Alex Pissios Recap

Alex Pissios is an entrepreneur, inventor, and physician. He began his career as a biomedical engineer before moving into venture capital. In 2012 he launched StartUp Health to improve healthcare for the 150 million Americans who have little or no access to it by leveraging disruptive digital technologies such as mobile devices, social media, cloud computing, and genomics. Alex Pissios […]

The Career of Dr Chris Brummer: A Look at His Positions, Areas of Expertise, and Trajectory

Did you know that Dr Chris Brummer is a Board Director at Fannie Mae? Or that he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Miami School of Law? How about his areas of expertise which include securities regulation, financial institutions, corporate governance, and international economic law? Dr Brummer has quite an impressive […]

 Understanding More About The Great Hassan Jameel

Hassan Jameel is an ambitious entrepreneur and the vice-chairman of ALJ company. His business is based in Saudi Arabia, where it has been providing exemplary services for many years. The company is known best for its specialization in modern technology. Jameel has grown fond of innovating new technology methods and data to help people have an easy time doing business. […]

Luke Lazarus: An Influential Figure for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Luke Lazarus Consulting is a consultancy company meant for executives and young upcoming entrepreneurs with a passion for excelling. Throughout his career as a consultant, Luke has gained the experience of perfectly mentoring executives and encouraging them in the areas they need to excel. Check out: Luke Lazarus | Cake Resume He bears excellent expertise, specifically when it comes to […]

Luke Lazarus Consulting: Your Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Luke Lazarus majors in consultancy with executives and business-savvy individuals who want to build a start-up from scratch. It can be overwhelming when diving into the process. Even seasoned entrepreneurs often second guess themselves and have trouble finding help during these times of uncertainty. A career in consulting requires a blend of leadership and management skills. Also read: Luke Lazarus […]

How Bhanu Choudhrie Has Been a Force of Change in Aviation Training Industry

Embracing changes has always been a huge challenge to most business owners. Very many entrepreneurs have been opting to support the status quo and only change their operations when the market has forced them to incorporate some new aspects. However, some business owners are fascinated by the changes that have been occurring in their areas. Bhanu Choudhrie has been a […]

Andrew Frame Emphasizes How The Citizen App May Assist Individuals In Staying Safe

The Citizen app’s founder and CEO is Andrew Frame. Citizen App was developed to alert users about potential criminal behavior and dangers to their safety in their immediate vicinities, such as fires, weather concerns, and demonstrations. Users may also post videos of what’s going on. According to Andrew Frame, most users find the Citizen app incredibly powerful because they want […]