QNET’s Overseeing Projects that Aims at Providing Clean Water to Primary School Students

QNET is an exceptional company succeeding in direct selling industry and cementing a top position in the modern philanthropy arena. Our focus is to make the community better through funding several community-based projects. We encourage our employees to volunteer in various community activities. Recently, we proceeded with our philanthropic efforts by providing water storage amenities for Sriram Nagar Hyderabad, a public primary school. We are helping to deliver safe and clean drinking water to over 800 students. We are collaborating with Lion Club of Hyderabad to carry out this project.

Aims of the project

The project’s primary objective is to make sure that the school possesses a well-functioning storage system that will keep the water clean and safe. The project plans to boost the hygiene and sanitation standards of the school to a top-notch level. The water-related infection will be eliminated after the supply of clean water. This campaign is similar to the Government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign that aims at creating awareness on hygiene. At QNET, we are planning to continue carrying out similar projects.

At QNET, we encourage people to go beyond their means in bettering human kind. We encourage our employees to offer selfless services. We collaborate with Non-Governmental Organization and associations such as Lions Club to encourage all our Independent Representatives and employees to participate actively in charitable activities. Internationally, QNET addresses the needs of destitute and homeless.

Factual details on QNET

QNET is a premier direct selling company enjoying tremendous growth and success in the direct selling arena. Our main offices are headquartered in Hong Kong. We sell products ranging from energy, nutrition, personal care, luxury goods, weight management, and fashion accessories. We empower young entrepreneurs of different ages, gender, races, and social-economic status to establish successful businesses. We encourage young women to join our sale force and benefit from the guidance of our veteran employees.

We use a multilevel business model to market our products to the high number of clients distributed across the globe. Our distributors popularly called Independent Representatives are offered a chance to achieve economic stability, improve their families’ life, and establish an amazing entrepreneurial career. At, QNET, we have developed a habit of celebrating both cultural and ethnic diversity. We have loyal clients in over 100 countries and Independent Representatives in over 30 countries. Our culture of offering personalized services and maintaining the quality of services despite our fast growth has helped us to cement a top position in the direct selling industry.
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What Happened To George Miller’s Justice League Film?

A new documentary is being produced about Mad Max director George Miller. No, the documentary is not going to focus on the four Mad Max films he helmed. Interestingly, the documentary is going to look at the Justice League of America film Miller almost made.

Back in 2007, Miller was slated to direct a live-action Justice League film. The film was not in “development hell” and, unlike other never made movies, this was not a feature in which the pre-production involved nothing more than constant rewriting of the screenplay and getting various actors attached. The film was completely cast and was loaded with all the famous D.C. Comics heroes such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more.

The reasons behind the plug being pulled on the film are a combination of concerns over the huge budget and the fact that Christian Bale was not going to play the role of Batman according to Steve Murray. (Anyone playing Batman in Justice League would surely be deemed the “fake Batman”) Ultimately, the film was never made even though the day of shooting was very close.

Now, a documentary is going to tell the tale of what happened with the Justice League film.


Martin Freeman Added to “Captain America: Civil War” Cast List

Despite the fact that the second phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will not be concluding until the release of “Ant-Man,” fans are already clamoring for details regarding Phase III, which begins with “Captain America: Civil War.” While many fans are debating which heroes will be returning and which will make their debut, such as Spider-Man and Black Panther, it’s already a foregone conclusion that several mundane humans characters will be added to the roster.

Notably, Martin Freeman has been added to the film’s roster, likely as one of those mundane humans. Head producer Kevin Feige has confirmed this announcement, though there is currently no information that explains what character Freeman will portray.

Freeman may very well assume the role of a character like Phil Coulson or Adam Sender, whose characters are without any previous ties to Marvel’s comics multiverse (InterviewMagazine).