Rocketship Education – “RSED” – And Its Founder Preston Smith

Rocketship Education is a nexus of charter schools – public schools created by parents and educators that don’t have to adhere to nearby education boards that place rules on how they can operate – with eighteen physical facilities located across the United States of America.

Preston Smith created this top-tier organization in 2007 with some assistance from a business partner named John Danner that is no longer with the nationwide chain.

Rocketship Education has some of the nicest schools in low-income parts of big cities, even though most of them are usually bad in the areas they set up shop in.

There are more than 3,800 students that go to Rocketship – called Rocketeers by those involved with the school – across their 18 locations. Some are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with twelve other schools being located in the Golden State.

Tennessee and the nation’s capital are the other two places where their facilities can be located, with a combined total of five schools between the two states.

Smith has brushed up his educational and administrative skills throughout the decade-plus that he has been at Rocketship Education. He wrote a piece online about things he thought were important for people in education to know about.

Teachers need to visit the homes of living places of students and their families. Seeing as every student has personalized learning lessons created for them every single day at school, it’s important to understand their personal lives as well as their strengths and deficiencies in school.

Rocketship Education makes sure to tell its students that they should be happy about being enrolled in one of the best chains of public schools in America. Preston Smith has worked for 16-plus years to make sure that the system worked its way to the top of the industry, something it’s snatched the title of first place for in the past few weeks.

Preston Smith and John Danner are also known as pioneers of personalized education that takes place with technological devices modified to help them learn more.