Political Campaign Transparency and Strategy Using NGP VAN

A proper campaign strategy and accountability are critical to ensuring success at both national and local political level. The fundraising activity contains a lot of data that needs to be managed properly. One of the tools that can be used to streamline a successful political campaign is NGP VAN. The company has created a system that helps in managing large information which if left unmonitored can jeopardize campaign progress.


Political campaigns are becoming expensive, candidates are spending more. A report established in 2016 showed that the winning candidates in the Senate spent averagely $10.4 while $1.5was the average expenditure by the winning candidate in the House of Representatives. Therefore, tools provided by NGP VAN become important in monitoring campaign spending within the increasingly competitive environment in politics.



NGP VAN has established itself as a leading technological solution for non-profit organizations, Democratic and Progressive campaigns. For instance, major Democratic campaign such president Obama and Clintons team have used digital 8, VAN and NGP to organize their campaign data. One of the best areas they have exploited is digital fundraising. NGP VAN has been able to increase accountability by coming up with a platform where donors can have a long-lasting impact on the fundraising kit and also be able to monitor the progress. At the same time, those seeking donation can use the tool to reach as many people as possible. In addition, the technological use by the company has helped the company to find a way to reach to people without referencing political donation as a charity rather than a political contribution based on individual political opinion and goals.


One of their important developments is the software that manages donor data and also helps donors and campaign team to monitor financial progress. It is clear that at times a small error in financial management can result in a huge political scandal, having an oversight tool like the ones provided by NGP VAN is vital. Another benefit of the NGP VAN software is their ability to analyze data spot trends that can help manage the cost of the campaign. With such a tool, the campaign team has enough knowledge on how best to distribute their resources.

Finally, in the digital age, campaigners can easily access their supporters. NGP VAN tools help the team to reach out to sponsors more easily and encourage them to offer their support in a long-term campaign strategy. And most of all, donors are given the opportunity to monitor how their money is spent which encourages transparency.




QNET’s Overseeing Projects that Aims at Providing Clean Water to Primary School Students

QNET is an exceptional company succeeding in direct selling industry and cementing a top position in the modern philanthropy arena. Our focus is to make the community better through funding several community-based projects. We encourage our employees to volunteer in various community activities. Recently, we proceeded with our philanthropic efforts by providing water storage amenities for Sriram Nagar Hyderabad, a public primary school. We are helping to deliver safe and clean drinking water to over 800 students. We are collaborating with Lion Club of Hyderabad to carry out this project.

Aims of the project

The project’s primary objective is to make sure that the school possesses a well-functioning storage system that will keep the water clean and safe. The project plans to boost the hygiene and sanitation standards of the school to a top-notch level. The water-related infection will be eliminated after the supply of clean water. This campaign is similar to the Government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign that aims at creating awareness on hygiene. At QNET, we are planning to continue carrying out similar projects.

At QNET, we encourage people to go beyond their means in bettering human kind. We encourage our employees to offer selfless services. We collaborate with Non-Governmental Organization and associations such as Lions Club to encourage all our Independent Representatives and employees to participate actively in charitable activities. Internationally, QNET addresses the needs of destitute and homeless.

Factual details on QNET

QNET is a premier direct selling company enjoying tremendous growth and success in the direct selling arena. Our main offices are headquartered in Hong Kong. We sell products ranging from energy, nutrition, personal care, luxury goods, weight management, and fashion accessories. We empower young entrepreneurs of different ages, gender, races, and social-economic status to establish successful businesses. We encourage young women to join our sale force and benefit from the guidance of our veteran employees.

We use a multilevel business model to market our products to the high number of clients distributed across the globe. Our distributors popularly called Independent Representatives are offered a chance to achieve economic stability, improve their families’ life, and establish an amazing entrepreneurial career. At, QNET, we have developed a habit of celebrating both cultural and ethnic diversity. We have loyal clients in over 100 countries and Independent Representatives in over 30 countries. Our culture of offering personalized services and maintaining the quality of services despite our fast growth has helped us to cement a top position in the direct selling industry.
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Success Registered by James Dondero at Highland Capital Management

Investment banks are very critical in the growth of any economy. Their services that range from advisory services and provision of capital to investors, large corporations and governments have been quite instrumental in stirring development agendas in different countries. Most investment banks are regarded as financial intermediaries that specialize in large and complex transactions. While acknowledging their contribution to the success of small and medium enterprises, some of the investment banks have set retail operations that target small businesses and individual consumers. Owing to the advancements made in technology, large investment banks have leveraged their market leadership through increased attraction of consumers from different parts of the globe as evidenced by their branch presence around the world.
James Dondero is a financial expert who has a wealth of ideas in finance, accounting, credit management and equity management. Given his vast knowledge acquired in different leading entities, Dondero has managed to co found Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada. Currently, Dondero is the president of Highland Capital. He oversees all investment strategies at the enterprise. The credit market expert serves on different boards. Some of these boards are MGM Studios, the American Banknote Corporation and NexBank. In addition, he is the chairman of the Cornerstone Healthcare and the CCS medical boards of directors. Dondero and Okada manage $19 billion of assets at Highland Capital. In the past, Dondero has managed more than $2 billion of assets under Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary.
A graduate of the University of Virginia, Dondero is also a member of various professional bodies. He is a graduate of accounting and finance. He holds designation of Certified financial Accountant, Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant. His natural liking for credit management saw him establish one of the leading credit management firms in the globe.
Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment bank that deals in management of hedge funds besides structured and distressed investment funds. The firm was incorporated in 1993. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In order to get closer to the consumers, the investment entity has opened branches in New York City, Singapore and London. Over the years, the firm has been investing in various asset classes and composition. These asset structures include management of separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity, mutual funds, ETFs and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs).
A company must source for clients by first knowing their problems and addressing them in a way that will satisfy the utility of their consumers. Highland Capital Management has been quite instrumental in having a growing client base. The client base of the company includes public pension plans, endowment funds, large corporations, governments, financial institutions and consumers regarded as having a high-net worth. The entity has focused on providing their clients with low cost strategies that are aimed at fitting their explicit needs.
Investment banks have been pivotal in providing diversified products and services to the clients who may not find the services they are looking for in different commercial banks. James Dondero has succeeded in financial management thus, being able to co-found Highland Capital Management. This investment firm has been able to handle over $19 billion in assets.

Mobile Wireless Services Can Give You Great Hotspot Connections

Everyone needs the Internet in their life at one point or another, even if they don’t have a computer, a cell phone, a laptop, or a tablet in their home. It’s rare that you may find someone who has no electronic devices that can connect to the Internet because most people have the Internet in their home these days. Even those who cannot afford to have Internet in their home, they have some sort of way that they choose to connect to the Internet. More than likely, if a person can’t afford Internet in their home, they will go and connect to a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Internet is something that’s necessary because there is so much use for the Internet these days. GPS that runs through a cell phone has to use the Internet. Anyone who wants to look up information without going to a library, they will use the Internet. If someone is putting in a job application for a big company, more than likely, they’ll have the job application on the Internet. These days people even gamble on the Internet, watch movies on the Internet, and they video chat on the Internet. The point is, most people can’t live without the Internet.

Even though the Internet is crucial in the lives of most people, not everyone can afford what it costs to have Internet service in their home. It’s not impossible for Internet to cost up to hundred dollars a month, depending on the company a person has joined, the features on their service, and their data limits. If a person is fortunate enough to have unlimited data through their Internet company, then they are in luck, but what about when they go on the road? If someone goes away from their home, then they have to find a way to stay connected to the Internet.

If someone wants a way to connect their cell phone, tablet, and laptop to the Internet while they are on the go, then a Wi-Fi hotspot is necessary. A person can either buy a hotspot, or they can stop somewhere that has Wi-Fi. The best way to get either a hotspot or connect to a hotspot is by joining FreedomPop. FreedomPop is the most economical way to get Wi-Fi services while on the go, and it’s in the form of the FreedomPop application.

Although FreedomPop does sell hotspots that are small and compact, those who want to save even more money are recommended to get the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application. The application is free to download, and for only five dollars each month, the user can access a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot that is in their area. There are millions of hotspots available around the USA, and with 10 million hotspots, it won’t be difficult for a person to find a place to connect to the Internet. This low-cost alternative to Wi-Fi connections can help those who want to save money as well as having constant Internet connection on the go.

The Antique Wine Company: Vintage Wines

The Antique Wine Company is an exceptional fine and rare wine source that was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams. Stephen has successfully expanded the company in 70 countries and has well over 20,000 clients. The Antique Wine Company has about ten thousand or more of the world’s rarest and finest wines available for the public. In 2011, the sold a bottle of white wine for the highest amount ever that one bottle of wine had ever been sold for which is astonishing. The Antique Wine Company is a place where you can order luxurious rare and fine wines.


The Antique Wine Company is great for merchants looking to supply an event or a top notch hotel. The Antique Wine Company has affiliates globally including the United States and Asia. Everyone knows when they want to buy quality wine that is rare and some of the finest wines available that they should purchase their wine from The AWC. The Antique Wine Company is known for their wines being authentic. This is suppliers love ordering from them. You don’t have to be a company to order wine from them. Anyone can order their favorite wine. If you are not sure about what wine you want then there are suggestions available. 

The Antique Wine Company can help with live events within your area. They can also help sell your rare and fine wines. With 25 years of fine wine service The AWC is the best spirits and wine company there is. You can find wines from The Antique Wine Company has delectable wines for hotels, restaurants, and private individuals.