The New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Success Through Omar Boraie Development

Omar Boraie had a vision for New Brunswick, New Jersey that involved a transformation process that improved its living and working conditions. Many saw his vision as one of a crazy-man, due to the condition of Brunswick, New Jersey at the time, and contributed little to no belief in it whatsoever. As the vice president and founder of Boraie developement, Omar put his vision into action and becomes one of the most successful developers in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In an article on NJ Biz, Omar Boraie, originally from Egypt, arrives to the United States with a creative and intelligent mind, which feasted on the potential of New Brunswick that many would say was absolutely ridiculous. New Brunswick, New Jersey, at this time, was a horrifying city. The crime rate was high, the condition of its buildings were awful and the people neglected to live there and many residence transitioned from the city. The city was so terrible in the sense of living conditions, it was dangerous to walk the streets after 4 p.m.

Omar Boraie puts his vision into action and builds his first project, which was an 8 floor office on Albany Street called the “Albany Street Plaza Tower One”, in 1988. The success of this plaza spurred a second plaza, ” Tower 2″ of Albany Street Plaza, which completed in 2004. Through the success of Tower One and Tower Two of Albany Street Plaza, Omar continued to put his visions into action to reach his final goal of complete transformation of the city.

To start, Omar invested in a building with 21 vacancies. He would buy each one individually, one by one until all were bought. With New Brunswick’s condition at this time, people thought he lost his mind, but he continued his visionary plan anyways and Albany Street Plaza now exists and thrives.

In 2007, he would complete his first residential project, a New York style high rise, which would surprisingly sell out within 2 month from its market date. From that point forward, the people started to believe in what Omar was trying to do with the city and they cheered him on. People now saw the city as a potential place for work and residency without the overwelling disparity factors that haunted them in the past. Currently, he is working on Tower 3 of Albany Street Plaza.

Omar Boraie saw potential, had a vision, put that vision into action – even when people doubted him – and succeeded and continues to build in the city this very day . Through his ideas and work contribution, New Brunswick, New Jersey moved and moves in a new and improved direction of attention grabbing residential locations and work sites, which many newcomers appreciate and consider as remarkable and noteworthy. Besides his building developing success, Omar Boraie is also a successful philanthropist.

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