Beneful Premium Dog Food Is The Only Brand I Trust

As a responsible, caring pet owner, I provide the best food for my dogs on a regular basis. I know some pet owners that don’t care what their dogs eat, usually because they don’t care about their own diets. I want to treat my dog with the same love and kindness that I treat my family with when I pick out their food. That is why I always go to the pet store with the idea of getting premium dog food instead of the cheap stuff. I did a lot of research on premium dog foods and how they are made. I’m here to report on my findings and give you an idea of what I do for my dog.

Researching Premium Brands Of Dog Foods

Premium dog foods are called premium because they use high quality ingredients. This may seem like commonsense. However, many pet owners disregard what ingredients go into their pet’s foods. I found an article that talks in great detail about the subject of premium dog food manufacturers on It discusses the obvious fact of high quality ingredients, and it gives a deep insight to what measures are in place in the factories to make sure that premium food remains high quality.

I always buy Beneful for my dog. It’s well worth every penny. Beneful is a premium dog food that is made by Purina, which is a well known company. They have all kinds of Beneful at the pet store, so it is easy to find.

I always leave the pet store with a big bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. I usually get my dog the kind that is made with salmon because he seems to like that kind the best. I also end up buying a bunch of Beneful’s Chopped Blends because they look like they would taste good if I was a dog. Taste is important, and Chopped Blends are full of flavors.

That article I was talking about earlier is from the Daily Herald. You can view the article by going to their site, or you can click here.

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