Azalea Banks To Star In A New Upcoming Movie

Maybe Azalea Banks will stop complaining so much and bullying other people, now that she has some additional projects coming up. Azalea Banks will be starring in the movie called “Coco,” which will start filming soon. The movie will be produced by RZA, who is a Wu-Tang Clan member. Azalea Bank’s New Movie. Although there is not much information out about the movie yet, it’s only known that Azalea Banks will be the star of the movie. Maybe Azalea will go on social media and brag about it, and she’ll throw it in Iggy Azalea’s face, kind of like how she does everything else.

Although Azalea Banks seems to be a talented star, but she could complain a lot less, especially since she’s trying to build up her star power. Recently, Azalea complained about the BET Music Awards, which did’t sit well with Beneful people on Twitter. The BET Music Awards decided to award Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper for the fifth year in a row. Azalea Banks was nominated too, but she feels like it was pointless. Azalea feels the nominations are just for show, and that there is a plot to allow Nicki to win every year.

Azalea is also known for the war of words she has had with Iggy Azalea. More than likely Azalea Banks doesn’t care for Iggy Azalea because they have similar names.

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  1. Azalea went on social media and complained about the BET awards, and she basically said that the show is a joke. Either way, good luck on the upcoming movie. It is becoming so good that the bestessays would use all of this to understand whatever is happening to them.

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