Bruce Levenson Promotes Antony Ressler As The Next Hawks Owner

Known for offering a diverse selection of convenient offerings at
Philip’s Arena in conjunction with exemplary customer service to his
loyal Atlanta Hawks fans, Bruce Levenson and his group of
businessmen, remain leaders in the sports industry. Based in Atlanta,
Georgia, this prominent group of majority and minority Hawks
shareowners embodied excellence, teamwork, and leadership throughout
the duration of their successful team ownership. Led by experienced
businessman, Bruce Levenson of, this prominent group is the forerunner in
merging a variety of individuals into a supportive Atlanta Hawks unit.
Most prominently, his primary goal is to inspire the next Hawk’s owner
to model his mission and philosophy.

In 2015, Antony Ressler acquired the Atlanta Hawks through Goldman
Sachs and Inner Circle Sports for $850 million. Although
Levenson and his team expected to receive around $1 billion, the
majority of the renowned businessmen directly involved in the
transaction agreed that the negotiated priced accurately reflected the
team’s current state and future potential. Notably, Levenson still
generated a substantial profit from the sale even though most experts
predicted the Hawks would sell between $900 million and $1 billion.

Antony Ressler is a Georgia entrepreneur who is currently the owner of
Ares which is an extremely lucrative private equity and investment
firm in Atlanta. He is also most recognized as a strategic real estate
developer and was once one of three finalists during the Los Angeles
Clippers bidding last year. Moreover, in 2005, this prominent figure
was involved in the investment group who purchased the Milwaukee
Brewers. According to Forbes, Ressler is estimated to have a net worth
of approximately $1.4 billion.

Despite Ressler’s extensive portfolio of professional experiences,
this prominent entrepreneur was intrigued by Levenson’s profound
ownership success. Essentially, Levenson’s strategic plan to implement
services which appealed to a diverse group of individuals ultimately
increased sales in Philips Arena. Because the fans enjoyed the
convenient offerings, the participants were eager to support the Hawks
in their journey to victory. Ressler was also impressed by Levenson’s
significant partnerships with many of the sport enthusiasts as well as
the players and the support staff in the concessions and box office.
These meaningful collaborations greatly contributed to his profound

Levenson hopes his success as a Hawks owner will positively
influence Ressler’s term. In addition to maintaining significant
relationships with each member in the sports arena, Levenson also
encourages him to renovate the practice and weight room facilities.
Moreover, the current state of these buildings are considered below
NBA standards and are possibly a hindrance to attracting free agents.
In addition, Levenson advises Ressler to quickly improve the
arrangement of the luxury boxes in order to generate more revenue.

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