A Distinguished Professor of Law – Dr. Chris Brummer

Dr. Chris Brummer is an experienced professor of law and has taught in various notable institutions such as Georgetown and Vanderbilt Law School. In addition, he has immense experience in the financial sector, where he has served in several positions for key financial committees across the country. Professor Chris Brummer has a remarkable academic background, having attended the University of Chicago and Columbia Law School. After completion of his studies, he worked for the Milken Institute as well as Cravath, Swaine and Moore LLP.

Dr. Chris Brummer notes that through Fintech week, he intends for leaders and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and make notable networks that will help revitalize the financial sector. Dr. Chris Brummer loves to balance his work at Georgetown and interacting with regulators from across the globe. He highlights that it is important to give your all in pursuing your ideas to help you realize great success. Professor Chris Brummer is a result-oriented man and loves to focus his energy on his responsibilities.

Professor Chris Brummer notes that he is interested in digital inclusion and looks forward to seeing how it will impact businesses across the world. Also, the professor notes that it is important to stay determined despite the hurdles one faces in one work. Dr. Chris Brummer does not let any challenge hinder him from performing his duties. He also notes that it is important for young entrepreneurs to be adaptable to the changing situation as they advance further in their careers.

The professor believes in ample conduction research to help you stay ahead with the right information and also to help in boosting your confidence, whether as a student or in business. The professor has authored several books, including Legal, Regulatory and Monetary Perspectives and numerous financial reports to mention but a few.