How Tim Murawski is Revolutionizing Surgery

Tim Murawski is helping Augmedics introduce revolutionary technology to the medical field. Murawski holds the position of Chief commercial officer and president for Augmedics. He has managed to bring plenty of experience to the company. His resume is full of business experience, and he specializes in biotechnology. Tim Murawski began his career after graduating from Western Illinois University with a degree in operations management and supervision. Before joining the Augmedic team, Murawski worked for a company called Mazor Robotics. 


Tim Murawski joined the team as regional sales director and eventually became president of global renaissance business. He worked for Mazor Robotics for 10 years before the company merged with Medtronic. Tim Murawski has helped to bring revolutionary technology to the medical field before. He helped sell needles, IV products and surgical robots.


About Augmedics

Led by Tim Murawski, Augmedics is revolutionizing the way spinal surgeries are performed by integrating augmented reality into the medical field with accurate precision. The Xvision system is the first of its type to be used in surgery. The system will allow surgeons to accurately place instruments by providing the surgeon with a 3D image of the patient’s anatomy. For Tim Murawski, using the Xvision system instead of a screen could result in a more efficient surgical system. The company appears to have a bright future, even during the Covid-19 pandemic the company continued to receive funding.