Andrea McWilliams – World Leader in Today’s Society

Andrea McWilliams is a well-known lobbyist and a national political commentator. According to the Austin Business Journal, Andrea McWilliams’s background includes working for the well-known public relations company Public Strategies. She is also the co-founder of McWilliams, which is a “full–service firm of governmental affairs consultants.” McWilliams is also known for her many volunteer hours in different sectors of the community, as well serving on the board of several non-profit organizations in the past.

Andrea McWilliams has also represented two of the largest breast cancer organizations int he industry, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer. As a breast cancer survivor herself, McWilliams has demonstrated large amounts of activism and representation in the breast cancer research fields. She has also held the position as an honorary chair member for the Mamma Jamma Ride, which has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations throughout Central Texas.

According to several articles, Andrea McWilliams has also received several awards. Some of the awards include: the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power,” the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” Award, the “Austin Under 40” Award, and the Austin Fashion Week’s “Style Setter” Award. Along with these many distinguished awards, Andrea McWilliams has also been covered by many credible media outlets. Nationwide media channels such as FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, CNN, BBC, and NPR have all praised McWilliams with her hard work in fundraising as well as her work as a political strategist.


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