Bhanu Choudhrie Is Making Waves In Aviation And Bollywood

Bhanu Choudhrie is one of the people responsible for the boom in the airline industry that India has experienced in recent years. After the entrepreneur purchased the small Indian airline known as Air Deccan back in 2003, he began immediately working on new ways to grow the small company that had only started with a single plane. This meant that there were limited flights that could be offered, but to be able to offer more flight, he had to have more qualified pilots. A shortage of qualified pilots was a definite problem in India, so he set out to solve it by investing in training schools that could teach the next pilots of India. In just around a half a decade, the company began offering around 200 flights a day to its passengers in India. They had started the growth of an industry.

The entrepreneur had no way of knowing that the investment that he had made would have such a big impact, but it did. There was a considerable amount of risk that was involved with this investment and he was happy to see it pay off in the way that he had. He realized that there is also a great deal of room for growth in the aviation field in other countries such as Japan and China and he is wanting to expand his presence even more soon. Three years after making the initial purchase of Air Decca, he formed a company known as the Alpha Aviation Group in 2006.

Another industry that Bhanu Choudhrie has shown an interest in is Bollywood. He has been known to support up and coming artists such as actors, actresses, and singers. He believes that the talents of Indian artists should be showcased and Bhanu Choudhrie wants to create a facility in London to do just this. In addition to Indian artists, he has plans to bring Asian art in general to the art scene of London in order to make it more prominent. He has been working to impact the world in other positive ways as well by giving back to handicapped children through his mother’s charity that is known as Path to Success.

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