Ryan Seacrest Builds Impressive List Of Accomplishments In Media And Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is the longtime host of American Idol, the iconic televised singing competition that features amateur singers vying for a recording contract. The show is returning for its 12th season and will now be televised by ABC.

Seacrest has impressed the world with the ability to pair his natural creativity with his entrepreneurial spirit which has resulted in him reaching prominent positions at a number of local and nationally syndicated radio programs as well as both local and syndicated television.

Host Ryan Seacrest has, in addition to his deep involvement with a variety of media and entertainment companies, used his platform to support youth-driven philanthropic pursuits that have had a major positive impact on the nation as a whole.

On The Air With Ryan Seacrest is a morning drive-time radio show for the Los Angeles area that is a number one nationally syndicated show. The show is also a perennial player on the top 40 radio show list.

Ryan Seacrest is the co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan, a morning talk show televised by Disney/ABC for which he is also an executive producer. Ryan also partners with the ABC network as the executive producer and host for the channel’s annual New Year’s Eve show.

ABC is not the only beneficiary of the on-air talent of Ryan Seacrest and he is also the host and executive producer for E! Live From The Red Carpet which is televised on the E! network. He is also the creator of a brand new menswear called Distinction.

In a published post from nytimes.com, it says that the impact of Ryan Seacrest has not only been felt by the industry when he is in front of the camera. He is also the head man at Ryan Seacrest Productions, which has produced Emmy Award-winning content such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as well as the many spinoffs that have come from the franchise.

Ryan is the proud chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is responsible for the opening of ten Seacrest Studios, the broadcast media centers the foundation maintains in pediatric centers located in various parts of the country. Ryan also donates his time to serve as a board member for the Los Angeles County Museum For Art and is an honorary board member for the Grammy Foundation

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Ryan Seacrest Does it All!

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most versatile and well known Hollywood figures of our time. He has proven his talent over a variety of platforms and continues to entertain and engage us all. Ryan Seacrest’s over decade long work on American Idol has helped make him a household name. He brings his energy into our lives no matter what platform he is on. Ryan Seacrest has worked alongside Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly, which has given him the opportunity to bring his own touch to morning TV. He has also joined the radio sphere and is on his very own radio show On Air with Ryan. His personality delights audiences and gives people a close look at what it is like to be a celebrity. Ryan’s not only great at hosting shows, he has expanded into a few different other lines of work. You can pick up some very fashionable clothing from his personal line Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The pieces to choose from in the tailored wear are classy and stylish and allow one to emulate Ryan’s look.

Forbes noted that Ryan is also a cofounder of a proven skin care line “Polished” for men. Polished has been raved about in Forbes, Instyle, People, Allure and more. There is nothing Ryan can’t do. He consistently goes to show us that if you work hard and follow your dreams you can achieve anything. It is important to Ryan to help out his community and he has founded the Ryan Seacrest foundation in order to do so. Ryan has worked with Children’s hospital and his work has immensely helped out young children. This mission of giving back allows him to set an example for us all. There is something for everyone when it comes to Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest). He is truly the all American, hardworking guy we can all aspire to be. For all his recognition and achievements he remains down to earth and genuinely likeable. We could all take a note from Ryan’s book and make our own dreams come true by following his example.

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The Ryan Seacrest Foundation Inspires Young People

Ryan Seacrest, the renowned producer, and TV and radio show host, is someone who is known for being on the radio and on television, and he would like to inspire young people who would like to one day be on the radio and television, as well. He would like to inspire those who are going through difficult times and help them dream about the future. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was created with the goal of inspiring young people through entertainment focused work. This organization helps children pretend to like Ryan Seacrest and it helps them dream about the day when they might be as successful as he is.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation creates Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals. There are children who spend much of their lives in the hospital for one reason or another, and those children need something to do, something to inspire them, something to make them dream of the future. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation creates broadcast media centers in hospitals that are made just for children. Patients of the hospitals can come to these centers and learn about radio, television, and new media. These centers are meant to help children and their families heal. These centers are meant to be a positive part of the lives of the children who visit them.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation uses its Seacrest Studios to set up the patients in the hospitals that they are in with entertainment. They use their studios to create programming for the patients who are in the hospitals that the studios are based in, and they make sure that the patients have access to quality content. Some of the broadcasts that are put out through the studios include live performances from musical artists, educational segments, and talk shows that cover topics such as entertainment and sports. Struggling children receive a distraction through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and its Seacrest Studtios.

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Louis Chenevert is currently a retired member after formerly working as the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. He was in office as President and Chief Executive Officer from early 2008 and as chairman from early 2010 till retiring in 2014. Before joining the United Technologies Corporation, he served at Pratt and Whitney from late 1990s until 2006 as President. He has also acted as a senior advisor in several business councils and in forums.

Louis Chenevert graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in production management from the University of Montreal. In 2011, at the University of Montreal, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate. He is a director and chairs several international advisory boards. In his interview about United Technologies, he had the following to say;

The idea for United Technologies came from the variety of ideas that rose from the main executives with a clear picture of the needs of customers. There was also a desire to come up with more improved and desired products within the market. That strategic approach brought about game-changing decisions which were then put into practice. An example is a new engine development which would ensure a 20% better fuel burn, reduction of noise by 50% and fewer body parts thus low production cost.

The ideas are brought to life at UTC by focusing on operational talent and pushing forward only the important ideas. This would ensure that the results produced were higher than what the consumers expected. Maintaining focus on operational teams is also key. One trend that excited Louis is how fast technology accelerates coming from opportunities.

To ensure productivity as an entrepreneur, focus and continuous follow-up are key. Another is ensuring that the specialized operators have all facilities to deliver. Avoiding internal politics due to their disruptive nature will also ensure better results. Ability to get the right team and to appreciate them is key to entrepreneurship. Delighting customers and ensuring risks are rewarded is also another key move.

One strategy that has ensured business growth is being open-minded, ensuring constant focus and ensuring distractions are out of the way. Surrounding yourself with people of like minds makes you a better working team.


How Jason Hope is Revamping Airlines

Jason Hope is known for his work in mobile communications, various types of technology, and his desire to work on new investment opportunities. While much of his interest thus far has been involved in anti-aging, he is now interested in how he can revamp airlines. Now you can use the internet while on a plane, whereas before you couldn’t use any signal that may interfere with the pilot’s ability to communicate properly with the air tower. Now things have changed, and it has Jason Hope looking for more opportunities all in the air. What is his new interest?

It’s airlines. Gartner Inc., a well-known research company published some information that leads us to believe that nearly 25 billion things will be connected by 2020. That is a lot of things, and it can be quite overwhelming for those who aren’t really all that tech savvy. The best part is that bluetooth technology is what enables these connections and makes it possible for so many things to connect with ease. Bluetooth makes it possible for things and people to become connected and the method by which it’s being done is changing too. What once called for large devices can now be possible with the help of tiny stickers. Things once needed to be larger are now smaller.

This is why the airlines are now adopting the use of this technology, in hopes that it will make air travel easier as well as communications during air travel if needed. Nearly 40% of airlines are seeking the adoption of this new technology and how it could improve their marketshare. More than 55% of airlines have said that within the next three years they will be focused more on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and how technology plays into it all. As it turns out, IoT is going to be big, and it’s more evident every day. As more airlines see the need for WiFi ability and enhanced communication with air towers, they also know that this will improve everyone’s airline experience. This is why Jason Hope is on board with his passion for technology to improve air travel.

Jason Hope looks to Virgin Airlines as a reliable model, with all planes running on a wireless connection. Technology is improving all markets, and Jason Hope is looking forward to the future adding viable technology to everything he works with.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Jason Hope’s Major Collaboration with SENS Research Foundation

What does the future mean to you? There are so many different things that you probably want to do, and there never seems to be enough time. What if you had the option of more time and what if there was research being conducted right now that could make that an option in the future? If you are intrigued by any of this, there is no doubt that you would find the work being done by the SENS Research Foundation quite titillating. Everyone worries about the effects of aging, but no one has understood how to stop it. The SENS Research Foundation wants to be able to say that they have completed pioneering research into this phenomenon and come out of the other side with a solid solution to the problem.

To do such work, foundations like SENS need sizable donations from donors. Since it is non-profit there is no chance that it will generate the income that it needs for research completely on its own. This is where entrepreneurs like Jason Hope come to the rescue. Hope saw the work that SENS was doing and appreciated the huge amount of potential there. He dedicated more than $500,000 worth of his own personal wealth to furthering scientific understanding of the aging process. His funding will go to support diseases that are caused by arterial hardening. Since heart disease is such a major killer all around the world, his decision to give will have a major impact on many people. “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging highlights some of the praise that Hope has received for his significant work with the foundation. Jason Hope believes that while the present is important, the future is where everyone should be looking.

The reason Jason Hope is so invested in the future is that he has earned a major reputation as a futurist. He knows what technologies are poised to take over and where he should invest his money. It has allowed him to grow a substantial portfolio and ensured him a lot of respect in his field. He is so committed to helping individuals step into the future that he has even written literature on the concept of growing technologies. With his recent donation, it seems as though he is taken a big interest in the biotechnology field, but he is always being interested in anti-aging research. Hope will continue to be a major advocate for SENS’s research.

Jason Hope info: www.amazon.com/dp/B0773WCN2L

The RealReal: Luxury Revamped!

“The RealReal has revamped luxury as we know it today. The RealReal specializes in authenticated second-hand apparel, house goods, jewelry, and artwork. The luxury brand business is led by Chief Executive Officer Julie Wainwright. The consigner is in preparation mode of seeking $100 million in new funding. The company successfully raised more than $170 million 7 years ago, since inception.

The resale business started out as an online store that initially sold upscale women’s fashion labels from Louis Vuitton to Cavalli. Sellers or consignors ship merchandise into the company for the purpose of a sale. Once sold, the company and the seller share the profits. The RealReal eventually migrated to selling jewelry, art, home decorations, and menswear as well. The RealReal positioned safeguards in place to ensure that their customers receive veritable merchandise. They increased their staff to include brand authenticators, jewelers, art specialists, and other verifiers. The company launched its first brick and mortar store in bustling New York City. The Soho flagship store offers a high-end shopping experience for its customers. The shop has included a quaint refreshment cafe and an in-store flower shop. Their Soho boutique offers free evaluations and allows consignors an opportunity to drop off sale items.

It still is somewhat unclear as to why the company is looking to gain more capital. The luxury second-hand industry is booming, so the company is on-track with leveraging funds to promote further endeavors. The RealReal is incomparable in their business model structure. They offer much more than apparel and supports their merchandise 100% via authentication methods.

Initially, the RealReal did not encounter acceptance from any of the leading luxury brands in the marketplace. Today, those same brands garner excitement for the long-standing consignor. They now view the RealReal as a springboard to higher annual sales and revenue. Customers from the RealReal eventually purchase items under the same brand umbrella. They love the brand and item so much, that they end up buying from the high-end retailer as well.

The RealReal gain much of their awareness via pop-up store campaigns. This is where they test run their concept in a temporary location for a said amount of time. The strategy gives them an idea of where to target sales, and if a new store would do well in a particular geographic location. It is not clear what path to further success CEO Julie Wainwright will take, but thus far, she is clearly moving in the right direction.”

Adam Milstein Allies Saban And Adelson In Effort To Fight Enemies Of Jews

Defending not only the Jewish homeland but also their way of life and pride is what Adam Milstein has written a lot about lately. He published an article in the Jewish News Syndicate in which he disclosed that he was forming a task force of Jewish-Americans committed to fighting the spread of antisemitism. This task force has been planned with the help of Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban, two men who each support different political parties but who each have a desire to stop hate against the Jewish community. Milstein has compared what today’s Jews will need to do as part of this task force with what Judas Maccabeus did in the ancient world when he used his ingenuity to defeat Greek oppressors. Adam Milstein believes the foundation to the ultimate defeat of antisemitism are Jews looking out for each other and supporting Israel even if they don’t agree with all of its politics.

Israel is a very near and dear place to Adam Milstein because he grew up in Haifa and witnessed many of the wars they had throughout the 1950s, 60s and even as he served in their military in the 1970s. He was in the battalion commanded by Ariel Sharon that captured Egyptian territories during the Yom Kippur War, and he’s made several references to the tactical maneuvers Israel has made in defeating its enemies. Milstein attended the Technion Institute during his undergraduate school years and then finished a master’s degree at Univesity of Southern California. He developed an acumen for making investments in residential and commercial properties which led to him starting Hager Pacific Properties along with David Hager and Robert Neal, and the company has billions in property assets under management.

Adam Milstein wanted to build collaborations between leaders like Adelson and Saban and involve various rabbis and other synagogue board members, so he founded the Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council to do so. The largest group his philanthropy is directed at is Jewish college students, and organizations like Hillel International and Hasbara Fellowships exist to give those students a voice. Milstein also is a board member of StandWithUs which promotes Israeli causes through mass media distribution.


Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has succeeded several investments including scrap metal and real estate businesses. He has channeled many people’s dream to have their own homes to reality though Mortgage loaning. Todd Lubar is a man who is gifted with values such as tolerance, work ethics, and hard work. He uses these values in his ventures, and as a result, Todd boasts numerous business successes. These characters have propelled him to higher ranks making other entrepreneurs both upcoming and the old in the industry to seek for his assistance.

In an interview, Lubar revealed that entrepreneurship is his childhood dream and he has always been having the business mind throughout his life. He gave his story on how he used to sell hot chocolate and lemonade in Washington DC at the age of 7 Years. He also noted that working hard is a value that has always been in him even at a tender age. Lubar advised ambitious businesspersons to emulate communication with their teammates. He admitted that there are numerous challenges in business life, but he used to try his ways during difficult times. You can visit his about.me page.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is the present President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Lubar also works as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Mr. Lubar has in the past been in various positions and roles in several institutions such as Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar is remembered for helping Maryland Legacy Financial grow its office to several one hundred million dollars annually production unit in loan accumulation. Todd Lubar is also a former Vice President of Charter Funding where he used his position to continue focusing on helping the needy. Todd Lubar received his bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University where he graduated in the year 1995. Check out Medium to know more.

Todd Lubar entered into the industry of real estate back in the year of 1995. His desire to help other people driven him to venture into real estate as his lifetime career. He secured his first real estate job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was tasked with the role of a loan originator. He utilized his position to learn and understand the model of conservative mortgage lending. Todd managed to build significant relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents and real estate agents who are today comprise of his business enterprise.

Susan McGalla Speaks On The Gender Card And Business Leadership

Susan McGalla is a marketing consulting professional who became the first female executive president of American Eagle Outfitters. While she was still in that role and announced the new company headquarters opening in Pittsburgh, she was pressed by the media about whether her accomplishment was a new monument in the glass ceiling of women in the workplace. McGalla actually argued the contrary and explained that she has never felt the need to use her gender card as a way to earn positions in life. She said when she was a little girl, her parents expected just as much hard work from her as they did her older brothers, and she took that to heart after joining American Eagle. She said the way she considers people’s success in the workplace is just accomplishments by people and not by either men or women.

Susan McGalla was born in a rural community in eastern Ohio and attended a small college at Mount Union. After graduating, she became a merchandising assistant manager for the now defunct Joseph Horne department store company for about 10 years, and the experience she gained at this company was brought with her when she became a regional merchandise manager for American Eagle. In this role, McGalla was responsible for select inventory and marketing of women’s apparel, and her input and new ideas landed her in the corporate wing of the company and in several years elevated her to Chief Merchandising Officer and president.

McGalla left American Eagle in 2009 but joined several other companies including HFF Inc. where she served on the executive board and served as an advisor for marketing decisions. Several years ago she joined the NFL franchise Pittsburgh Steelers as their Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy, a position largely entailing bringing in memorabilia, gameday merchandise, tailgating equipment, jerseys and even new additions that were announced such as jewelry and home products. McGalla also recently had the fan shop’s website reorganized to serve mobile users better and had brand new displays and decor setup in the pro shop. McGalla also offers advice to company PR departments part-time at P3 Executive Consulting.

Find out more about Susan McGalla: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2015/09/18/steelers-overhaul-fan-gear-closet-introduce-new-fashion-campaign/