Matt Badiali Notes That Electricity Will Ultimately Power Everything with Continued Innovation

Matt Badiali is an investment expert who has made a name by advising investors on various opportunities where they should take their money. He is highly focused on earth metals, oils, and natural resources where he has been able to make significant inroads. Most of the people who adhere to his investment knowledge have also been able to make substantial profits, especially from base metals. His profile in natural resources continues to grow.

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However, Matt Badiali argues that investing in energy and electricity is the future of the world. People who are focused on investing in future world-changing innovations should focus their attention on the changing and the emerging trends in the energy sector. One of the significant components in the energy sector is electricity. According to Matt Badiali, there will come a time when electricity will be used to power everything.

Matt Badiali indicates that the changes in oil prices will push investors to innovate some of the aspects that will make it possible to use electricity in various aspects. Over the last few years, the prices of oil have been unpredictable, which has caused huge turbulence in the market. It is worth noting that, in some countries, oil affects every industry. Innovators will not continue to watch as oil prices destroy businesses and inflict huge financial problems to various investors.

There is also the argument that oil, which is predominantly the primary source of energy in the world, is an environmental hazard. With the issues of environmental awareness and sustainability becoming essential in many people and innovators, there is every chance that innovations in electricity will carry the day. According to Matt Badiali, the use of an electric car is a huge warning and signal that electricity is the future of the world.

However, for the future of electricity to materialize, innovations have to prove that they can come up with solar panels that can power a city. Elon Musk has significantly demonstrated that it is possible for large batteries to solve the issue of electricity. Most of the batteries used in Australia are large enough and have proved that they can store energy for a longer period.


InnovaCare Health: Dr. Richard Shinto and His Team Members

InnovaCare Health has a rich and decorated history. The company started long ago when CEO and President Dr. Richard Shinto took the first steps into managed health insurance when he joined the North American Medical Management (NAMM) firm located in California. He knew that he wanted to be given the opportunity to lend his substantial expertise and that the world of medicine to the insurance community. He felt that if clients were better represented by their doctors they would not receive impersonal medical coverage. The move proved to be a very successful opportunity for Dr. Richard Shinto. You can visit



NAMM eventually moved into a partnership role with The Straus Group. This 2003 partnership would be pivotal to the eventual expansion of the healthcare company. The already expanding footprint became essential in many communities across the United States as well as the American territory of Puerto Rico. 2012 started a new chapter for InnovaCare when properties of NAMM were sold off to complete the formation of the company. It was an exciting time for everyone involved. The newly formed InnovaCare took the steps necessary to enter the Medicaid service market and this move increase their revenue exponentially. Under the guidance of Dr. Richard Shinto as president and CEO, the company would continue to flourish. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Dr. Rich Shinto brought a lot of knowledge and expertise to his role with InnovaCare. In addition to his medical degree from New York State University at Stony Brook, he also held an MBA from the University of Redlands. These degrees have helped him in his role as CEO. He has billed InnovaCare into a truly integrated network of systems that are geared towards helping their clientele. The substantial amount of work that they do for communities all over the United States and Puerto Rico seeks for themselves. Dr. Richard Shinto has also recently earned an award that titles him as one of the top minority executives in the healthcare industry.


Dr. Richard Shinto is successful but he relies on team members like Penelope Kokkinides to help run the growing company. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. She has served in a variety of roles with InnovaCare in the past, but her current position has given her the opportunity to flex her vast knowledge in the fields of business, healthcare, and mental health. The truly diverse members of the leadership team that makes up InnovaCare is one of the reasons why they have garnered so much success over the years.


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Malcolm CasSelle: A Strong Pillar behind WAX

Malcolm CasSelle leads one of the best bitcoin merchant, OPSkins as the CIO. This company is a prime one in the market size where customers make across border micro-payments. The company is launching a new blockchain avenue for virtual asset trading known as the worldwide asset eXchange (WAX). WAX is built on the grounds of proficient and blockchain contracts. This will allow any buyer and seller to useful market virtual assets between each other. WAX is the ultimate solution to the disintegration and scam issues that have been on the market for long. It has a simple blockchain enabled widget that allows the users to buy and sell virtual goods at any given instants. The new initiative will allow users to use WAX tokens in their gaming assets, buy, and sell the gaming assets from other players without clicking away from their screens. The WAX platform will also provide a solution of geographical fragmentation allowing the players to transact with users with different cryptocurrencies without the need of a middle person. WAX blockchain technology will also solve the long issue of fraud in the virtual asset market. These include delivery of incomplete assets. This is fulfilled through the elimination of middle people in the virtual asset market industry. According to Malcolm, there is no need for the third person known as the intermediary in the transaction.

Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of the WAX initiative and the CIO of OPSkins. This is the leading platform for buying and selling virtual assets such as the online video games. Before working here, Malcolm CasSelle was the president and CTO at the Tribune Publishing, and in that capacity, he was able to oversee the growth of the properties and leveraging digital assets. Earlier on, he also worked at the SeaChange International as the SVP and GM for Digital Media. Malcolm has led the startup of various businesses in the digital industry which include the likes of MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupons joint business with the Tencent in China. Malcolm CasSelle has invested actively in Facebook, Zynga, and in the blockchain verticals. He holds a degree from Stanford University and MIT in Computer Studies.


Future of Baltimore with Todd Lubar

Cities and towns are coming up with high rates and numbers every day. We hear them every day on the news, read in newspapers and journals, and it is a getting to see development incontinent every day. Different cities have ventured in various activities like farming and wildlife conservation just to see them on top of the list of the event. It is on rare occasions that I have heard of real-estate as a way city growth. Baltimore city saw this gap and decided to fill it appropriately.

Why Baltimore city?

On rare occasions do we use charm when talking about a place but with Baltimore, magic is an understatement. Baltimore is a place with a low population of people but on the younger demographic side is blossoming and has the intention of moving forward with the path. To add on that Baltimore has embraced the young professionals in the city as there is a high demand for apartments. These activities include the need to renovate the old structures that had been put up some time back and are now old. Besides that, the city had looked into the issue of transport and saw that without good infrastructure there might be a delay in the transportation of building equipment which is visible and they are also working to see that support is improved. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Apart from building materials, Baltimore has a good number people that have decided to venture into business. Smooth roads for them means good number customers, flowing money in their workplaces and also good business relationships with other cities. The market for the area seems to be a good idea since most companies are considering on moving to the area and others want to open their doors to the people. Business has given Baltimore an excellent reputation over the years.

The city has looked upon the needs of the people who cannot afford the Washington DC lifestyle and made it possible that the cost of living there is not about to rise anytime soon. Young professionals have been urged to engage in their city to give luxury shopping and current restaurant services.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a president of several investments lie TDB Global and an entrepreneur who has worked to see people meet their goals of becoming homeowners. For several years now he has been ranked among the top 25 originators in the country. Besides being in this fields, Todd has also ventured in entertainment and banking. Check out his Facebook to know more

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A Review of JHSF’s Transformational Real Estate Developments

Brazil has been experiencing an unprecedented real estate boom. This growth is largely driven by the burgeoning middle class and the presence of highly successful real estate companies such as JHSF. The Sao Paolo-based property firm has been in business for more than 4 decades. During this time, it has cut a niche for itself in the property market for being the brains behind some of the most exciting real estate developments. JHSF develops and manages high-end residential apartments, luxury hotels, shopping malls, and an executive airport.


Shopping Malls

JHSF has been developing and managing shopping malls for more than 13 years. Its impressive portfolio includes Shopping CidadeJardim, Shopping Metro Tucuvuri, Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Ponta Negra, and Shopping Bela Vista. These outlets are located in Sao Polo, Manaus, and Salvador. They have gained the reputation of offering clients an unforgettable shopping experience.


Mixed-Use Projects

JHSF has similarly become renowned for undertaking a string of luxurious mixed-used developments that incorporate residential and office space. These include ParqueCidadeJardim, CidadeJardim Corporate Center, Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch, ResidênciaCidadeJardim, and Fasano Country Hotel. The firm endeavors to ensure that its projects are linked with internationally recognized brands. This is why it has managed to remain profitable in the face of stiff competition from other players in the market and more information click here.


José AuriemoNeto’s Résumé

Mr. Jose AmriemoNeto is the chairman and CEO of JHSF Group. He has been the brains behind the immense success that JHSF has experienced over the past two decades. Since joining the firm in 1993, he has participated in decision-making processes that have enabled it to become one of the leading lights in Brazil’s property market.

Jose is an engineer by profession having studied at Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. At JHSF, he chairs the board besides coordinating and supervising all the development projects that the company undertakes and what Jose knows.


Mike Baur’s Journey To Engage In The Startup Incubator Business

In his 20s, Mike Baur was working in the competitive financial industry. Over the years, the graduate of Bern University and the University of Rochester has achieved much success in investing in startups. When he joined Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice, a hiring manager immediately recognized the potential that the young finance expert had. The high-ranking manager planned a likely promotion path for Mike to enable him climb the corporate ladder quickly. However, Mike preferred a different approach that saw him work for different firms before he founded his own corporation.

In the 90s, Baur worked for the UBS as an apprentice and later, as a financial advisor. He was charged with the duty of advising wealthy Swiss investors on the right investment opportunities. The list of investors who relied on his expertise included some the nation’s wealthiest individuals. In 2008, Baur decided to leave the company despite having a potentially bright future. After a couple of months, he was recruited by a renowned bank, Clariden Leu. Through his savings and extensive experience in investment, he was able to start investing in different undertakings. After six years, he resigned from the firm as the post-recession banking environment was not appealing to him. He decided to help tech entrepreneurs to reach their dreams.

To this end, the finance expert deemed it fit to incorporate a venture capital that would enhance his efforts of helping start-ups. This way, he partnered with other like-minded entrepreneurs and founded Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Unlike other venture companies, the corporation established an incubator program. The program was aimed at ensuring that the companies under its management receive the rights tools to help them succeed in their undertakings. Swiss Start-up Factory offered entrepreneurs with office space, mentorship, finance, banking services, and connections. In addition, the program helps the start-ups to learn how to source for funding from investors.

Swiss Startup Factory believes in creating a competitive environment. This way, Mike Baur has created pitching contests. Entrepreneurs under the incubator program are required to participate in the pitching contest to help them gauge the quality of their ideas. The contests also assist them in learning which areas of their start-ups are weak, thus be able to improve on them. One of the competitions is the START Summiteer, which was held at a Swiss university. For an entrepreneur to participate in the program, his or her company must have less than $1 million in funding. Mike Baur is associated with Think Reload, CTI Invest, and BV4.



Sam Tabar Joins the Team at Full Cycle Energy

Sam Tabar is an excellent attorney, entrepreneur, business strategist and advisor based in New York. He began his career as a law practitioner but later branched out into the business field. He has worked in the business field for decades and has extensive experience and expertise in fund management.

Sam Tabar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from Oxford University and a Masters of Law degree from Columbia School of Law. Although he no longer practices law, he is still a member of the New York State bar. He recently became a contributor to the Huffington Post where he will be providing an in-depth analysis of the economy and discussing various other issues to do with finance.

Mr. Tabar’s appointment as COO

Bloomberg revealed that Sam Tabar was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy due to his vast experience and expertise in the business field. Full Cycle Energy is excited about the new addition to its team and looks forward to achieving great things with Mr. Tabar.

In this new position, Sam Tabar will be in charge of the company’s funds, a very important role in the company due to the nature of its operations. Full Cycle Energy was founded in 2013 to provide funding and manage projects that aim to recycle waste and provide clean affordable energy solutions. By doing this, the company also reduces pollution in the environment.

Before joining Full Cycle Energy, Tabar worked with Merrill Lynch as head of capital strategy and he therefore brings invaluable experience to Full Cycle. He also worked as fund manager for quite a number of companies in Asia. This makes him perfectly suited for his new position at Full Cycle. He is responsible for making investment decisions for the company.

Bottom Line

Full Cycle Energy is a capital-intensive company that needs an expert like Mr. Tabar managing its funds. The company has made invaluable addition to its leadership. Sam Tabar, together with the other executives at the company, are expected to lead the company to greater heights. He is excited about his new position and intends to do his best to add value to the company.