Andrew Frame Emphasizes How The Citizen App May Assist Individuals In Staying Safe

The Citizen app’s founder and CEO is Andrew Frame. Citizen App was developed to alert users about potential criminal behavior and dangers to their safety in their immediate vicinities, such as fires, weather concerns, and demonstrations. Users may also post videos of what’s going on.

According to Andrew Frame, most users find the Citizen app incredibly powerful because they want to know what’s going on in their neighborhoods. COVID-19 contact tracing was recently introduced to the app by the firm. According to the firm, it is their goal to keep people secure and informed.

Unintended instances, of course, have occurred. This, according to Andrew Frame, is a difficult, murky area. Despite hundreds of 911 calls a day about strange people, the company decided that sending any type of alert about a suspicious-looking person was improper.

How a person looks is not a crime. They intended to demonstrate the app services appropriately from the start, screening any reports of questionable individuals rather than putting them into the app. A lot of the time, there is some form of racial prejudice at work, so it’s crucial to check the reports that come into the system.

These days, health safety is the most pressing concern. People want to know where COVID-19 is, just as much as they want to know about the threats in their neighborhoods. Citizen now has the most comprehensive contact tracing system in the country. It was just released a few days ago, but it has already sent out 102 notifications to users about potential risks. Go to this page for more information.

Citizen is also offering people the opportunity to take a free test, and they’re just getting started. Andrew Frame is a software programming specialist and a straight entrepreneur. At the age of 15, he started his first business, an internet company. During his first year with Cisco, he earned two CCIE certifications, the company’s top technical qualification, making him the company’s youngest person to do so.


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