Boost Shine with WEN

Summer is upon us, and it can really take a toll on your hair. Dry and damaged locks from the sun and surf can feel inevitable, but they do not have to be. Investing in a good conditioner can really make all of the difference in your hair’s health. WEN by Chaz Dean is no exception, and though it is a shampoo and conditioner combo, many users have reported shiny and more manageable manes. Emily McClure wrote an article for Bustle recapping her experience with WEN, and it went fairly smoothly, no pun intended.
Emily’s week with WEN was not exactly perfect, but she did note that the product really made her hair shine. The only issue was that it could really weigh a style down, and make finer hair look greasy. This is easily remedied by washing your scalp everyday, but those who skip days may not appreciate that. Emily showed us a few photos from facebook of her styles, and we definitely see a lot of shine. Her friends commented on the state of her mane as well, leading us to believe that WEN truly did make a difference.

WEN is considered a five-in-one product, meaning it is a shampoo, deep, leave-in and regular conditioner, and detangler. This is why it is a bit heavier on fine hair, but manages to really boost radiance in even the driest ‘do. If you are looking for smooth locks with manageability, WEN may be right up your alley. After a long day in the sun, it may be just what your hair needs for a nice boost of moisture. Wen is availble online via Guthy-Renker.

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