Leading Venture capital Figure: Ashley Lightspeed

Venture capital firms have provided over recent years the necessary funding needed for new up and coming entrepreneurs to make their business dreams a reality. This has also been a great time for investors as they have seen their investment risks pay off incredibly. One of the figures behind this movement is Ashley Lightspeed, the newest member of Lightspeed Venture Partners. Ashley brings a plethora of experience from not only the private sector but through her own experience as an entrepreneur running a business. Today, Ashley Lightspeed is considered to be one of the most intelligent minds in the industry as she can constantly catch rising trends in the market. We recently sat down with Ashley to go a little more in-depth about her career in the venture capital industry.

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How do you bring your ideas to life?

Ashley Lightspeed states that much of how she brings her ideas to life comes from seeing her father work as an architect. In addition, she often spent her summers at creative camps where the motto was more often than not “Measure twice, cut one.” Ashley utilizes that motto every time she is preparing to launch a new product to the market.

What is one trend the currently excites you?

The changing demographics within the countries baby boomers say, Ashley. She goes on to explain that baby boomers have become very tech savvy over the years. This understanding and connection with technology will have them demanding technology when they are senior citizens and home alone. Whoever can capitalize on this future trend will be very successful, says Ashley.

What is one habit of yours that you recommend others to do as well?

Ashley explains that for the longest time she’s always liked keeping in touch with people, whether through letters or email. She simply loves learning about people and their lives as well as seeing how they deal with their own problems. In addition, having a large network of friends will also come in handy.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Business Careers are Attractive because they Involve Interacting with Other People

Ashley Lightspeed indicates that working in the world of business is something that excites her much than she thinks she would have been excited if she worked in another industry. There are various aspects that make her to like business activities as compared to other careers that people have to choose. However, it is important to remember that Ashley was originally prepared to have a career in architectural but changed to business.

According to Ashley, working in business environment is very interesting because it is a people-centered industry. You cannot work alone in the business but you have to include other people in your operations. It is the behavior of human beings to interact with one another that makes business careers interesting. For example, a company cannot succeed without formulating a single team that will be responsible for strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. You have to work as a single unit failure to which you will not succeed. See Related Article at nypost.com

According to Ashley Lightspeed, team members for a central aspect of the business and individual success, which means that the most successful individuals would not have succeeded without the input of their team members. This makes Ashley to appreciate all the members of the organization because they help her to sharpen her business skills. Team members are not only there to give their own opinion about a particular project but they also correct a leader when he/she makes a mistake.

Ashley Lightspeed continues to highlight that interactions in business don’t only end in the office but they also continue outside. Business leaders interact with experts from other sectors where they share skills, knowledge, and experience relating to relevant factors. It is also important to record that a company has to interact with its customers so that it can determine what they want. Businesses that don’t interact with their customers are likely to lose them.

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What Ashley Lightspeed Does With ‘Prototyping’ Business Startups

There are so many businesses that change the world when entrepreneurs’ ideas find the light of day and offer solutions that nobody else has been able to formulate. But sometimes those ideas need a little retooling of their own in order to work out longer and build a more sustainable business model. That’s why Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Venture Partners works with new business owners in building their business plan, and then uses data and tests to get an idea of how it would work in the real world. Certainly not everything that’s simulated can work out exactly the way it was tested, but Ashley has quite a background of understanding how prototyping can work.

Ashley Lightspeed didn’t see herself in venture capital investing when she first started school at Duke University. She initially wanted to be an architect like her father who she would watch sketch building structures and formulate blueprints, and she would discover building a business to be somewhat similar. She didn’t actually go directly into business startups but instead found consulting to be an attractive career beginning. So Ashley brought the knowledge she had gained in certain business planning and procedures to Bain & Company for several years. Read more on nypost.com

Ashley Lightspeed delved deeper into business planning and development when she joined the team at Thumbtack and managed their wedding events services, and this part of her career had her exploring more on starting a business plus venture capital. She then went on to graduate school and became familiar with Lightspeed Venture Partners and how many new disruptive businesses were receiving investments and eventually going public at the firm. She was only happy to join the team when it was announced new positions were open in the consumer investing division, and since then she’s brought a lot of valuable input to her colleagues and entrepreneurs.

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