Getting To Know The IM Academy

Education is slowly going from just physical means of learning into digital spaces. The IM Academy is venturing into education and specializing in the selling of digital products. Not only that, but the business is expected to offer teaching services for those curious about foreign exchange trading. IM Academy services are packaged and delivered through online content. The content is pre-recorded that allows smooth access, and is also app-based.

The IM Academy came to be in 2013 under the guidance of Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. The main idea is to create a source for learning and educational tools for an affordable subscription. Through the services of IM Academy, numerous students can now trade independently and sharpen their skills while at it. That was the company’s main objective at its birth. A goal target for its roughly 225,000 customers.

COVID 19 is arguably shaping a new system of life, but the company remains on track. Remote working is the basic normality of those working at IM Academy. As such, IM Academy services are expected to continue running smoothly for their users. Through their website, customers can find the four special training programs for sale. The programs featured are:

  • FRX
  • HFX
  • DCX
  • ECX

The programs also come with packages at a discount. For example, the Elite package combines DCX, HFX, and FRX programs at 54% less on your first subscription. That discount is added to a discount of 48% on your monthly payments. This package is cost-friendly than opting for single program purchases.

Content delivery for the IM Academy is distributed to IM Educators. The IM trainers run on the service “goLive,” which offers flexible program times and 13 different languages. Thus, making the programs easily accessed by students from around the globe. Customers on current subscriptions have unlimited access to content and any time at that. Read more about IM Academy, here.


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