Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Writes Letter to Customers

The pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been dealing with some adversity over the past year. It has suffered a backlash due to recent statements made by the founder. Papa Johns founder John Schnatter made some remarks that were regarded as racially insensitive. As a result, he was asked to step down as one of the company’s board members. Along with making racially insensitive remarks, Schnatter has also been criticized for blaming the company’s declining sales on the National Football Leagues approach to handling player protests during the national anthem. In order to help assure customers that Papa Johns is still a reputable organization, the chief executive officer Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to express his intent on improving the company’s standing in the community.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie revealed that he will look to follow a few steps in improving the culture of Papa Johns. One of the first steps in this process is to bring in experts to evaluate the cultural diversity and inclusion practices of the company. This will entail having individuals visit the company headquarters and observe how the employees are treated. It will include having the experts examine the company policies pertaining to hiring practices. With this first step, Papa Johns will be in position to get the feedback it needs in order to make it a friendly place for racial minorities to work.

Another step in the process that Steve Ritchie will undertake is to have senior management travel the nation and meet with franchise owners. Steve and the other executives will talk to the owners and employees and look for important feedback. With feedback from both employees and franchise owners, Papa Johns will be in position to find out how it can better satisfy the needs and demands of its customers.

In the final part of the letter, Steve Ritchie revealed that he wants customers to hold the company accountable. He mentioned that it is important that they keep close attention to Papa Johns so that it is more aware of its shortcomings. With this awareness, Papa Johns will eventually become a better company. Experts believe that this letter was very necessary in order to ensure that Papa Johns has a positive reputation among consumers in the future.


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