The Career of Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is an American businessman who used to hold the position of CEO of the Papa John’s pizza company. He ascended to that lofty position after more than 20 years of working at that company. He started at the bottom of the totem pole. He was just a regular hourly employee. However, his bosses saw that he had a drive and determination to succeed. This allowed him to get promotions over the other people he worked with. He was always being complimented by the people he worked with. He studied every aspect of the company and knew how it operated better than most of the people who were in positions of power.

Steve was given the position of CEO during a very difficult time for Papa John’s. The company was looking to get a fresh start after some bad publicity. Steve is the guy who was chosen to take over for the previous CEO. Steve had been serving as the president of the company. Prior to that, he was COO. There is no question that Steve’s body of work at Papa John’s is outstanding.

One of the things that Steve Ritchie is most noted for is guiding Papa John’s through the public relations nightmare that resulted from some poor decisions by upper management. There were very few people who could have handled the situation as well as Steve did. He hired a public relations firm to assist him with rebuilding credibility with the customers of the company. He was able to do this in a relatively short period of time.

Steve’s style of management was much different than many CEOs. Steve trusted his staff enough to delegate a lot of the responsibility to his subordinates. However, some CEOs always wanted to be part of the decision making process. This is not hard to understand seeing as how they are the CEO. However, Steve thought that way of running the company was not very good because it was not fast enough. The CEO can only do so many things at one time. Therefore, it is in his best interests that he delegate responsibility to various people who can handle the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Steve Ritchie never imagined that he would be running the company that he was employed at as a teenager. However, his story of success should serve as an inspiration that people can achieve many things if they work hard. He helped the company to achieve a very high amount of profitability during his tenure as CEO. The stock for the company soared to new heights. Customer confidence had not been as high in a very long time. Steve authorized the opening of new stores. Papa John’s began to take a larger share of the market. Many of their competitors could not compete with the many deals and specials that were devised by Steve Ritchie.

One of the biggest things that helped Papa John’s to succeed under the leadership of Steve Ritchie was their deal with the NFL. The company began to advertise on every NFL broadcast and sponsor the halftime shows. The logo of the company was visible in many different locations around the stadiums of NFL teams. They found that people loved to order pizzas that they could eat when they watched NFL games on Sunday afternoons. This is exactly what the company was hoping for. The amount of money that the company made as a result of their NFL partnership was unlike anything they had done before. Steve Ritchie definitely left his mark on the company. They would not be where they are without him.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Reflects a Rigorous and Lucid Style for Startup Success

 Intense & Rigorous Style

Luke Lazarus works intensely and rigorously. His lectures are to the point, and he chooses not to beat around a bush. Luke Lazarus lays the painful points out clearly and rigorously.

Years of experience cannot be watered-down to make the principles he is teaching less stressful, so he presents the truth and answers the questions and gives clarifications. Today there are thousands of new upstarts entering the market, and they all have to face the harsh reality of a strong economy which doesn’t take sides. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus reflects more the nature of what the startups will meet without the blinders and muffles on. Luke Lazarus fulfills his role as a consultant and his moral duty of not shielding his startup teams. The reality which 20 years of business sense have taught him in the university of hard knocks he communicates in its purest form.

Every Stakeholder Counts

Luke Lazarus works with his startup teams and treats each member as part of the entire story elements. The startup needs to communicate to the investor and the consumer the story values. Everyone has a role to play to bring about the desired effect of the complete story elements.

Luke Lazarus uses a method of instructing that is less familiar but effective in communicating the essentials of success. Luke Lazarus has is rigorous and straightforward in his presentations.

Being direct and uncompromising catches some of his clients off guard. Luke Lazarus responds to these responses by replying that being honest and sincere is not a luxury but a necessity when molding the future of his clients.

Bringing Emphasis

Luke Lazarus emphasizes the learning of the systems that make a difference in a business. He also spends much time on analysis of the entire business plan. What Lazarus seeks in the business plan is to concentrate on elements that focus on the mission.

Between reading the business plan and his open dialogues with a startup, he can get a good understanding of what the startup’ mission. Sometimes critical information gets lost and needs to be rewritten. What a startup wants to do and what it may be failing to communicate in their mission or their story needs to be clarified and stated clearly.

Making Emotional Connections

A primary tool of preparing to meet and attract investors is writing the story of the startup. Luke Lazarus emphasizes the story elements because it serves a two-fold purpose.

First, the story gives the capital investor what they want to hear. Secondly, the story also combines all the elements that provide the values that make an emotional connection with the consumer.

Luke Lazarus believes if the story is composed correctly, it also needs to reflect its core values. The writing of the business plan needs to reflect its mission and its story. Making an emotional connection with venture capitalist and consumer is a sure sign of success.

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