JHSF’S Rise to Earn Recognition on a Global Forum

JHSF is a Brazilian firm focused on projects on infrastructure, telecommunication, and energy endeavors applicable in real estate and the development of commercial, residential and luxurious property. The firm works with the principles of sustainability and environment conservation in all of their projects. One of their developments, the Cidade Jardim Corporate Center, won the firm recognition for adhering to the country’s AQUA policy. The development received an honor of a certificate from Vanzolini Foundation and an Aqua Sustainable Building Seal. Additionally, JHSF contributes to the creation of a better social state in the community by sponsoring projects that support the growth of education and health.

JHSF began operating in 1972 and has set an impressionable track record in the development of world-class structures. The firm has four units, which major in malls, corporations, hotels and restaurants, and executive airports. Some of the establishments launched by JHSF include the Catarina Integrated Urban Development, Catarina Fashion Outlet, and Catarina Executive Airport. The three complexes generate recurring revenue and have increased JHSF total income over the years.

JHSF started off from s family disagreement which turned out to yield positive results from all parties involved. Currently, it is under the leadership of Jose AureimoNeto who took over from his father, Fabio Auriemo. He demonstrated talent in the field at an early age and challenged his father to take a chance on an often ignored land in Marginal Pinheiros. The project resulted in the launch of the largest operating shopping mall in the country. Jose’s partner commented that his age is a deluding factor since he is actively involved in the establishment and launch of various world-class projects. In 2016, Jose was set to launch AAA class allotments and start construction of properties in Punta del Este. Click here to know more.

Jose’s active tendencies were evident from the early age of 9 when he would enjoy taking driving lessons from his father. At ten years old, he frequented the beach and family farm for sporting and engagements in the mundane daily duties. He was an active student in school who not only excelled in academics but co-curricular activities. He has plans to expand JHSF worldwide atop the rising recognitions from American architectural and design magazines.


Mike Baur’s Journey To Engage In The Startup Incubator Business

In his 20s, Mike Baur was working in the competitive financial industry. Over the years, the graduate of Bern University and the University of Rochester has achieved much success in investing in startups. When he joined Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice, a hiring manager immediately recognized the potential that the young finance expert had. The high-ranking manager planned a likely promotion path for Mike to enable him climb the corporate ladder quickly. However, Mike preferred a different approach that saw him work for different firms before he founded his own corporation.

In the 90s, Baur worked for the UBS as an apprentice and later, as a financial advisor. He was charged with the duty of advising wealthy Swiss investors on the right investment opportunities. The list of investors who relied on his expertise included some the nation’s wealthiest individuals. In 2008, Baur decided to leave the company despite having a potentially bright future. After a couple of months, he was recruited by a renowned bank, Clariden Leu. Through his savings and extensive experience in investment, he was able to start investing in different undertakings. After six years, he resigned from the firm as the post-recession banking environment was not appealing to him. He decided to help tech entrepreneurs to reach their dreams.

To this end, the finance expert deemed it fit to incorporate a venture capital that would enhance his efforts of helping start-ups. This way, he partnered with other like-minded entrepreneurs and founded Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Unlike other venture companies, the corporation established an incubator program. The program was aimed at ensuring that the companies under its management receive the rights tools to help them succeed in their undertakings. Swiss Start-up Factory offered entrepreneurs with office space, mentorship, finance, banking services, and connections. In addition, the program helps the start-ups to learn how to source for funding from investors.

Swiss Startup Factory believes in creating a competitive environment. This way, Mike Baur has created pitching contests. Entrepreneurs under the incubator program are required to participate in the pitching contest to help them gauge the quality of their ideas. The contests also assist them in learning which areas of their start-ups are weak, thus be able to improve on them. One of the competitions is the START Summiteer, which was held at a Swiss university. For an entrepreneur to participate in the program, his or her company must have less than $1 million in funding. Mike Baur is associated with Think Reload, CTI Invest, and BV4.



David McDonald Pioneered in Releasing OSI Group’s Report of Global Sustainability

OSI Group is a leading global company the supplies for value-added protein, including beef patties and sausage links. The company released its 2016/2017 Global Sustainability Report that highlighted the performance of the company’s operations all over the world.

David McDonald, the president and CEO of the OSI Group, cited that the company was committed to carrying out its activities in a responsible and sustainable way. He added that the company would keep evolving its operations to enhance employees’ lives, sustain environmental resources, and create global communities. David mentioned that OSI group was proud to accomplish and share the report to proof its credible operations.

The Report

The Report outlined the priorities areas of OSI Group, including social responsibility and the environment. It also involved having a sustainable supply chain that emphasized on food quality and safety, alongside strict animal welfare standards. The reports have fundamental milestones for the three priority areas, for instance, all the company’s food solutions facilities in Europe have an ISO14001 certification. Further, in 2015, OSI Group based in North America contributed over 252,000 lbs. of food to a countrywide network of food bank called Feeding America. The company has also sponsored several animal welfare initiatives, training sessions, and workshops. It has promoted creation of awareness concerning key issues in the supplier network and global organization.

The report also outlined future initiatives that would enable the company to achieve its sustainability objectives. The company is also striving to attain some of its goals by 2020. OSI Group is planning to reduce both energy and water intensity by 10 percent throughout its operations and learn more about David.

David McDonald

David McDonald is the current president and CEO of the renowned OSI Group LLC. Before that, he had worked at OSI industries as a project manager. David worked at North American Meat Institute as the Chairperson. David served at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director.

David McDonald serves as a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. He is also the director of the Australia-based OSI International Foods Pty Limited. David is a learned person. He attended Iowa State University where earned his degree in Animal Science and read full article.

Mike Baur Brings Business Expertise To The Swiss Startup Factory

Many companies in the business world over the past few decades have decided to embrace the popularity of the Internet. Millions of people go to the Internet on a daily basis for a wide range of reasons. With so many people actively on the Internet, many companies have adjusted the way that business is conducted. Company websites have become an integral part of many companies. The use of company websites allows companies to utilize the websites to help with tasks such as customer service.


However, one of the major uses of the company websites is ecommerce. Many people make purchases online instead of going to stores to make the purchases. There are a lot of different reasons why some people prefer to make online purchases, but one of the main reasons is convenience. Making purchases online is easier for people. They can avoid the time needed to go to stores, find what they want in stores, and deal with standing in lines.


Making purchases online can be done almost anywhere and at almost at anytime. Therefore, people can order based on their desires. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of online purchasing. For entrepreneurs who want to start companies, many of these entrepreneurs want to start digital companies. They want to focus on the digital aspects of business such as the Internet and online purchasing. However, digital companies have different needs and things that must be done for success.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that helps entrepreneurs start and operate digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory helps clients in a variety of ways such as providing mentorship, consulting, and training that is focused on helping clients learn how to succeed concerning digital companies. One of the central figures concerning the Swiss Startup Factory is Mike Baur. He is one of the founding partners of the company.


Mike Baur provides a combination of business expertise that has helped to catapult the Swiss Startup Factory to high levels in Switzerland. The company is respected both within and outside Switzerland. Mike Baur gives the Swiss Startup Factory help in areas concerning client training, client consulting, and client mentorship. Mike Baur is an excellent communicator who is able to make digital business easy to understand and follow for the clients of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur has over two decades of experience that is utilized in a variety of ways at the Swiss Startup Factory.




The Story Behind OSI Group

OSI Group, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is an international food processing company with operations and subsidiaries around the world. The company started in 1909 as a small meat market in Oak Park Illinois.

The company rapidly in 1955 when McDonald’s, at the time a new company, picked OSI Group as one of it fresh beef suppliers. In the late 1960’s, due to advances in technology, McDonald’s was able to narrow its number of beef suppliers for its national operations to just four, one of which was OSI Group. The company has been expanding and growing ever since and supplies food to restaurants and retail stores across the globe.

Due to strong growth, OSI Group needed to expand it plant space
in 2016. As a result, they purchased a former Tyson Foods plant for $7.4 million. The plant, located in Chicago, was going to close down and lay off the remaining 250 employees. Many of those employees were retained by OSI Group which saved their jobs. A statement released by the company indicated that the plant was close to their other operations in the area and the purchase of the plant would support their continuing growth.

OSI Group recently won two awards from the British Safety Council. These awards were the Sword of Honour and the Globe of Honour. The Sword of Honour is given to those companies that exemplify excellence in health and safety in their operations.

The Globe of Honour is given to those organizations that have shown great care in their environmental management and impact on nature. To win these awards OSI Group had to attain the maximum five stars in health and safety audits. The company also had to show an independent panel made up of experts that they retain excellent environmental management, safety, and health throughout their operations. In a statement the company’s UK’s Safety, Security, and Environmental Manager, Tim Hurley, said that to achieve both awards demonstrated the company’s rank as the “best of the best” and how expressed how proud he was of the whole team.

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Cotemar Rigs and Vessel Services

Cotemar is a Mexican company that was established in the year 1979. At first, the institution was one of the service company in the competitive energy industry. However, the organization has grown significantly, and it is currently one of the leading offshore service producers in the gas and oil industries. Cotemar offers its high-quality services to the Petroleos Mexicanos oil and other gas operations in Mexico.

Over the years, Cotemar has established itself in the market as a company that offers its services in two distinct lines: catering and accommodation, specialized vessels in the famous Campeche Bay. The Mexican company was the first to acquire the specialized dive, personnel transportation, and maintenance vessels.

In the year 1996, the institution decided that it was time to expand its presence in the market. The managing team did several consultations, and they chose to strengthen the presence of the institution by offering transportation services. At first, Cotemar would transport personnel and materials, and later on, they would provide accommodation and catering, construction and maintenance. This would be done on five rigs and three specialized vessels.

After several years, Cotemar decided to take its operations to a higher level. They achieved this by starting the construction of two special semi-submersible rigs with the help of COSCO. These would serve as the specialized maintenance and crane vessels that would transport solid and liquid materials that had been added to the fleet. By doing this, the organization managed to win the hearts of many clients and people in business who needed the essential services.

On the customized vessels and rigs operated by the Mexican company, there are accommodation and catering services that are out of this world. Some of the excellent services provided in the vessels include cleaning of the common area, nourishment, laundry facilities and bedding services in all the cabin spaces available.

The individual accommodation vessels from Cotemar are believed to have extraordinary cabins for two or four people. There are some recreational facilities in these vessels too. Some of these include gyms, cinemas, TV rooms, a well-kept basketball court and many other activities.

On all the rigs and vessels that are operated by the company, there is an in-house capacity to offer accommodation and catering services to more than four thousand individuals. The visitors and guests in the facility do not have to worry about the food provided because Cotemar follows the highest standards of health and quality control. This means that the food is safe.

Learn more about Cotemar: http://expansion.mx/empresas/2016/11/02/la-revolucion-silenciosa-del-petroleo-en-mexico

How To Maintain A Good Online Reputation

As you may already know, derogatory remarks and negative reviews can damage your reputation online, so you should take steps to avoid them unless you want to go through the trouble and fix bad negative search results.

These days, with the popularity of Internet and social media it is absolutely critical to take proactive steps in online reputation management and portraying a great impression about your business. Most companies that hire the services of a reputation management service provider do so after looking up themselves on a search engine and seeing negative results appear on page one. Usually by that time, the damage has already been done.

One effective way to fix bad reviews is to offer quality products and services to your customers. It’s also essential that you have your brand name on various social media networks. You should also make it your goal to create a professional website that is relevant to what your potential customers are searching for.

If your products or services are always of high quality, there’s a good chance your customers and clients will share it with their friends, relatives, acquaintances and others, thus helping you promote your business and build a great reputation. When your company’s popularity increases, your online reputation will certainly increase too. This, in turn, could generate significant sales and boost growth and revenue for your business. It is important to make customer satisfaction a priority.

Sometimes, negative reviews and disparaging remarks can originate from competitors who put them there deliberately, and people who just don’t want to see you succeed. Don’t ignore such damaging posts or comments – have the professionals help you address these matters appropriately. Reputation management experts know how to determine the source of the review and how to deal with them effectively. They have the resources and skills to push down negative content and push up positive content and favorable reviews in search engine results pages.

The Search Fixers has a well trained staff that addresses all sorts of online reputation problems and can help you in removing items that hurt your online profile. These reputation management consultants will take the time to examine the circumstances surrounding the issue, and then develop a strategic plan to eliminate it, promote your good image, and fix bad online reputation. When you contact the team at The Search Fixers, you can rest assured that your internet reputation repair is in trusted hands.

Kate Hudson Gives Some Great Advice To Readers Of Marie Claire

As the founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson knows what its like to be rushing around on a Friday night trying to correct a potential fashion fiasco. She tends to opt for a contemporary super chic look these days, talking to Marie Claire about here latest line of swimsuit that has just hit the stores this season. With a function bikini top that can double as a sports bra, the outfit of Fabletics is made of all types of summer leisure activities, which Hudson states eloquently defines today’s woman.

Hudson also talks about her new dress line, Fabletics that combine leisure wear with a formal look to give that overall casual look that many woman long after today. She sees that as a natural progression in the fashion world as woman today want to combine a more fitness oriented outlook on life with the desire to still look snazzy come the night. Her new athleisure line is so unique that even Hudson states she would have no problem wearing it out on a date night. The accessibility of the product line makes it so appealing at http://www.fabletics.com/collections.

As Hudson reveals to Marie Claire, the dress can be worn out on the town, to a dinner date, or just to hang out with friends on a casual Friday night. One can even do light exercises in the dress, which adds to the functionality of the product line. Fashion is evolving to the point that woman do not necessarily have to have a different outfit for every type of event imaginable. This new dress can be worn across a series of genres, which is what makes it so appealing. This is what Hudson had in mind when she developed it. See: http://mic.com/articles/129371/fabletics-commercial-takes-a-big-swipe-at-lululemon#.aSDV0xj7t

Marie Claire is a fashion oriented magazine for today’s woman. It provides updates on the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. Women are no longer defined by a certain mold that society places them into. Marie Claire demonstrates the uniqueness to today’s woman, as revealed by Kate Hudson and others.

From bras and lingerie to formal gowns and everything in between, readers of Marie Claire will be able to keep up with the latest trends. Beyond that, the focus of the magazine is on a total lifestyle that the modern generation is living out each and every day. By demonstrating new product lines, such as that presented here by Kate Hudson and Fabletics, the magazine is fulfilling its core objective of informing and entertaining its reader base. 

QNET’s Overseeing Projects that Aims at Providing Clean Water to Primary School Students

QNET is an exceptional company succeeding in direct selling industry and cementing a top position in the modern philanthropy arena. Our focus is to make the community better through funding several community-based projects. We encourage our employees to volunteer in various community activities. Recently, we proceeded with our philanthropic efforts by providing water storage amenities for Sriram Nagar Hyderabad, a public primary school. We are helping to deliver safe and clean drinking water to over 800 students. We are collaborating with Lion Club of Hyderabad to carry out this project.

Aims of the project

The project’s primary objective is to make sure that the school possesses a well-functioning storage system that will keep the water clean and safe. The project plans to boost the hygiene and sanitation standards of the school to a top-notch level. The water-related infection will be eliminated after the supply of clean water. This campaign is similar to the Government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign that aims at creating awareness on hygiene. At QNET, we are planning to continue carrying out similar projects.

At QNET, we encourage people to go beyond their means in bettering human kind. We encourage our employees to offer selfless services. We collaborate with Non-Governmental Organization and associations such as Lions Club to encourage all our Independent Representatives and employees to participate actively in charitable activities. Internationally, QNET addresses the needs of destitute and homeless.

Factual details on QNET

QNET is a premier direct selling company enjoying tremendous growth and success in the direct selling arena. Our main offices are headquartered in Hong Kong. We sell products ranging from energy, nutrition, personal care, luxury goods, weight management, and fashion accessories. We empower young entrepreneurs of different ages, gender, races, and social-economic status to establish successful businesses. We encourage young women to join our sale force and benefit from the guidance of our veteran employees.

We use a multilevel business model to market our products to the high number of clients distributed across the globe. Our distributors popularly called Independent Representatives are offered a chance to achieve economic stability, improve their families’ life, and establish an amazing entrepreneurial career. At, QNET, we have developed a habit of celebrating both cultural and ethnic diversity. We have loyal clients in over 100 countries and Independent Representatives in over 30 countries. Our culture of offering personalized services and maintaining the quality of services despite our fast growth has helped us to cement a top position in the direct selling industry.
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Zambia: An African Nation in Great Economic Turmoil

The nation of Zambia is currently in an economic crisis. The country had experienced outstanding financial growth that began as early as 2000. During the late 90s certain Chinese companies began to invest heavily in Zambia. These organizations saw the potential for great profits in the nation’s copper minds. About 160 Chinese companies had tied themselves into Zambia’s economy. As of 2016 many are now pulling out.

The problem that is wreaking havoc on Zambia’s weakening economy has to do with China’s troubles. The nation of China is on a financial slope that is going downward. Many business and political insiders are stating that China is going to start another global recession later in 2016. They believe this because the nation is having trouble keeping their economy in line.

Fewer countries are demanding less goods from China and the country’s currency is over valued. The robust manufacturing districts in China are not as powerful as they once were in the recent past. A lot of people are losing jobs and trade is slowing down. China has the world’s second best economy outside of the US. Many countries from across the globe depend on this nation as a trade partner. As a matter of fact, China is the world’s number one trader of goods. Now that China is experiencing problems, so are other states such as Zambia.

The nation of Zambia relied on China for 70% of its exports through copper. Now that China no longer has a need for this material; Zambia is hurting bad. Miners are at the forefront of this economic downturn since they were the primary workers responsible for Zambia’s wealth since the early 2000s. In 2005 many Zambia workers were living comfortably. By 2010 a great deal of them were considered some of the wealthiest people within their country.

As a matter of fact, Zambi in 2010 was the place to be. In the big cities such as the capital Lusaka and Kitwe, there were malls, private schools and infrastructure being constructed in different communities. Thousands of jobs came into existence as the result of the copper trade with China. Zambian’s everywhere were prospering.

They were buying up western styled televisions, refrigerators and autos to show off their wealth. Miners and other highly paid workers were sending their children to universities to get a good education. Life in Zambia in 2010 was no different than how people lived within a first world western country.

Unfortunately, many people though this trend would last. Zambia’s current economic situation in 2016 is dire. The nation does not know how it is going to manage its debt since its greatest outside investor (China) is shutting down many of the mines and heading back home. Zambia’s leaders are optimistic about finding a practical resolution to this problem. People can get a better understanding of Zambia’s economic crises by reading the article Mining Collapse Cripples Africa’s Dreams of Prosperity.
Madison Street Capital is an investment company that makes ventures into foreign lands. They know how critical is to another nation’s economy to maintain sound investments that will last for many years. This organization works hard with venture capitalists to ensure that they are creating the best outcomes for their portfolio. Madison Street Capital knows it is not good business to see a foreign investment go into demise and they work hard to keep this situation from happening.

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