Disney To Make Princess Diaries 3

Almost 14 years ago, Walt Disney pictures released the hit teen movie, “The Princess Diaries” starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. A second one came not much later, and according to an article found on reddit and written by Tracking Board, Disney is going to do a third movie in the series and this is bound to please all of the adults who grew up on these movies and would like to see the story continue.

The plot of the film is still being kept secret claims Skout Studios in an article for Screenrant. It can be assumed that Hathaway and Andrews will be a part of the cast, but no one will really know for sure until the trailer comes out. Even if we don’t know the plot yet it is sure to please people to know that one is coming.

The first two movies in the series were cute, as they portrayed a young woman who had a tough social life come to find out that she is actually a princess and it is all about her transformation into her new role. I can’t remember about what the second one was about, but I think he had to do with finding her prince charming in time to keep her throne after her grandmother stepped down from the role. It will be fun to see what comes next.