Richard Blair Offering Sound Wealth and Investment Solutions to People Based in Austin, Texas

Wealth Solutions provides top services and advice that assists clients to grow, manage and protect their assets. Richard Blair provides clients with a resourceful adviser and partner as he is highly qualified and experienced with a number of certifications to show like RICP, CES, CFS and CAS. Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) based in Austin, Texas.

Wealth Solution’s Financial Planning Process

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has a belief that every person ought to have a solid plan that will allow them to follow all their set financial goals. Blair aims to arm the community in Austin, Texas by offering his clients with retirement planning and wealth management services. The firm follows a three pillar approach that is comprehensive in nature. This assists the firm to discover the financial situation of its clients and their retirement needs. It also makes it easier for the coming up with a customized holistic plan for every client.

Pillar 1

This first pillar assists a client to lay out their own financial roadmap. This identifies their goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. It is through understanding the point where a client is that makes it easier to make a great financial roadmap to be followed.

Pillar 2

It is concerned with developing a strategy for the long-term to meet the client’s investment needs. It is customized to a client’s investment goals and liquidity needs. Richard manages and reallocates the assets to ensure the client’s portfolio performs at a maximum as long as there is a suitable market, and reduce the client investment impact when the market suffers negative periods.

Pillar 3

After the ascertainment of a client’s goals and establishment of strategies to ensure they are achieved, Richard goes ahead to meet the insurance needs. This will include life insurance, long-term care and annuities.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair is Wealth Solution’s founder. He founded it in order to bring a significant and positive difference in the lives of individuals, families and small business owners. He is drawn to education as he experienced teaching firsthand. His mother, wife, and grandmother were teachers and it is through it that he saw the power associated with teaching in growing an individual’s self-assurance and knowledge.

Blair combined the experience with the natural gift for finance he possesses after realizing that he could help a number of people in financial planning and investments. He started off in the financial services industry upon graduating from college in 1993. Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 to offer objective and unbiased advice.