Cracking Good Time in the UK Capital – London Vacation Rentals

A great deal of options exist when visiting London, world-renowned as being a perfect mix of foggy and having expensive and frankly overpriced hotel lodgings. WorldEscape is part of the new sharing economy, with highly qualified experts linking you up with the best lodgings available at an affordable price.

From the classiest vacation rentals in the posh part of town, to hip clean and fun hostels and boutique hotels with Gothic and Tudor architecture, World Escape has the option to fit your needs. Transparent pricing and helpful customer service from WorldEscape will be there when you need it most. Get the optimal amount of sightseeing and forget the hassle.

Families may want to visit Trafalgar Square, get tickets for Royal Shakespeare company and West End Productions. In addition, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are a few solid options. Typical tourist fare in central London also includes traversing the Thames with the London Eye. Coram’s Fields is frequented by families with younger children. WorldEscape has fully furnished and convenient locations within walking distance of these attractions.

Young couples or singles may opt for Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly. The latter are hotspots for nightlife, and range from VIP to jeans and trainers. Former New Yorkers may enjoy the tranquility of Hyde Park. The classiest of travelers should have no problem with the world-renowned Royal Opera House, London Museum and London Symphony Orchestra (Barbican Centre). If you’re young and have a little bit more discretionary income than most, check out locations around Kensington and Chelsea.

An ideal combination of family fun and perhaps adult rowdiness is visiting a Premier League game during your stay here at WorldEscape properties. As you can see, there’s no shortage of diversity

Keep in mind, most of the above activities are located in central London, where prices are a touch higher, simply due to insatiable demand. Fortunately, Great Britain has excellent public transportation, allowing visitors to extend their pound with accommodations like flats in the London suburbs.