Ashley Lightspeed Covers Being on The Move

Ashley Lightspeed would not be in the place that she is in today if she did not look into different productivity methods and was as professional as she could be.

Ashley Lightspeed is a finance professional in a wonderful venture capital firm because she may use her talents, her skills, and other aspects of her personality and persona to help her people out.

As such, it is quite certain that she may know about the SMART productivity method.

These are the traits that make up for the SMART method. This productivity method lets you develop specific goals that all follow a specific guideline for maximum benefits.

We will cover a few of them here today.

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Components of SMART


This works greatly for team projects, but it could also work for solo tasks just as well. Think about the things that you could delegate or hire external help for. From there, start taking relevant actions to complete your tasks on time.

This could help you cut through the clutter and have certain elements of your task to be completed way before the deadline.


This reminds to set targets that are actually attainable and not going past that line to become superficial.

Setting realistic goals is a very important part of achieving your ideal level of productivity. Keeping this in mind, give your strengths and limitations a good look before you set any to-do lists.


If you create something really good, but it is already past its deadline, then all of your efforts would have been for naught. This often happens when we are not able to assess the time required to pull off a task, and often miss the deadline by a narrow margin.

Keeping a timely assessment over your goals keeps you from falling into this pit of lost efforts. That is why, it is one of the most crucial aspects of this method.

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