Matt Badiali Signs in Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing was proud to announce the official signing of Matt Badiali. He is a great author and serves as their new natural resources guru. Matt Badiali is a great financial guru and majors in natural resources investment. He has vast experience that he gained while working on inspecting mines, drill rigs, consulting environmental firms, speaking at geological conferences and recommending various investment opportunities that can easily double or even triple initial investment. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is also a great traveler and investor. He takes a boot on the ground approach towards his research. He has regularly met with several Executive in the industry, and he visits their sites. Matt is usually the first person they get in touch with when their companies are launching innovations and projects. Matt is always at an excellent position to help his readers on making profits from the latest market trends in gas, oil, metals, and other various resources. He can correctly do this by staying updated and well informed on the current industry developments.

During his signing up, Banyan Hill Publishing declared that they are happy to have Matt Badiali research with them. They are fortunate to have him in their team. He is a geologist by profession and studied at Penn State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Earth Sciences. Matt Badiali also has a Master’s Degree in Geology that he acquired from Florida Atlantic University. Before his membership with Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt spent eleven years at Stanbery Research as the editor of Stanberry Research Report, a monthly advisory aimed at investments such as metals, energy, and various natural resources.

Matt Badiali is not the only new analyst that Banyan Hill hired in 2017. They also hired Michael Carr, CMT which is among the best stock-and options-trading systems developers in the financial industry and a longtime member of the Markey Technicians Association. Mike Carr is a hardworking man when it comes to developing and beta testing of new algorithms used in forming the basis of future trading services.

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Ted Bauman: Recap Interview/Articles

Banyan Hill Editor Ted Bauman Comments on the Scope of International Economy

Ted Bauman writes on secure investments, privacy and asset protection. He notes that, in life, he found it took him extra time to find out how things work in daily living and in finance. For example, he found that among dividends of experience were learning to be pragmatic and not letting expectations get in the way of real results. An example of this is knowing your most productive time of the day and applying that to what you’re working on at the moment. He also finds it worthwhile to learn early on how economics work.

Bauman contributes to Banyan Hill Publishing, where he edits Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club and The Bauman Letter. He is originally from Washington, D.C. but moved to South Africa while in his youth. He studied History and Economics at the University of Cape Town and received post-graduate degrees. Before moving back to the U.S., his career consisted of financial work for low-cost residences and non-profits with an international reach.

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Ted Bauman gets his message across by making his content engaging and readable through narrative, solid writing and explanation of technical concepts in a clear and comprehensible style. His working background, previous to writing, contended with minimum wage and unskilled work, which gave him a firsthand understanding of its part in the economic spectrum.

A more recent trend that has caught his attention is the general public’s awareness and interest taken in current economic structure and in discussion of its outcome over time for the population as a whole. Topics in particular Bauman has investigated are the effects presented without precedent by the movement of finances in the wake of unregulated markets. He also considers viable means of response.

Ted Bauman bases his current approach to life and business on resourcefulness informed by experience and hindsight. He believes that much of personal finance can be learned and managed by investigating and applying available resources. His work at Banyan Hill seeks to provide valid information on personal security and wealth-building.


Career life of Matt Badiali

The traits that a leader possesses always correlate with the successes that he is likely to achieve. Every leader hat shows compassion and determination to succeed stays focused on the issues that they want to accomplish in a certain period. Matt Badiali is a strategist that has focused on the things they ought to accomplish and his career revolves around interacting with different people. He seeks to guide them on the investment opportunities they should venture to acquire more profits. His life has proved to be great and he continues to use his expertise for the benefit for his clients. Most people have given him appraisal for the developments he has brought to the world. Visit his website to learn more.

As a strategic planner, Matt Badiali has continued to impress many. He always targets to make his ventures successful through his inventiveness. In the past years, he has continued to put his best efforts to come up with great ideas on the lucrative opportunities that he can try out for a better future. His determination has led him to explore different opportunities. He focuses on the new reds that he believes bring a positive impact on the investment industry. His career is majorly based on how natural resources can bring profits to the businesses of people. He is a leader full of vision and focus. Matt Badiali always looks into the future and seeks to know if his plans are valid. When he notices that his policies are not valid, he strives to research on the ways he can bring change to his ventures. His positivism has enabled him to achieve great things in his career and as a result, he has gained the strength to keep working hard towards accomplishing his plans. The excellent traits he holds have served his workers good as they always have a shoulder to lean on when they are experiencing hard times. The various problems that Matt Badiali has solved in the investment industry have given many people a chance to correct the mistakes they make in their ventures. Matt Badiali has gained many followers on his social media platforms and he continues to change the industry through then a vast number of innovative ideas he brings to the world.

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Steve Lesnard’s Strategy to Successful Product Marketing Techniques

The age of social media and technology is here. For companies to maximize on their customer engagement strategies, they must be willing to employ technological aid. Steve Lesnard understands that the digital age has changed how products are launched and marketed for. Steve Lesnard is an expert at customer and product marketing.

The first principle to keep in mind s to be as realistic as possible when marketing a specific product. Customers like a brand which knows exactly what they want. This involves the audience they are trying to reach and grow and how best to make the marketing strategy a personal experience for the customer. Do a simple yet effective presentation which covers what the product is, how it performs and a potential buyer should be interested in the product. Videos leave a good impression on the viewers. These factors are key consideration the client keeps in mind when looking at your product. The main point is to conceptualize your idea in a way a customer will be willing to buy the item.

The second principle is keeping your presentation simple, yet memorable. You would not want to have an advert which contains so many concepts that your ideas get lost in translation. Focus on the relevant features you had for your device during the making of the product. This will give you a clear framework of where you are headed. Apple once did a campaign on their iPod, whose concept was 10k songs in your pocket. This idea is simple, it defines what the product is designed for. Secondly, t leaves the customer with an impression of how it performs. Customers were definitely thrilled with the recommendation of having 10k songs in a small device four use, on the go.

Companies are gaining for technological supremacy. Competition is stiffer than ever. Your marketing strategy needs to define your brand and what you stand for. Partnering up or hiring influence rs right for the job facilitate the success of your product launch and marketing. Customers do not always buy what they need, they buy what you sell them. Your marketing strategy can either win them over or keep them disinterested. Steve Lesnard has used these guiding principles for the success of a product marketing campaign.

Apology From Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Demonstrates Emotional Intelligence

The current CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, made a public apology on the company’s website after having their company’s reputation compromised. Though said apology was lacking in some otherwise-critical components, the CEO revised it to make it more empathetic and sincere, yet he exceeded just that, and in the best possible way. Here is why Steve Ritchie is being labeled as an emotionally intelligent human for his actions on behalf of Papa John’s as a company.

Apologizing can be a difficult action for some, maybe even impossible. It takes guts to apologize. It takes even more guts, not to mention a strong sense of wisdom, to not only apologize, but to realize what wrong has been committed, and corrective actions to be taken to earn back the trust of anyone, whether individually or communally.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns‘ words were humbling because within his revised and public apology, he acknowledged that Papa John’s is a business that will not tolerate discrimination of any type, and that he himself does not tolerate the aforementioned as well. According to NRN, Ritchie also acknowledged that the company itself is a greater community, that the company’s employees are each individual staples to their respective communities, and that those communities are what make Papa John’s successful and keep them driven as a company. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the CEO solidified his apology by working with the company to create solutions to mitigate the company’s reputation. Ritchie mentioned that he himself would be leading the movement to improve Papa John’s policies and practices, to educate their employees on both diversity and inclusion, and to not only reestablish the company’s clientele but to foster the growth of it, going forward.

With that being established, Steve Ritchie has demonstrated exceptional emotional wisdom on behalf of Papa John’s. As CEO, he utilized mitigation to maneuver the situation, and was incredibly proactive as far as future prevention of similar situations. Check out Ritchie’s profile on

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Hussain Sajwani Wins Award At The Gulf Business Awards

Hussain Sajwani, a United Arab Emirates native, first became an entrepreneur in 1982. It was in that year that he established Global Logistics Services which is now a multinational catering operation that provides meals to people working at large construction projects, military bases, hospitals, and the like. He is most well-known for DAMAC Properties which is his real estate development firm. He is this firm’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board of developers. He started this firm in 2002 when he saw a huge opportunity as the UAE started to allow foreigners to buy property in that country.

According to CNBC, DAMAC Properties now has real estate developments in most of the major cities of the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani only develops luxury properties. One of his company’s developments is The Park which is a collection of townhouses. It sits right on Trump International Golf Club Dubai. DAMAC Properties partnered with the Trump Organization on this project. The Trump Organization manages the 18-hole golf course while DAMAC Properties builds and sells the townhouses. Other properties Hussain Sajwani has built include Fiora at Golf Verde, the Radisson Dubai DAMAC Hills, and Reva Heights.

Looking to further expand DAMAC Properties and to diversify its holdings, Hussain Sajwani has started to look outside the Middle East in recent years. The first city he expanded to in Europe was London. He built a residential tower there and said that he might build more as Brexit will make property there cheaper to buy. He is also investigating opportunities in other major European cities such as Paris and Berlin. Asia and North America also present opportunities, Hussain Sajwani says. He is especially looking at China due to their large and growing middle class.

The Gulf Business Awards gala was held on September 11, 2018. This annual gala honors the Middle East’s top business leaders. This year it was held at Dubai’s Oberoi Hotel and 21 awards in total were given away. The winners of each award were determined by an independent panel of judges. Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties won one of these awards. The award was for excelling in the field of real estate.

Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner, CEO and UAE’s Notable Philanthropist

The world over has many rich people. Only a few of these people will be willing to continuously contribute to charitable organizations without getting something in return. One such a person is DAMAC Properties Chief Executive Officer Hussain Sajwani, who is now one of the notable philanthropists in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In 1976, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. This Dubai-based engineering, building and construction and the architectural company has grown to become one of the reputable real estate agencies in the Middle East. It is through DAMAC Properties that Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, has known many prominent people, who include U.S President Donald Trump, whom he knew long before Trump decided to contest for U.S presidency. Hussain is also a close friend to UAE’s His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Sajwani Among The Invitees

Shortly after the completion of the 2016 U.S Presidential Election that saw Trump win, the Republican invited his close friends for a private dinner party. The party was attended by 800 VVIPs. Among them was Hussain Sajwani and his family. When the president-elect introduced some of the dignitaries, he made a meticulous statement about the Sajwanis. Trump called the Sajwanis ‘the most beautiful family’ from Dubai. This was an indication of a close bond.

When he stood to acknowledge the invitation, Hussain Sajwani of the DAMAC Properties said that never in his life has he ever been happy, as he was that evening. He went further to tell the close to 1,000 VVIPs that both families have enjoyed close ties for a long time. “We have been invited by Mr. Trump to his home in Florida several times before and they have visited us in Dubai on many occasions but never have I ever been happy like today. It is a happy moment to celebrate with you my friend together with my family,” the DAMAC founder said. Hussain went further to mention how his wife and Ivanka exchange emails on a daily basis, enjoying what he called ‘their most adorable conversations’ on a regular basis.

Builds Trump International Course

As the U.S was on with its presidential campaigns, Hussain and his company, DAMAC Properties was busy constructing a magnificent structure. He later named the building Trump International Course Dubai, in honor of his friend Donald. The DAMAC founder is a man known to give alms. He does not keep all his wealth to himself. Recently, when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed asked well-wisher to support his Ramadan Initiative, a program to clothe and feed 1 million poor children, Hussain contributed 2 million AED.



The profile of Sheldon Lavin, CEO OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University majoring in accounting and finance. He later joined the meat processing company approximately 45 years ago after a successful career in the banking and fiancé sector as well as owning a finance consultant firm in Illinois, United States. He became the CEO of the OSI group company, and he has since converted the whole corporation into an international supplier of the food products. The ISI group has more than 20,000 employees in more than 16 countries. Mr. Lavin has been influential and busy helping the company expands internationally through this skilled leadership style. Through this, he has acquired small companies such as the Baho Food and The Flagship Europe. Mr. Sheldon hopes to bring and improve modern food processing to countries around the globe.

Upon joining the company in 1970, Mr. Sheldon Lavin become more involved in the company, it was formerly known as Otto and Sons Company. As a result, Sheldon was appointed as the co-director of the all the activities in the company. OSI group begin the expansion of its branches through North America and Europe In the late 1970s. It later moved to Taiwan, China, Japan, South America, Philippines, and Australia. By this time, Sheldon had food control of the company. By the year2016, OSI group had gained over 65 facilitates in 17 countries around the globe. Furthermore, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has been involved in many charitable activities such as the McDonald House of Charities, Jewish United Fund, Evans scholarship funds.

On February 20, 2016, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award by the Vision World academy in India. This award recognizes companies that have developed creative techniques for reducing pollution through minimization of environmental pollution. Through this, the OSI group has been ranked the 66th company in the food and beverages market. Forbes has named the company as the leading enterprise in the universe. All these awards were made possible because of the Lavin good administration. He has led the OSI to become a multibillion-dollar company in the universe. The products are now distributed all over the world.

Desiree Perez Is A Strong Voice For Fairness

One of the leading power women in the music industry is Desiree Perez. She is the fuel and energy behind the ever popular Roc Nation, the music company owned by J Z Carter. She was recognized recently with several other top female executives in the music industry. They have been instrumental in bringing their businesses to the fore front of the entertainment sector. In another article in which Desiree was interviewed, it was noted that she, and several of the popular female music artists, made statements in response to a negative opinion from the president of the Recording Academy.

It appeared that the president’s thoughts on female executives in music did not compare to the work done by male executives. He referenced that women should take a step up in order to move forward in their careers. This comment caused a rash of replies from artists like Pink and Kelly Clarkson, who had strong opinions bout the leadership roles that women have stepped into over the past decades. Some talent managers and lawyers are even making recommendations that the president resign from his position.

Desiree Perez was one of six women who were recognized as top executives in the industry to speak out, and sign a letter that they addressed the board of trustees on the Recording Academy.They intend that the organization is out of touch with society, and the music industry today.Desiree Perez has been the Chief Operations Officer at Roc Nation since she joined J Z in 2009. She has been the influence behind several important contract negotiations, and such deals as the Beyonce Formation stadium, and Rihanna and the Samsung deal. Desiree and J Z have known, and worked with each other for more than twenty years. She helped with SC Enterprise, which is the first business venture of J Z. He knew that Desiree would be perfect with him at Roc Nation.

Betsy DeVos is Making Education Better for All

The only people who benefit from public education are those who are familiar with the learning style that the school is using. Betsy DeVos knows that not all children are able to learn the same way and she plays into that when she tries to make things better for them. Since she first started out with the career that she has had in the best education system, she has been making positive choices and turning things around for all of the people who are in different situations. This has made it easier for Betsy DeVos to try different things and has made it better for her while things are going on in her career. Despite the fact that Betsy DeVos has been working hard in her own career, she is also doing what she can to help other people have an understanding of what they are going to be able to get in these situations.

Since education is so important, what Betsy DeVos knows is that things will get better when she does everything that she can to help people. She also wants to make sure that people are getting the best experience possible and that students can learn the right way no matter what is going to happen in the lives of the students in the future. Betsy DeVos knows that she can make a huge difference for students and they don’t have to worry about the issues that come from public schools while they are trying to learn different things about their lives and the things that they can learn.While Betsy DeVos has always been passionate about education, she is truly a philanthropist. She uses all of the things that she has done to make things better for other people and is especially dedicated to children.

There have been many options that she has to make children have better lives and that has helped her in the education sector so that she can try different things with the people who she works with and with the students who need to use her help.While Betsy DeVos has always been dedicated to these students, she knows that she has to sometimes be tough to help accomplish anything. There are going to be many things that she will have to go through if she wants to have a better life with a more positive experience. She also knows that she will have to try different things all the time if she is going to make a difference for people who are in difficult situations. Betsy DeVos has always been dedicated to the help that she can provide to her students and the people who she is used to working with in those various situations. Visit her official website :