrow its number of beef suppliers for its national operations to just four, one of which was OSI Group. The company has been expanding and growing ever since and supplies food to restaurants and retail stores across the globe.

Due to strong growth, OSI Group needed to expand it plant space
in 2016. As a result, they purchased a former Tyson Foods plant for $7.4 million. The plant, located in Chicago, was going to close down and lay off the remaining 250 employees. Many of those employees were retained by OSI Group which saved their jobs. A statement released by the company indicated that the plant was close to their other operations in the area and the purchase of the plant would support their continuing growth.

OSI Group recently won two awards from the British Safety Council. These awards were the Sword of Honour and the Globe of Honour. The Sword of Honour is given to those companies that exemplify excellence in health and safety in their operations.

The Globe of Honour is given to those organizations that have shown great care in their environmental management and impact on nature. To win these awards OSI Group had to attain the maximum five stars in health and safety audits. The company also had to show an independent panel made up of experts that they retain excellent environmental management, safety, and health throughout their operations. In a statement the company’s UK’s Safety, Security, and Environmental Manager, Tim Hurley, said that to achieve both awards demonstrated the company’s rank as the “best of the best” and how expressed how proud he was of the whole team.

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The Beneful Food Company

Pet care and nutrition is the most important thing a pet owner can do for their animals. Beneful on Youtube is one of the many name brand companies that has been crucial into helping pet owners maintain the health of their pets.

Beneful is one of the many different dog food company brands that is also part of a division owned by Nestle Purina PetCare, with all kinds of dog food and dog treats being their main focus. Beneful got its very first start back in 2001 and founded with the purpose of promotion nutrition and health in pets, while the company maintains its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The advertising for the company began with Beneful spending $34 million on their first television campaign which also happened to be the largest advertising campaign that Nestle Purina had ever put out. Once food production and marketing had gone underway, the company had begun seeing its profits come in, to the point where it had made a total of $300 million in revenues by the end of the 2006 fiscal year. In that same year some of their spare funds went to renovating some of their production facilities, including ones in St. Joseph, Missouri. Only a year earlier in 2005 did the company launch its Healthy Harvest Line, which was their first dry dog food product that contained soy instead of just meat. Then in 2006 the company launched the Prepared Meals edition of some of their dog products. As time went on, Beneful decided to expand its franchise across international borders, starting with promoting their business in places such as Germany and Austria, where they released special promotional ads for dogs.

Beneful is not only a successful business company but also a provider to the community and helper for non-profiting reasons. For example, the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest is a yearly event that they host that caters to dog owners nationwide. The contest is meant to allow people to mail in their designs and ideas for a new dog park or renovate an older one, and the winner of the contest has their idea for a submitted park become a reality. As a result of this, the numbers of new designs that the company received has eventually led to improved dog parks in places such as Alabaster, Alabama and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Because of their work and service to the people, Beneful has been the recipient of multiple awards and accolades, including being called one of the “Top Workplaces” and “Best Places to Work” by the St. Louis Business Journal as of 2015.