A report by Stansberry Research on the power of investing in shares.

Stansberry research was established in 1999, by Porter Stansberry the company is well known for publishing material on investment and providing statistics on best investments to consider. The company offers newsletters to the clients twice a month. The staff is dedicated to ensure that their clients receive helpful information on investment matters, The company Stansberry research has a large audience globally.

The group also make the articles fun to reach yet informative, one such article is by Porter who believes that people learn and not taught. He also reveals the kind of stock he will encourage his children to buy and why.

Porter from Stansberry research begins by narrating the story of one 40-year-old Shelby Davis, in his life, Davis had mostly been seen as a failure, and despite his excellent upbringing and access to a good education, at his 20’s he became an investment analyst. Unfortunately, after working for a while, he lost his job and moved to politics, where he wrote speeches for Thomas who lost in a political race. This forced him to move back to the financial sector and worked in an insurance company.

1947, was his the year he experienced his big break, he became a multi-millionaire, aren’t you curious to know just how a man living from hand to mouth managed to own millions in a short time? Davis borrowed money from his wife and bought shares, Shelby’s family has since benefited from his bold step and have been reinvesting the dividends.

Insurance companies do not always collect enough premium; this forces them to invest in paid premiums before clients can claim them (LinkedIn). This sounds like high risk and as it said experience is the best teacher, and one thing that Shelby learned from his experience is that not all insurance companies go through the same road.

Having this knowledge helped him invest even more, and it is a business that did not disappoint him, according to Porter of Stansberry research understanding the company you consider to invest in, is key in securing your money. Finding a company that has established itself and has a good reputation with previous transactions. This will ensure your investment incurs good returns as stated by Stansberry research founder.


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