Bruce Levenson: Successful Businessman And Caring Long-Time Philanthropist

For almost 40 years, Bruce Levenson has been running successful businesses. He started his first company, the United Communications Group, in a room in his apartment in Washington DC in 1978. He co-founded the business with Ed Peskowitz. UCG provided valuable information to businesses in the energy, telecommunications, healthcare, banking, and many other industries through their publication Oil Express. UCG soon bought of a series of other newsletters and founded a number of databases. One of the most prominent was the Oil Price Information Service. The company also owned GasBuddy, an app that guided motorists to the lowest gas prices in their community.

While Levenson was long well-known and highly-respected in the business community, the average person never heard of him until he became a majority partner in the Atlanta Spirit group that bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 for $250 million. Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit improved the team, hired a new coach and general manager, cut payroll, and in 2014-15 the Atlanta Hawks had their best season in team history. At the end of the season, Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit sold the team for $850 million. It was yet another good business deal for Bruce Levenson.

Another business in which Levenson was involved was the IT media company TechTarget. Levenson was director of this publicly traded company for its first 13 years of existence. He also served as an advisor for the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. But it is in the publishing industry where Levenson’s work is most appreciated and celebrated, and rewarded with numerous accolades. Levenson was a member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association Board of Directors. In 1997 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association.

Another area of Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson‘s life of which many people are not aware is his philanthropy. For decades he has given his time, talent, and millions of dollars to a number of charitable causes without much fanfare. He was one of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s founding donors and provides the funding for its program which trains students from the inner city to serve as tour guides. The program is called Bringing the Lessons Home. Levenson was also president of the Washington chapter of an educational program for low income youth called the I Have a Dream Foundation

Levenson has also long been involved in philanthropic organizations like the Hoop Dreams Foundation, Washington, D.C.s Community Foundation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Seeds of Peace, the SEED Foundation, and many others. Levenson and his wife Karen also helped to create the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership in 2010. The center, which is housed on the campus of the University of Maryland, teaches students how to start, fund, and run nonprofit organizations.

The center also works to make students aware of the importance of philanthropy and provides them with information on philanthropic organizations worldwide that are having an important impact on people’s lives. The students are encouraged to support them.

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