Leading Venture capital Figure: Ashley Lightspeed

Venture capital firms have provided over recent years the necessary funding needed for new up and coming entrepreneurs to make their business dreams a reality. This has also been a great time for investors as they have seen their investment risks pay off incredibly. One of the figures behind this movement is Ashley Lightspeed, the newest member of Lightspeed Venture Partners. Ashley brings a plethora of experience from not only the private sector but through her own experience as an entrepreneur running a business. Today, Ashley Lightspeed is considered to be one of the most intelligent minds in the industry as she can constantly catch rising trends in the market. We recently sat down with Ashley to go a little more in-depth about her career in the venture capital industry.

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How do you bring your ideas to life?

Ashley Lightspeed states that much of how she brings her ideas to life comes from seeing her father work as an architect. In addition, she often spent her summers at creative camps where the motto was more often than not “Measure twice, cut one.” Ashley utilizes that motto every time she is preparing to launch a new product to the market.

What is one trend the currently excites you?

The changing demographics within the countries baby boomers say, Ashley. She goes on to explain that baby boomers have become very tech savvy over the years. This understanding and connection with technology will have them demanding technology when they are senior citizens and home alone. Whoever can capitalize on this future trend will be very successful, says Ashley.

What is one habit of yours that you recommend others to do as well?

Ashley explains that for the longest time she’s always liked keeping in touch with people, whether through letters or email. She simply loves learning about people and their lives as well as seeing how they deal with their own problems. In addition, having a large network of friends will also come in handy.

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Matt Badiali Notes That Electricity Will Ultimately Power Everything with Continued Innovation

Matt Badiali is an investment expert who has made a name by advising investors on various opportunities where they should take their money. He is highly focused on earth metals, oils, and natural resources where he has been able to make significant inroads. Most of the people who adhere to his investment knowledge have also been able to make substantial profits, especially from base metals. His profile in natural resources continues to grow.

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However, Matt Badiali argues that investing in energy and electricity is the future of the world. People who are focused on investing in future world-changing innovations should focus their attention on the changing and the emerging trends in the energy sector. One of the significant components in the energy sector is electricity. According to Matt Badiali, there will come a time when electricity will be used to power everything.

Matt Badiali indicates that the changes in oil prices will push investors to innovate some of the aspects that will make it possible to use electricity in various aspects. Over the last few years, the prices of oil have been unpredictable, which has caused huge turbulence in the market. It is worth noting that, in some countries, oil affects every industry. Innovators will not continue to watch as oil prices destroy businesses and inflict huge financial problems to various investors.

There is also the argument that oil, which is predominantly the primary source of energy in the world, is an environmental hazard. With the issues of environmental awareness and sustainability becoming essential in many people and innovators, there is every chance that innovations in electricity will carry the day. According to Matt Badiali, the use of an electric car is a huge warning and signal that electricity is the future of the world.

However, for the future of electricity to materialize, innovations have to prove that they can come up with solar panels that can power a city. Elon Musk has significantly demonstrated that it is possible for large batteries to solve the issue of electricity. Most of the batteries used in Australia are large enough and have proved that they can store energy for a longer period.

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Vijay Eswaran and Investing In An Amazing Manner

Vijay Eswaran and Being Positive

Abbvie should be able to grow its EPS over the course of next year, bolstered by strong performance this year. As such, the company has considerably low valuation and it is a bull that is masked by bearish fog. You do not want to be long Abbvie if you think that management has not executed well and will see failure in Upa and Risa. Furthermore, you will think that these two drugs plus the other one’s in the pipeline will not provide the value that is needed. The stock offers amazing long-term returns that we should be pleased with. The beautiful aspect about this stock is that it is something that is recession resistant.

All investors need yield, safety, and overall big growth over many years.

Vijay Eswaran and Investment Landscape

We can see the sentiment can change in the world in regard to allegiances and loyalties. For instance, we see that a portion of Silicon Valley was once aligned with the Trump Administration but is not so aligned at the current moment. Elon Musk and Peter Thiel were aligned with the administration but it seems that they have left the room.

The current administration has done some posturing where it has stated that it may sue Google or Facebook. They may sue them because the companies have not stayed neutral. Both of the companies have seen their shares fall over the past few days because of this statement.

It was noted that Emil Michael might have been a member of the administration. The individual in question was selected for a cabinet position. The business leader was one of the key executives at Uber before leaving the firm.

These are various lessons that one can learn as they look at the world.

Jeunesse Global on Staying at an Advantage

The type of products made by Jeunesse Global are those which hope to push the envelope forward when it comes to developing high-tech anti-aging products. They do not simply want to be another company with a fancy tagline that gives consumers false promises of getting thin immediately or dispelling all of your pimples in an hour. This is all fictional. They are not the type of corporation to spread lies and deceit, and the trend is something that disgusts them more than any other occurrence within the industry. They try actively to reverse this effect, but as a single company, it is difficult to change an entire field so that it better suits the needs of the people. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter in business is that corporations often do not fairly consider the needs of the customer first, as they would rather focus on their own. 

While this can be hard for consumers to become adjusted to, the saddest part of it all is that these filthy corporate entities will usually start to generate a profit. Jeunesse Global stands against this exploitation of the public, and this is why they do everything they can to deliver a high-quality good whenever their customers develop a new demand. In their eyes, demands from the market are opportunities, and behind every demand is a person. 

It is important to them to not let the person’s character fall apart simply because they can provide something for you financially. Part of this process is the matter of keeping your sense of ego contained, and Jeunesse Global knows that this is not an easy task when you are confronted with all the power in the world. However, they will not accept anyone in their company not to have a sense of humility. To them, this is the most important characteristic for a human being to possess, and everyone should do what is within their power to deliver exactly what they need to for the consumers they face regularly. Jeunesse Global knows that if this relationship is severed, the business would be at an enormous disadvantage.


Flavio Maluf on How to Ease Tax Burdens On Entrepreneurs

Even if they succeed in establishing their businesses, most entrepreneurs in Brazil are often unable to keep them running due to the high tax burdens put in place by the government. However, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, if the government implements Flavio Maluf’s fiscal incentives suggestions into laws.

According to Flavio Maluf, fiscal taxes allow businesses to direct part of their taxes into other avenues such as social, cultural and technological areas, thereby reducing the burden placed on them by the government.

Flavio points out that fiscal incentive laws create a win-win situation for both the entrepreneurs and the government. This is because, instead of paying taxes directly, business owners use the amount earmarked for this purpose to help fuel the growth of the communities they live in, thereby enabling them to create a positive image in the society. On the other hand, the government benefits through the development created. In a nutshell, fiscal taxes promote economic and social development at the same time.

Nevertheless, Flavio Maluf goes on to add that this incentive policy is only applicable to businesses which are taxed on real profits and even with that being so, the terms and conditions differ from one municipality and state to another.  Check out flaviomalufoficial.com to know more.

About Flavio Maluf

Even though he holds a mechanical engineering degree, Flavio Maluf’s passion for entrepreneurship saw him ditch engineering for business. Currently, the president of Eucatex, Flavio is one of the most renowned business figures in Brazil. He began his career in Eucatex in 1987 but left after a while to venture on his own in the industrial sector. After a few years, Flavio was called back to Eucatex where he began serving as an executive before being promoted to president of the company in 1997. Besides Eucatex, Flavio is also the president of a company known as Grandfood.

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Gloom And Doom From Pishevar Draws Fans And Critics

It came like a lightening bolt out of the sky when Shervin Pishevar took to his Twitter account with a rant for the ages about the state of the economy. He clearly had a lot on his mind, and we were the captive audience hanging on his every word. He wanted to make sure that we heard him loud and clear as he announced his true feelings about a number of economic topics that were near and dear to his heart.

Why Should We Bother Listening To Him?

Do you not care about listening to an early investor in the ride-sharing service Uber? That is what Shervin Pishevar is. He had the wisdom and foresight to see that this was going to be a game-changer, and he didn’t wait around for other people to haul in the profits from this kind of thing. He jumped in with both feet and began to put his money where his mouth is on this service.

The Stock Market Will Fall Sharply

It is not quite clear when exactly Shervin Pishevar believes that the stock market will take a dive, but it is clear that he thinks it is going to happen. He firmly believes that the market is well overdue for at least a twenty percent correction from its current levels. That could leave some holding the bag as many people have become increasingly interested in investing in the stock market as a way of riding this high-flying economy. Shervin Pishevar thinks they could be in for a harsh reality check.

Uber And Airbnb May Be The Last Great American Start-Ups

Shervin Pishevar is not being hyperbolic when he says that he feels that Uber and Airbnb may be the last two great American startups ever. He feels this way because he thinks that the United States has set up a system in such a way that the largest companies are practically always favored and the little guys have no chance. In that kind of environment it is easy to see why he feels the way that he does.


Ara Chackerian is all for Mental Health in Technology

With him neck deep in business and philanthropy, San Francisco-based Ara Chackerian always works with projects benefiting communities. Given his serious dedication to the healthcare industry as a whole across his illustrious career, he has used technology and healthcare to give the best to communities. In this interview, the businessman and philanthropist details his daily business life and his life in general.

Ara Chackerian and his business partner worked together for the sake of introducing outpatient diagnostic radiology for healthcare along the lines of psychiatry related to depression. As research for processes like transcranial magnetic stimulation are more in-depth, Mr. Chackerian and his business partner hope to better psychiatry through TMS Health Solutions. Those with depression find much more benefits in the process of treatment but unfortunately, there has been a lack of insurance policies and technicians which led him to give his support towards the cause.

Tons of money gets poured into making successful technological advances and Silicon Valley builds more millionaires in the process. However, many of these creators suffer when it comes to their mental health. About 72% of these entrepreneurs have been going through decreased mental health. Ara Chackerian pointed out how tech industries should not sit idly by while this is happening.

Luckily, the beginning of that has been coming about or is starting to take shape. As Ara Chackerian noted, businesses are in the process of using ways to teach people about how much mental health in the workplace means and the way it can affect employees and employers alike. Thankfully, when it comes to mental health, there are countless ways to make the tech industry much better for mental health like online counseling and apps.

Ara Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with his bachelor’s in science as a major in marketing.

The Future of Isabel Dos Santos at Unitel

Unitel is among the largest telecommunication companies in Angola that have built their brands over the years. The company operates under a team of professionals led by Isabel Dos Santos. The leaders have played a significant part in overseeing the company’s success. Isabel has worked as the Chairperson and President of Unitel for quite some time. Her expertise in the telecommunication industry contributes to her ability to lead the firm in a significant way.

However, Isabel Dos Santos’ tenure as the Chair of the Board of the telecommunication giant ended earlier this year. The shareholders decided to reshuffle the management’s team that saw her relieved of the duties of the chairperson. The resolutions came after a heated general shareholder’s meeting that took place in March 2019. Isabel would lead the company as an administrator. Additionally, Isabel would not direct the company’s operations as before. Read more about Isabel at eco

Sonangol and PT Ventures are some of Unitel’s shareholder companies that proposed Miguel Geraldes for the position of the director general of the telecommunication firm. Miguel brings vast experience from Huawei, South Africa. Geraldes would take over the seat held by Anthony Dalton from May 6, 2019. João Boa Quipipa would take over as the head of the finance department.

The shareholders in the meeting, however, praised the outgoing team for their excellent management technique. According to various speakers that took to the podium during the meeting, the teams served the company wholeheartedly. Besides, the company’s performance was commendable over the years under the leadership of Isabel Dos Santos.

Another issue that carried the day is the Paris arbitration court’s ruling that directed other Unitel’s shareholder companies to pay blocked dividends. The court ordered the payment of over 600 million Euros belonging to Brazilian shareholders by Geni and Vidatel companies. Isabel Dos Santos Vidatel and Leopold no Nascimento owns Geni. All the four companies own 25% stake each in Unitel’s management.

Isabel Dos Santos is a business guru with interests in telecommunication, media, infrastructure, finance, energy, and other ventures. The first daughter of Dos Santos, former Angola’s President is also a motivational speaker. The entrepreneur also works hard to help African women achieve their goals. Her companies have 50,000 employees that earn their daily through her hard work.

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Serge Belamant: Cryptocurrency Guru and Founder, Net1 Technologies

Serge Belamant has been instrumental in the development of new technologies over the years. He is accredited with founding blockchain technologies and is a patent holder. His knowledge as a software and applications developer played a significant role in enabling him to come up with blockchain technologies. Eventually, Serge created numerous cryptocurrencies that have been used by banks in streamlining withdrawals, investments, and deposits.

Early Life and Education

Although a French national by birth, Serge Belamant can speak fluent English due to his upbringing in South Africa. His parents relocated to South Africa when he was a teenager. Henceforth, they started a new life from his birthplace in Tulle, France in 1953. Serge’s ability to quickly grasp new concepts put him ona path to learning English at The Highlands North High School. Nonetheless, he was also an outstanding athlete and excelled in sporting activities such as chess, athletics, and rugby.

His excellence in academics, as well as sports, earned him a position as the head Prefect of his school in 1972. Subsequently, Serge Belamant was elected as a member of the bridge and science club. To add to his accolades, he was awarded Victor Ludlum in 1971 after getting full colors in rugby, chess, and athletics. His sporting prowess culminated in him representing Transvaal on various occasions in chess championships. He took 6th position in the tournament in 1972.

Serge Belamant proceeded to the University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University after high school. He studied information and computer systems in his tertiary education. Serge’s excellence in computer systems made him quit his studies and join the labor market. However, this was after he had enrolled for 3rd-year courses in information systems. Visit vccircle.com to learn more.

Career Achievements

A guru in computer and information systems, Segre Belamant quickly got a job at Matrix, an engineering company. While at the firm, he embarked on working on IBM computers using finite software. His work yielded fruits when he successfully created software that aided engineers to monitor and measure water levels in dams seamlessly. The application could also be used in the prediction of future growth.

Serge Belamant’s most notable work is the creation of the Pre-Authorized Card that streamlined transactions. With the card, banks and other financial institutions were able to keep fraud at bay.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Business Careers are Attractive because they Involve Interacting with Other People

Ashley Lightspeed indicates that working in the world of business is something that excites her much than she thinks she would have been excited if she worked in another industry. There are various aspects that make her to like business activities as compared to other careers that people have to choose. However, it is important to remember that Ashley was originally prepared to have a career in architectural but changed to business.

According to Ashley, working in business environment is very interesting because it is a people-centered industry. You cannot work alone in the business but you have to include other people in your operations. It is the behavior of human beings to interact with one another that makes business careers interesting. For example, a company cannot succeed without formulating a single team that will be responsible for strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. You have to work as a single unit failure to which you will not succeed. See Related Article at nypost.com

According to Ashley Lightspeed, team members for a central aspect of the business and individual success, which means that the most successful individuals would not have succeeded without the input of their team members. This makes Ashley to appreciate all the members of the organization because they help her to sharpen her business skills. Team members are not only there to give their own opinion about a particular project but they also correct a leader when he/she makes a mistake.

Ashley Lightspeed continues to highlight that interactions in business don’t only end in the office but they also continue outside. Business leaders interact with experts from other sectors where they share skills, knowledge, and experience relating to relevant factors. It is also important to record that a company has to interact with its customers so that it can determine what they want. Businesses that don’t interact with their customers are likely to lose them.

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