A Serial Entrepreneur Writes a Book


Marc Sparks is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who has started literally hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years. Some of these businesses have been spectacular successes, and some have been spectacular failures. Sparks is the ultimate self-made man. Instead of a Harvard MBA and family money, he has only a high school diploma. He earned a mere C+ grade point average in school. Recently, Sparks published a book about his decades as an entrepreneur, and he also wrote a blog entry about why he did so.

Why Write a Book?

In his blog entry, Sparks poses the question of why anyone would write a book at all. He says that many people write books for money, but that this isn’t a great reason considering that very few books earn real money relative to the time it took to create them. He says that some people write books to satisfy their own egos and that anyone who says they don’t have an ego is lying.

Sparks says that he wrote his own book for a different reason: to give inspiration to struggling entrepreneurs. Basically, by writing about his many adventures and misadventures in the business world, Sparks is trying to give back to the American society he loves and to show others that success is possible even without family wealth or connections.

I enjoyed this blog entry because in it you get a real sense of the author’s enthusiasm for and enjoyment of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Sparks describes his book as a “high five to the American Dream,” and I think that’s a terrific phrase. I’m not much of an entrepreneur myself, but I think it’s inspiring that Sparks was able to succeed on his own terms and wants to share what he’s learned along the way.

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