Alex Pissios contribution to the community

Alex Pissios has been contributing to the community in several ways. His film production studio has been very successful. Several films he has helped produce, such as the transformer, were very successful. His ability to develop the right strategies in growing his career has made him achieve great success in the film production industry.  Cinespace Chicago Film Studios CEO As […]

Luke Lazarus Consulting: Your Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Luke Lazarus majors in consultancy with executives and business-savvy individuals who want to build a start-up from scratch. It can be overwhelming when diving into the process. Even seasoned entrepreneurs often second guess themselves and have trouble finding help during these times of uncertainty. A career in consulting requires a blend of leadership and management skills. Also read: Luke Lazarus […]

QNETS Strives To Help Businesses Reach Their Prospects Hassle-Free

QNET is a multi-level marketing company that helps people acquire quality products to improve their health and lifestyle. In Multi-level marketing system direct selling companies’ market different businesses that want to expand their online reach. QNET is among the few legit multi-level marketing companies that help many enterprises in need of opportunities to grow their online businesses. The company deals […]

Why Pam Baer Is Always Positive In Her Leadership Activities

In the current marketing sector, some individuals have failed to inspire aspects of positivity in their industrial operations. This is a major aspect that has been affecting how such individuals have failed to consistently demonstrate that they have what it takes to run some of the robust organizations in the industry today. However, not all the individuals in the business […]

Alddo Molinar: UX Designer, Artist and Researcher

Alddo Molinar is a UX designer, artist and researcher. He has worked with companies like Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T to help develop digital products that are more user friendly. He also spends his time researching ways to make the Web faster for people in developing countries. Alddo Molinar has also been a guest speaker at universities such as UT Dallas, […]

Larry Baer’s Success As The SF Giants CEO

Larry Baer, the Giants CEO is an American sports visionary based in San Francisco, California. He is the president and CEO of the SF Giants baseball team. He attended UC Berkeley and Harvard School of Business, after which he worked for CBS Inc. and Westinghouse Broadcasting for a while, and joined SF Giants in 1992. During the time that Larry […]