Gloom And Doom From Pishevar Draws Fans And Critics

It came like a lightening bolt out of the sky when Shervin Pishevar took to his Twitter account with a rant for the ages about the state of the economy. He clearly had a lot on his mind, and we were the captive audience hanging on his every word. He wanted to make sure that we heard him loud and clear as he announced his true feelings about a number of economic topics that were near and dear to his heart.

Why Should We Bother Listening To Him?

Do you not care about listening to an early investor in the ride-sharing service Uber? That is what Shervin Pishevar is. He had the wisdom and foresight to see that this was going to be a game-changer, and he didn’t wait around for other people to haul in the profits from this kind of thing. He jumped in with both feet and began to put his money where his mouth is on this service.

The Stock Market Will Fall Sharply

It is not quite clear when exactly Shervin Pishevar believes that the stock market will take a dive, but it is clear that he thinks it is going to happen. He firmly believes that the market is well overdue for at least a twenty percent correction from its current levels. That could leave some holding the bag as many people have become increasingly interested in investing in the stock market as a way of riding this high-flying economy. Shervin Pishevar thinks they could be in for a harsh reality check.

Uber And Airbnb May Be The Last Great American Start-Ups

Shervin Pishevar is not being hyperbolic when he says that he feels that Uber and Airbnb may be the last two great American startups ever. He feels this way because he thinks that the United States has set up a system in such a way that the largest companies are practically always favored and the little guys have no chance. In that kind of environment it is easy to see why he feels the way that he does.