Brian Bonar is moving on up in buisness

Known as the leader of Trucept, Incorporated and is also a popular finance executive is Brian Bonar. He is known for having a background in buisness leadership and known for serving as a leader in the company Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar has been known as one busy buisnessman.Bonar is known for his technical background, which helps to make his background more understandable. Along with his other achievements in his life Bonar attended James Watt Technical College, which is where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. Then after that he went on to attend Stafford University at where he got his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian Bonar got his start working as a procurement worker for IBM and then continued on to be the Director of Engineering, where he was able to manage over a 100 other people. After Bonar was able to get plenty of experience in he was able to go on to start his own company called Bezier Systems.Some on Bonars specialties happens to include mergers and acquisitions. In 2000 Bonar happened to receive,in America, the Who’s Who award. Some of Bonars personal hobbies include spending time with his family, going golfing and also taking boating trips. Along with Bonar’s many other skills he also has skills in the development of innovative sales and also marketing strategies.

Bonar became the Vice President of sales and marketing for the Rate Corporation in June of 1989. It was only a year after that that he decided that it was time for him to strike out on his own and begin his own company. He then became the CEO and founder of Bezier Systems in September of 1994.He founded and was able to also help manage AMS Outsourcing, which is a company that happens to be based in Diego, California. This position was also in addition to him already being the chairman and also the CEO for Dalrada Financial Services. Bonar finally went on to take on even more responsibility in 2011 when he took on the role of being Chairman and CEO of Trucepr. Trucepr is a company in San Diego that helps to provide insurance products and temporary staff.

Visionary Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly came from humble beginnings of pumping fuel at a gas station in New Jersey to working on Wall Street with the elite. After winning the prestigious investments competition put on by the Templeton Foundation, he decided to retire so he could spend more time with his family.

Now helping every day people become successful investors with the newsletters he founded; Profits Unlimited and Extreme fortunes, he hardly considers himself retired.

Though his beginnings may be fairly humble, he’s certainly come a long way. Starting his career in 1991 he quickly became successful dealing in million dollar accounts. In his winning experience for the investments competition he turned 50 million into 88 million during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

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Paul Mampilly credits some of his philosophies to his success, including his ability to change as needed and to consider how he could be wrong. As an early riser, he wakes up each morning with the same routine around 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. and studies the current market situations in the U.S. Canada, and the world. Paul focuses on the stocks in his three trading services and monitors his portfolio tracker throughout the day.

He writes what he thinks will be a winning stock. Each stock he picks, he puts in a lot of time studying first. The way he presents the stock pick is effected by how he puts himself in the readers shoes. Understanding of his reader’s perspectives and offering example scenarios for the readers to follow gives him the upper hand. He particularly loves the concept of internet mega trend and millennial mega trend, as both trends are booming and he believes they will only grow.

Paul stays grounded with his ability to look at things from other perspectives, avoiding tunnel vision and puts his customers ahead of himself and his own financial gain, proving his recipe for success.

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A Few Mutual Funds Investing Tips

Tim Armour is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the Capital Group. He is an authority on investment and tax savings.

He is now talking about Warren Buffett and his investment strategy. Warren Buffett is talking about the mediocre as well as expensive funds. These tend to shortchange investors. Besides, there are too many of these around. Just like him, even Tim Armour is committed towards low cost and simple investments. Basically he believes that investments should be bought and then held for a long time.

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Tim Armour gives the example of the approach taken by Warren Buffet. He rigorously analyzes the company. This way he is able to build a highly durable portfolio. His strategy has been proved many times over.

Tim Armour believes that Americans have to save more today for their retirement. They need to invest more and stay invested.

He says that investors should be careful of those mutual funds that are providing mediocre returns due to high management fees. Even excessive trading can be another reason for poor returns. It is important to know about the volatility risks before investing. This means that in order to get good investment returns over a long term, it is important to have low costs.

Another thing to note here is about index funds. These are typically considered as being a safe option for retirement. But during market out turns, these are 100 percent exposed to losses and volatility.

Hence Tim Armour suggests that investors should look for low expenses along with higher manager ownership.

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2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards Gold to Troy MacQuagge

USHEALTH Group Inc. company director, Troy MacQuagge, bagged the 2016 One Planet award. The prestigious award aims at rewarding and honoring professional excellence across industries. All organizations, small and large alike, regardless of their location in the world can submit nominations for the award.

The USHEALTH CEO joined the company back in 2010 with the aim of turning things around which he did. His first mandate was to rebuild the company’s distribution agency. This step of equipping the agency led to his election not only as the CEO but also as the company’s president in 2014.USHEALTH is best known for its unquestionable success and growth in the individual health insurance market.

As he received the award, Mr. Troy MaCuagge counted it an honor to receive such an esteemed industry recognition. He was quick to share the award’s spotlight with everyone at USHEALTTH claiming that the award belonged to them. It was during his tenure that the company registered the most profits it has ever done not to mention the excellent competitive edge it held in an ever challenging insurance industry. The CEO went ahead to acknowledge that the award was a reflection of the company’s aim of providing affordable health care to its customers through offering innovative cover that changes or adjusts with customers’ needs.

More on One-Planet Awards

This is a recognition of professional and business outstanding performance. There are different categories of honors awarded on this program. These include new products, teams, executives, corporate communication, PR and worldwide organizations. The One-Planet Awards is open to all interested parties as participation is free.


This Texas based health insurance company operates with a difference. Its exact location is FT. Worth, Texas. The company focuses on offering a health coverage with a difference. The company uses Innovation to provide unique medical covers for a specific target market. Their customers are mainly small business owners and self-employed individuals. The company works on innovative covers by combining all its employees’ talents to create a product that is competitive, functional and profitable. USHEALTH Group Inc. prioritizes excellent customer services and more information contact him.

Equities First Holdings Thrives On Stock-Based Lending Amid Change Of Lending Regulations

Conventional lending has been the choice among most people looking for funds to cater for the development of their projects, but this seems to have changed since new lending rules were enacted. In recent past, lending institutions changed their regulations, tightening eligibility criteria and increasing interest rates for conventional loans. These changes have pushed many borrowers to go for alternative sources of credit and the most reliable option they have picked is stock-based lending.


Equities First Holdings, LLC is a company that has been offering loans since 2002 and their lending options have relied on publicly traded stocks for collaterals. Following recent developments that saw many banks hike interest rates and change eligibility criteria the company has recorded an influx of borrowers, who have opted for stock-based borrowing to finance urgent projects.


There are a lot of benefits that come with equities lending that are motivating borrowers to choose this option. One is the fact with this form of borrowing there is no risk of change in interest due to inflation. The interest rates offered are fixed and despite the economic conditions, there is no risk that a borrower will experience changes in the rates. Most conventional loans do not offer such security since interest is subject to change with shifts in the economy.


Another aspect of equities lending that has attracted a huge number of borrowers is the non-recourse rule that allows the borrower to withdraw the loan at any point. Borrowers also enjoy better loan-to-value ratios and the loans do not offer as many restrictions as a conventional loan. As Equities First Holdings cites, most of the borrowers who have joined their system are people who had tried conventional borrowing but once they came across a better option they have vowed to stick to the alternative.


About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a financial institution that has been operational since 2002 and their main market has been stock-based lending. The much growth the company has experienced is as a result of the alternatives it has offered clients who are looking to finance their projects within a short period of time.


To date, Equities First has completed over 650 transactions and transferred more than $1.4 billion. The company has managed to attract more customers using their low rates and high loan-to-value rates that have ensured customers benefit in the process and have a stress-free repayment plan. As a global company, Equities First Holdings has opened offices in at least 9 countries across the world.


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Why You Should Avoid AirBnB

AirBnB is growing in popularity around the country. This website allows people to rent all or part of a person’s home for short term use, rather than getting a hotel room. Often this allows travelers to get a better feel for the city they are visiting and saves them hotel costs. Many believe the benefits for homeowners are obvious. Homeowners earn some extra money, and they get to meet new and interesting people, but a smart financial planner always considers the risks as well. Opening up your home to AirBnB guests will make you some extra money, but you will be exposed to several risks. Learn more:

When you sign up for AirBnB you are opening up your home to total strangers. You do not know what they might do. Unfortunately, you are liable for their actions while they are in your home. Everything from criminal activity to plain negligence could come back to harm your financial security. Tenants may even refuse to pay, leaving you with a huge mess and no way to recover your losses. You probably expect your homeowners’ insurance to intervene, unfortunately, that opens up another major can of worms.

Homeowners’ insurance policies are a great way to protect yourself and your family, but they often fall short. Most policies do not cover short-term rentals, including AirBnB guests. You probably will be held personally responsible for any actions taken by your guests, and those costs can add up over time. AirBnB has dealt with several high-profile cases already, so to protect themselves they started offering some level of secondary coverage. Unfortunately, this secondary coverage only kicks in once you’ve exhausted your resources. Basically, AirBnB’s coverage only protects them and you are left holding an empty bag.

Making extra money always feels right, especially in an incredibly tight economy, but using AirBnB to make money is definitely the wrong move. If you are looking to build your wealth, then you need a smart financial planner on your side.

Richard Blair has been in the wealth management game for many years, and he has become an expert on building wealth. His Wealth Solutions team provides all the advice you need to get your investments on the right track. They offer everything from adviser services to information on particular funds.

Now is the perfect time to start building your wealth, but you have to do it the right way. Contact Wealth Solutions today.

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About The Midas Legacy

Investment companies are a dime a dozen. Few investment companies truly add value to their clients. In fact, there was a recent study that said many people could have higher returns simply by purchasing an index fund that tracks the market. The Midas Legacy is an investment advisory company that works with clients on their investment strategy for building wealth. There are a lot of benefits to working with this company. Over time, the company has consistently added value to clients. The Midas Legacy concentrates on diversifying investments and taking on risk when other people are nervous. The company also invests in gold bullion and gold index funds.

Investing in Gold

The Midas Legacy wants its clients to have some sort of gold investment in their portfolio. This is a great hedge against inflation, and can really help people who are looking to add value to their portfolio. There are a lot of major investment firms that like to invest in gold. However, this company has a lot more experience than other people with their funds. This is an advantage to working with The Midas Legacy with your investments. The company is concentrated on adding value to clients through a variety of different investment vehicles.

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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Hedging Against Risk

Risk is something that every investor must take on at some point in their life. Risk is not a bad thing, but investors must be able to weight the risk and reward of their investments. As a general rule, risk is correlated with higher returns in a portfolio. The Midas Legacy tries to help people who are interested in building wealth over the long term. There may be times when it is difficult to invest for the future because the market is declining. Staying consistent with investing is essential to long term success. This is something that The Midas Legacy teaches all of its clients.

Final Thoughts

Investing can be scary for people who do not have a lot of experience with it. The Midas Legacy strives to teach people how to invest for their future based on their goals. Over the long term, anyone can build wealth if they are able to stay consistent. Even when times are hard, investing is crucial to building wealth. The Midas Legacy can help anyone develop a plan for their future, and if you need extra guidance in your investment plans they are a great option for you.

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iFunding Blends Crowdsourcing Innovation with the Real Estate Market

iFunding is a real estate investment marketplace that brings crowdsourced investors to real estate operators in need of capital. Investors in the iFunding marketplace will have access to a range of real estate projects through a secure web platform. If the real estate investment sees an increase in value, investors cash in.

Those who register with iFunding will find it allows for investments of as little as $5,000 dollars toward family homes, multi-family units, commercial property, and office buildings. iFunding’s experts oversee the investment from beginning to end to balance both profit returns and security risk. In addition to allowing small-time investors bet on real estate, the platform provides an excellent means for non-traditional capital acquisition for its real estate operators.

All money invested goes into iFunding’s Single Purpose Vehicle LLC which serves as the investment vehicle for each real estate transaction. Investors can expect competitive returns, higher tangible asset value, a hedge against inflation, and a great means of portfolio diversification. With iFunding, many investors have access to investments they might not otherwise ever have an opportunity to invest in. The company is bringing new opportunities to small and medium retail investors.

CrunchBase shows iFunding boasts over 30 years worth of investment experience and expertise. Anyone who is new to the world of real estate investment can feel at ease having iFunding’s team of professionals as investment partners to monitor and manage the invested capital. As an indication of its success, to date iFunding has underwritten more than $2 billion in real estate investments. This track record is the reason iFunding’s investors trust it to do everything it can to minimize the risk of its investments while not losing out on profit potential.  With the new hires MarketWired reported, it’s clear iFunding is looking to keep expanding throughout the future.

William Skelley is the founder and CEO of iFunding. He is an expert in alternative funding who has emerged as one of the foremost innovators in the use of crowdsourcing technology. He introduced the concept known as accredited crowdsourcing. Accredited crowdsourcing allows accredited investors to combine relatively small sums of capital to invest in large-scale initiatives they otherwise would not have the resources to invest in.

Prior to starting iFunding, Mr. Skelley held positions at Bain Capital, Olympus, General Electric, and Rose Park Advisors. His bold new approach to real estate investing has made his company renowned among both real estate investors and crowdsourcing enthusiasts. Mr. Skelley is a frequent speaker at crowdsourcing and real estate industry events.  Skelley runs the iFunding Twitter as well, where you can keep informed on what the brand does next.

Zambia: An African Nation in Great Economic Turmoil

The nation of Zambia is currently in an economic crisis. The country had experienced outstanding financial growth that began as early as 2000. During the late 90s certain Chinese companies began to invest heavily in Zambia. These organizations saw the potential for great profits in the nation’s copper minds. About 160 Chinese companies had tied themselves into Zambia’s economy. As of 2016 many are now pulling out.

The problem that is wreaking havoc on Zambia’s weakening economy has to do with China’s troubles. The nation of China is on a financial slope that is going downward. Many business and political insiders are stating that China is going to start another global recession later in 2016. They believe this because the nation is having trouble keeping their economy in line.

Fewer countries are demanding less goods from China and the country’s currency is over valued. The robust manufacturing districts in China are not as powerful as they once were in the recent past. A lot of people are losing jobs and trade is slowing down. China has the world’s second best economy outside of the US. Many countries from across the globe depend on this nation as a trade partner. As a matter of fact, China is the world’s number one trader of goods. Now that China is experiencing problems, so are other states such as Zambia.

The nation of Zambia relied on China for 70% of its exports through copper. Now that China no longer has a need for this material; Zambia is hurting bad. Miners are at the forefront of this economic downturn since they were the primary workers responsible for Zambia’s wealth since the early 2000s. In 2005 many Zambia workers were living comfortably. By 2010 a great deal of them were considered some of the wealthiest people within their country.

As a matter of fact, Zambi in 2010 was the place to be. In the big cities such as the capital Lusaka and Kitwe, there were malls, private schools and infrastructure being constructed in different communities. Thousands of jobs came into existence as the result of the copper trade with China. Zambian’s everywhere were prospering.

They were buying up western styled televisions, refrigerators and autos to show off their wealth. Miners and other highly paid workers were sending their children to universities to get a good education. Life in Zambia in 2010 was no different than how people lived within a first world western country.

Unfortunately, many people though this trend would last. Zambia’s current economic situation in 2016 is dire. The nation does not know how it is going to manage its debt since its greatest outside investor (China) is shutting down many of the mines and heading back home. Zambia’s leaders are optimistic about finding a practical resolution to this problem. People can get a better understanding of Zambia’s economic crises by reading the article Mining Collapse Cripples Africa’s Dreams of Prosperity.
Madison Street Capital is an investment company that makes ventures into foreign lands. They know how critical is to another nation’s economy to maintain sound investments that will last for many years. This organization works hard with venture capitalists to ensure that they are creating the best outcomes for their portfolio. Madison Street Capital knows it is not good business to see a foreign investment go into demise and they work hard to keep this situation from happening.

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James Dondero; a Brainiac in the World of Finance

For a man with a thirty year experience in credit and equity markets particularly focusing on high-yield and distressed investing, James David Dondero, commonly referred to as Jim on Linked In is a force to reckon with. He is the co-founder, president managing partner and portfolio manager of Highland Capital Management which a Dallas-based investment management firm.

The firm was started in 1993 and it has since been a pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation market and also in developing credit solutions for retail investors as well as institutional investors all over the world. The firm has had award winning product offerings some of which include hedge funds, private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, CLOs and mutual funds among others. Some of these awards include, the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities which was received in 2014 and Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation. However the journey of the brains behind all the running and management of the firm did not begin from the inception of the firm.
James Dondero of Bloomberg Research journey began in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. This was after he graduated from the University of Virginia from the McIntire School of Commerce with not a single but dual major in Accounting and Finance with the highest honors. He became a Corporate Bond Analyst and later the Portfolio Manager at American Express between 1985 and 1989. This was a good climb up the ladder of success. From the American Express, Dondero helped build out the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life from inception to over two billion dollars in AUM between 1989 to 1993 when he served as the Chief Investment Officer. It is these huge successes in the analysts’ world that made pushed him into starting his own firm and together with Mark Okada they formed Highland Capital Management.

Other qualifications making him a great analyst is the fact that he is Certified Management Accountant and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. For this reason, he not only manages the firm but also responsible for determining and ensuring that the firm’s strategic investment and operational initiatives are successfully executed. Mr. Dondero’s exceptional leadership skills are not only witnessed in his management of Highland Capital Management.

He serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Other than that, he is also Chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. He as affiliations with a number of companies including Safety-Kleen Inc, NeibourCare Inc among others.
Mr. James Dondero is also known to be actively in a number of philanthropic activities. This is because he does regular donations to a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people who are in need. The contributions he makes are mostly directed to education funds, veteran’s affairs and public policy.
Today, James Dondero is a man who is described as a high-quality individual and the reason he has earned such high accolades is his tremendous success in financial business world, a world of figures and algorithms.