Omar Yunes: Towards Award-Winning Franchisee Management

Owning and successfully running a franchise calls for navigating a complex maze of management bureaucracy considering that the franchisee has to create a new brand that also mirrors that of the franchisor. This includes creating a management strategy that edifies the two brands. It is a difficult feat to pull off yet Omar Yunes managed it excellently. So remarkable has his track record in managing his franchise units that he fended off competition from dozens of entities to win the coveted Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award in 2015.

During a gala night attended by several franchisors and franchisees, Omar Yunes was honored for redefining how franchises are managed and also how the franchisees relate with the franchisors. Winning the award was the crowning glory in the rather yet stellar history of Omar Yunes as a franchise owner. Since taking up the opportunity as a 21-year old investment enthusiast, he has expanded the Sushi Itto’s brand presence in Mexico to several cities. He currently owns 13 franchise units and manages an employee base exceeding 400 employees. The gala night held in Florence, Italy honored Omar Yunes’ efforts towards improving Sushi Itto’s management practices. As a change factor in the industry, he spearheaded the implementation of control boards across all units. He also won the Mexican national competition. His latest milestone was lauded by Sushi Itto’s chief executive officer who noted that the success was reflective of the concerted efforts of all the employees at the Omar Yunes-owned franchise units.

Diversifying Investment: Investing in Real Estate Properties

Omar Yunes has built his restaurant empire based on his excellent management skills characterized by suave management strategies aimed at ensuring that employees across all units are dedicated to the mission of the business. He ensures that they are highly motivated, which translates to high quality service delivery. Over the years, he has however opted to grow his investment portfolio with several acquisitions and purchase of real estate properties. He currently owns several high end condos in the United States and Mexico. Omar Yunes first began by purchasing properties and then renovating them into high-end condos. He also owns several companies in Mexico and Spain.

Anthony Petrello, A Unique Business Leader

Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries are two inseparable entities. As the CEO and President of Nabors Industries, he has managed to take the firm to the highest level of success. Today, Nabors Industries is regarded as one of the most progressive and largest natural gas and Oil Company globally. The company headquarters are in Hamilton, Bermuda. However, when it was established in 1968, it was known as Anglo Energy Limited. Later, the company name was changed to Nabors Industries. The firm has managed to take its exploration far and wide around the globe, having explored oil and natural gas in the Far East, Middle East, Africa, and the United States. The company’s expansion success revolve around the management of the firm.

His work experience started in 1979 when he was recruited to work at Baker and McKenzie law firm. In 1991, he moved to work at Nabors Industries. He did not waste time, and Anthony Petrello experience commitment and drive to success made him appointed as the president of the company in the following year. Well along, he also became the deputy chairman. His great work and impeccable track record made him be named the CEO of the firm in 2011. It is worth noting that he once worked as the director of Today, he holds the position chairmanship of company. Furthermore, he is the acting director of Stewart and Stevenson, Hilcorp Energy Company, and Texas Children’s Hospitals.

Anthony has been at the top in gearing the company towards greater heights through his excellent skills in management. His success is summed up by hard work, experience, and solid educational background. He is one of the best students from Yale University, where he successfully attained MS and BS mathematics degrees. He went further and achieved another degree in Law from Harvard University. His sacrifice and hard work have seen him become very successful of late considering the money he gets. For instance, in 2015, he was compensated with a total of $27,512,939, comprising of bonuses, salary, and stocks.

He is a married man with one daughter, Carena, who suffers from periventricular leukomalacia. The condition has led to cerebral palsy, and this situation has prompted her parents to invest their money in research to find a possible cure. This treatment is also meant to help future children born with the ailment.

Jose Henrique Borghi Learns a Lot About Young People from a Survey Conducted by Provokers

Early last year, Provokers announced the results of a survey that was aimed at electing the most influential young people all over Brazil. This sampling was conducted for Mensagem, Meio and Google in a bid to find out the young media personalities who significantly influence the age group from 14-17 years in Brazil. For Jose Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe, the results of the survey helped to explain the taste and preferences of the young people in front of the media.

The study was dubbed as The new influencers: who shine on the screen of young Brazilians. It was conducted between October and November in 2015 and analyzed the opinion of about 1000 young people. One of the findings from the survey showed YouTubers as one of the most listed for various reasons. For Borghi, this result served as an important indication of what the young people want nowadays. Click here to watch video.

Different interviewees were well-aware that all people ought to enjoy connecting to the Internet and watching television programs. Jose Borghi reiterated this point by citing that the two attributes were common amongst young people. According to the survey, some of the top influential celebrities included comedian Tata Werneck who scored 51.7. Danilo Gentilli and actor Paulo Gustavo followed suit with 51.1 and 45.1 points respectively. Other celebrities included Caio Castro, duo Leon and Nilce of Coisa de Nerd and writer Kefera Buchmann.

About Jose Borghi

Jose Henrique Borghi is a popular name in the Brazilian advertising industry. In fact, his company Mullen Lowe Brasil ranks up as one of the leading advertising company’s in Brazil. Jose Borghi is known for creating some top advertising campaigns, which are still popular to date such as Mammals Parmalat. The campaign comprised of children who were dressed like stuffed animals.

Initially, Jose Borghi was not sure of the career path to take. However, attending a performance at the Castro Neves Theater played a huge role in shaping his career journey. Since graduating with a degree in advertising from PUC Campinas, Borghi has worked for numerous ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, DM9/DDB and FCB ad agency. This was before he teamed up with Erh Ray to form BorghiErh, which later became Mullen Lowe after engaging in an acquisition and merger.

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Adam Milstein

When it comes humanitarian, and leadership skills aimed to serve the community, one outstanding individual is Mr. Adam Milstein. Mr. Milsteain serves as President and co-founder of the “Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation,” aimed at charitable and philanthropic generosities to a broad spectrum of organizations helping empower the Jewish People, the State of Israel, and strengthen U.S. – Israeli ties. Mr. Milstein’s helpful services include consulting, partnership development, and fundraising to support programs relating to Jewish education, Jewish continuity, and Pro-Israel advocacy. Mr.Adam Milstein is also National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, as well as being a successful real-estate entrepreneur. It is fruitful to point out that the honorable Mr. Milstein has been very active in the fight against the rather hateful and sick anti-Semitic movements that have plagued our planet across centuries, cultures, and continents.


According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in the last seven years alone, anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. alone, have increased by more than 86 percent! To a large extent, movements such as BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement) can be directly held responsible. In fact, when BDS strikes a community, anti-Semitism follows. For example, a recent report discovered that on 64 campuses that had a significant presence of BDS activists, 287 anti-Semitic incidents occurred; this was compared to only 198 occurrences just the prior year without such activities. Mr. Adam Milstein is a brave and caring man, educating the Jewish people that pride and courage are keys to fighting anti-Semitism. Through education of Jewish children and youth, his organizations have helped young people discover that there are many aspects of life that the Jewish community has been profoundly and positively influential on in our world.


Mr. Milstein’s philanthropic operation is quite simple. It consists of three elegant principles. First (1), Mr. Milstein and his foundation invest significant time, expertise and finances in social programs supporting the Jewish community. Second (2), his organizations positively continue engaging Jewish people at all stages of life (from childhood, up to adulthood). Finally (3), Mr. Milstein provides funding and guidance to other philanthropic organizations with a shared vision.

Mike Baur Brings Business Expertise To The Swiss Startup Factory

Many companies in the business world over the past few decades have decided to embrace the popularity of the Internet. Millions of people go to the Internet on a daily basis for a wide range of reasons. With so many people actively on the Internet, many companies have adjusted the way that business is conducted. Company websites have become an integral part of many companies. The use of company websites allows companies to utilize the websites to help with tasks such as customer service.


However, one of the major uses of the company websites is ecommerce. Many people make purchases online instead of going to stores to make the purchases. There are a lot of different reasons why some people prefer to make online purchases, but one of the main reasons is convenience. Making purchases online is easier for people. They can avoid the time needed to go to stores, find what they want in stores, and deal with standing in lines.


Making purchases online can be done almost anywhere and at almost at anytime. Therefore, people can order based on their desires. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of online purchasing. For entrepreneurs who want to start companies, many of these entrepreneurs want to start digital companies. They want to focus on the digital aspects of business such as the Internet and online purchasing. However, digital companies have different needs and things that must be done for success.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that helps entrepreneurs start and operate digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory helps clients in a variety of ways such as providing mentorship, consulting, and training that is focused on helping clients learn how to succeed concerning digital companies. One of the central figures concerning the Swiss Startup Factory is Mike Baur. He is one of the founding partners of the company.


Mike Baur provides a combination of business expertise that has helped to catapult the Swiss Startup Factory to high levels in Switzerland. The company is respected both within and outside Switzerland. Mike Baur gives the Swiss Startup Factory help in areas concerning client training, client consulting, and client mentorship. Mike Baur is an excellent communicator who is able to make digital business easy to understand and follow for the clients of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur has over two decades of experience that is utilized in a variety of ways at the Swiss Startup Factory.




A Brief Look At Businessman Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who is best known for creating the company United Communications Group which is often abbreviated as UCG. His other claim to fame is being the owner of both the Atlanta Hawks basketball franchise and the Atlanta Thrashers professional hockey franchise. Levenson is of Jewish descent and also contributes to many Jewish causes as well as non-Jewish causes.
Bruce Levenson was born in Washginton D.C. and grew up in a suburb of the city in Maryland. He attended Washington University in Missouri where he chose to major in journalism. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Mr. Levenson returned home to Washington D.C. and begun working as a correspondent for a local paper. Bruce Levenson also enrolled in American University at the time and begun working towards a law degree.

According to PR Newswire, Mr. Levenson graduated from American University and got his law degree, but he has never practiced law. Instead Bruce Levenson teamed up with his best friend Ed Peskowitz to create their own newspaper that highlighted oil prices, news and developments in the world. The paper eventually expanded, bought other papers and eventually became United Communications Group. Now based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the firm offers in depth information and metrics on commodities such as oil, gas and metals. It also provides key insight into sectors such as technology, banking and energy.

Bruce Levenson is often remembered for taking over the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and becoming the primary owner of the team. Under his ownership the Atlanta Hawks posted some of their most best ever NBA seasons in terms of wins and consistently qualified for the NBA playoffs. Levenson helped transform the Atlanta Hawks into a highly competitive team that no longer lingered at the bottom of the standings.

Bruce donates heavily to charities. He helped create the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. He also helps fund Birthright Israel and numerous Jewish youth organizations. Levenson is also involved in Washington D.C. charities that help underprivileged youth in inner city Washington D.C.. FO=or more info about Mr. Levenson, visit