Wengie Shows How To Get A Smaller Face With Cold Therapy

In this video, Wengie shows us the Vanity Planet Revive Ice Roller. You place the roller in the freezer before using it on your face and it’s meant to help with any skin that needs tightening, most specifically the face. Cold therapy is something relatively new but has shown promise when it comes to firming the skin.


Cold therapy is still a type of facial massage so the benefits still apply. These would be removing fluid buildup, tightening pores, skin circulation, and many others. Once you’ve taken the ice roller out of the freezer you should apply it to your face with a light pressure in a downward stroke. A downward motion rolls all the fluid that’s built up down towards your neck so that it’s no longer causing your face to bloat from pressure.


Wengie suggests that the Ice Roller from Vanity Planet could also be used after shaving your legs, the cold therapy and massage motion would definitely help reduce irritation that might have been caused by shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin. The roller is also a nice cold compress for acne flare ups. Placing the cool roller on any pimples will lessen redness and allow your skin not to look so blotchy.


Those with swollen under eyes could also use the roller by applying slight pressure underneath your eye. Baggy eyes are definitely an issue after maybe a long night out, so pulling this out of the freezer and applying it underneath your eyes for a few minutes at a time will reduce swelling and have your eyes looking less puffy.


This product is great for a facial massage since it only applies pressure to the skin. It doesn’t pull or tug which prevents your skin from becoming stretched out, that would be the exact opposite result since it’s the hope that the skin will become firmer and smaller after use. Similar to previous videos, Wengie measured her face before and after the facial massage and in this particular video she lost 1cm which isn’t too bad for only 5-10 minutes of using the cold therapy roller.

This video was originally posted on YouTube and can be watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCUfY46zt2I