Ben Affleck And Jennifer Divorce

After 10 years and three children, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are filing for divorce. Apparently the couple has been separated for almost a year, so the decision to finally end their marriage was not as sudden as it may seem. The two years of couples therapy did very little to mend their marriage, and ultimately it was Ben and Jen that just were no longer able to keep trying. Finally after 10 years fighting for their marriage and their family Ben and Jen have decided to go forward with their divorce.

Apparently Ben and Jen waited for the day after their 10th anniversary to announce their divorce, while some believe that it was to handle spousal support issues, they have confirmed that they simply wanted to wait for the end of their children’s school year to make the announcement. Considering the fact that Ben and Jen were already separated it seems that their are in for a smooth divorce reports Igor Cornelsen.

The reason for the split is due to Jen’s frustrations with Ben’s constant gambling and drinking. Not only has Ben been known to take part in various high stakes games, but his drinking has been weighing heavily on his marriage for some time now. Jen is not pressed for cash so their property is being slit up, and they will have a peaceful and drama free divorce. So far they are both dealing with the split better than to be expected and are just focusing on their children’s best interests.