Igor Cornelsen on the benefits of investing in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen has been in the investing business for a long time. With that vast experience, he has turned his attention to helping other investors make long term decisions that involve the least risk possible.

One piece of advice he gives to his clients is that you should not hope that a company will turn things around. While there is often a high upside to investing in a company that is struggling, Igor Cornelsen believes that is not the wisest method. One nation that Igor has been recommending is Brazil. He sees huge upside to a country in which he worked. He believes that there are great opportunities in what has become the 5th largest economy in the world. Cornelson was so successful in Brazil that he managed to make a profit for the bank he worked for despite the financial struggles overall at the time. He believes that confidence is such a decisive factor in investing that the confidence in the Brazilian economy is a huge indicator.

The internal workings of a company is also something to consider before investing. The way a company treats its staff can go a long way to showing the philosophy of the company overall. Cornelsen believes in thinking locally when running a business. Taking advantage of the skill set in the local community can be invaluable. The one thing investors should think about when investing in Brazil is the bureaucracy that accompanies doing business there. They should also have an understanding of how foreign currency restrictions affect companies. However, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Cornelsen has separated himself from other advisors by spending time studying how the markets behave rather than looking for a quick, but ultimately risky, short term strategy. With his in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market, it is something all investors should consider. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: https://affiliatedork.com/economic-confidence-is-improving-in-brazil-according-to-igor-cornelsen

Oren Frank And The Importance Of Mental Healthcare

Talkspace is leading the world when it comes to making psychotherapy accessible online. The company was co-founded by Roni and Oren Frank in 2012 after the two saw how much couples therapy was able to benefit them and they wanted more people around the world to be able to improve their lives through better mental health. Many of the upwards of a million people who have already accessed the services of Talkspace did not have access to a licensed therapist before signing up for the service. Oren Frank is excited to see so many people get help from his company and hopes to be able to help even more in the future. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank believes that technology and innovation can have a huge impact on society and also that they can potentially make it better. Before he became the CEO of Talkspace, Oren Frank was a senior executive in marketing and advertising. He was seen as a leader in new media marketing and he was seen as progressive when it came to being a creative strategist. He believes that mental healthcare is a right that everyone should have on a moral level and he wants everyone to be able to access it whenever they want or need it.

Getting a good amount of sleep every night is something that is important to Oren Frank as he believes that it helps him stay more productive during his day. He tries to sleep for about seven hours every night to make sure that he is able to perform at his best. His typical day also consists of a lot of reading as it is something that he enjoys and also finds important to keep up with his business. he states that a lot of his reading is not related to his job, but it still helps to keep his mind sharp. For more information about Oren Frank, visit at https://medium.com/@oren_17217

How Bhanu Choudhrie Made His Mark As An Investor In The Aviation Industry

A London-based private equity investor, Bhanu Choudhrie has been investing in the aviation industry since the early 2000s. Early on, he took a big risk when, with four partners, he invested in and an Indian airline carrier. He says that when they made this investment they figured that if it didn’t work out at least they could all say they owned an airline.

As it turns out, this risk paid off.

This air carrier ended up creating the domestic Indian airline industry. It’s a low-cost carrier and so people who were used to traveling for days on a train to get to another village felt comfortable flying instead. Bhanu Choudhrie says they made a big profit when they sold this company five years later to Kingfisher.

The executive director of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie says his company has a pretty good track record of success. Of every five investments they make, three end in failure. Considering that on average 90% of startups fail, having a 40% success rate is really quite good. In addition to aviation, he has also started healthcare companies in the UK, hospitality companies in India and the Middle East, and other successful firms. C&C Alpha Group is a broadly diversified company with many subsidiaries. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at ccalphagroup.co.uk

Another aviation company his firm owns is Alpha Aviation Group (AAA). Based in the UAE, this company trains commercial pilots for carriers around the world. Bhanu Choudhrie said when he owned the airline carrier he saw firsthand that there were not enough pilots to meet demand. Seeing this as a business opportunity, he launched AAA in the spring of 2009. He recently flew to the UAE to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

He is a board member of New Century Bank in the United States. Bhanu Choudhrie said he was happy to get back into financial services at this community bank. His great grandfather was the top executive at Punjab National Bank in India before it was nationalized by the federal government in 1969. It was for this reason that nobody in his family wanted to get involved in financial services for nearly 50 years.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=104490227&privcapId=46265850&previousCapId=3171750&previousTitle=CUSTOMERS%252520BANCORP%252520INC

Understanding Your Average Talkspace Review

Mental health has, for a long time, been viewed as a stigma. Many people have not accepted it as a health issue that needs to be addressed without shame or fear. Back in 2012, Oren Frank saw a need to address mental health issues conveniently and affordably. This concern gave him and his wife, Roni, the idea of starting an online platform where anyone can access therapy at any time and from any part of the world. This idea gave rise to Talkspace, an online company that deals with offering psychotherapy services to everyone.

Seeing a therapist today is expensive. However, with Talkspace Reviews, you can get all the help you need from professional therapists affordably. The platform operates all day to cater to the growing need for therapy services. Not only do you get help whenever you need it, but you’ll also do so privately, and no one can access the information you share with your therapist. Read this article at iamtrillyoga.com.

Other than being a convenient platform, there are additional benefits of Talkspace. These include

  • Switching Therapists

Many licensed therapists on Talkspace are ready to help their clients. If the therapist you are directed to upon signing up doesn’t suit you in the end, you can switch by clicking “change therapist” on settings. From previous experiences, you can change therapists at any time.

  • No Starting Over

All chats on Talkspace are automatically saved. Therefore, your new therapist will read through what you have already covered to avoid repetition.

  • Suitable for Those Who Can’t Talk Out Loud About Their Problems

People have different ways through which they prefer to communicate. Not only does Talkspace offer text messaging features, but you can also use voice or video communication. You can choose whichever one you are most comfortable with.

Talkspace has come at a time when mental health issues are on the rise. With Talkspace, the issue can be solved, preventing it from escalating.

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The Entrepreneurship Journey Of Nick Sarnicola

Nick Sarnicola is a sales leader, a lifestyle entrepreneur, business catalyst, and a philanthropist. Nick has more than two decades of experience in transforming small scale business people to billion-dollar entrepreneurs and in building successful sales teams. Throughout his career, Nick has developed successful companies as well as products in various fields like the health and fitness sector, direct sales and technology, and non-profitable organizations, among others. Nick is focused on helping people to maximize their potential as he continues to lead a sales force team that has more than a hundred thousand people. Also, he has innovated strong leadership systems that have produced great performing entrepreneurs in 17 countries, thus creating more than 60 millionaires. Check out Nick Sarnicola on his youtube channel.

Today, Nick Sarnicola is the chief executive officer and co-founder of two lifestyle brands whose main goal is to inspire people when it comes to business as well as supporting health transformations. Nick has specialized in launching marketplaces, products, brands, global sales leaders, and health platforms. One of the lifestyle brands co-founded by Nick is Visalus, which is a healthy lifestyle platform which focuses on transforming people’s lives through health and fitness programs. Recently Nick founded Nextgen, which is an organization to help educate young people to become better at entrepreneurship. Nick Sarnicola has a mission which is to develop, educate, and entertain millions of people by taking them through speaking, mentorship, writing, and entrepreneurship.

As the chief executive officer of Visalus Nick’s vision for the company is to take the responsibility of creating the best entrepreneurial opportunities, developing new leaders as well as launching new markets and products. Nick Sarnicola is excited about his role as the chief executive officer of Visalus and promises to take the company to greater heights. He loves the fact that he can combine is knowledge in brand promotion as well as direct selling to help the company make more money in the industry. Nick has positively impacted the lives of many people who aspire to become great entrepreneurs. By offering education and mentorship to the youth, the number of independent entrepreneurs around the world has increased. Nick is very successful today as an entrepreneur to his commitment, hard work, as well as his determination. Read More: https://blakemallen.com/news/nick-sarnicola-and-blake-mallen-recognize-growing-vi-italy-leadership-at-vitality-2019/

The Career Journey of Ashley Lightspeed

When Ashley Lightspeed was growing up, she always wanted to be an architect because her father was one. She always loved to sit at the drafting table in their garage and sketch some ideas. When she was not sketching the ideas that were running in her head, she was busy being creative and building some things. In short, Ashley loved prototyping. When she was studying in Copenhagen, she learned that she preferred prototyping to building the things that she used to. After graduating, she started her career as a consultant at Bain.

After working for some years at Bain, Ashley Lightspeed felt that she wanted to do more operational work. She also wanted to go for adventures and explore the unique and exciting Silicon Valley. Therefore, she decided to join the product team of Thumbtack, where she worked as a Category Manager. Here, she was responsible for improving the customer growth and experience within the Weddings and Events categories. See Related Article at nypost.com

From just running some simulations with the clients she was dealing with at Bain to dealing with great products ideas at Thumbtack, she has used her prototyping skill to help her gather enough feedback and enhance concepts and products in her entire career. Ashley believes that prototyping is a crucial tool for every entrepreneur as it helps you to come up with ideas fast and implement them even faster.

Ashley got her first exposure to venture capital when she was working on a certain fundraising pitch deck. At that time, she was working at Thumbtack. She eventually left to study after working for some years at Thumbtack while still planning to start her own company and doing different consulting projects for new companies in the industry. She says that doing those projects helped her to improve her skills and increase her professional experience.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20888573-ashley-brasier

Career Profile of Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of Fortress Investment Group’s top executives. He currently serves in a number of high ranking managerial roles that include membership of the firm’s board of directors. He has been with the firm since 2002 when it was still a relatively young firm. While at Fortress Investment Group, Peter has been involved with managing the division that handles credit backed assets. He manages all of the professionals who advise clients on how to invest in and manage these particular securities.

As one of the leading members of Fortress Investment Group’s management team, Peter Briger has provided solid leadership for the firm. As one of its top executives, he regularly uses his expertise to help guide the firm. Briger devises strategies as well as provides supervision of the firm’s credit department operations. Since joining the firm back in 2002, Peter has been actively involved in the firm’s growth as well as helping it provide the best service to its many clients. For more information about Peter Briger, view his Crunchbase profile.

Before Peter Briger became a member of Fortress Investment Group, he was working at Goldman Sachs. When he was with Goldman Sachs, Peter helped the firm with its expansion into Asia. He was part of numerous committees that worked with clients in Asia. Along with being a part of its expansion into Asia, Peter was also serving in a managerial role. Briger managed the credit asset department as well as the professionals who advised clients. His leadership skills and expertise allowed Peter to eventually become a partner at the firm by the year 1996.

As a successful professional in the financial sector, Peter Briger has devoted his spare time to helping the community. He was involved in revitalizing the Central Park conservatory when he was working in New York City. Briger is currently a board member of a charter school network that is committed to providing children with an education. Briger is also involved in helping low income families get affordable housing. His contributions to these organizations have allowed him to make a positive impact on many people in his local communities.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=1155225&privcapId=2557861

LocationSmart IP GeoLocation Services

Today we’re living in an age we’re everybody is connected digitally. LocationSmart has harnessed this technology into businesses through IP geolocation. LocationSmart provides customers a proven and effective platform that’ll maximize the benefits of using IP geolocation in various ways.

Currently, devices that are connected are assigned a unique IP address which includes a connection to the extranet, intranet and the internet frameworks. With an IP address the host network can identify the device or user. Another important factor of the IP address is the ability to track the geolocation.

LocationSmart tapped into this technology to help improve a company’s probability, improve internal function and process and with the opportunity to open further avenues. Key factors that can benefit from the technology begin with compliance with legal regulations.

There are many industries that are heavy regulated and some of these regulations can vary based on the geographic location. For example, online casinos and mobile lottery are required by law to comply with state and local regulations. Because online betting isn’t permitted in certain areas, a player’s location must be identified.

The use of IP geo tracking gives businesses the ability to determine where the geographic location may be. Such data improves a businesses user experience. No longer is the customer required to physically provide their location, because the IP address will provide such information.

Another benefit to this technology is the reduction of risks associated with online fraud. The IP location for each user can be collected when they access a service via a computer network. A business can determine if a user’s account has been hacked based from the unknown device or location. Also, an IP can indicate if efforts are being made to conceal or anonymize the user’s location. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

A business may opt in to utilize the geo-specific advertising with real-time communication. With IP geolocation, a business can obtain real-time data about where their customer may be. This information can be beneficial in numerous ways.

For example, you can tailor specific products or services to their customer that might be of interest to them. Information can include special promotions, discounts and events. Such advertising can inspire their customer that he or she may not have considered.

A critical part businesses depend on is protecting their copyrights and digital data. IP geolocation can determine when and where your digital content was accessed. This capability will let you know if your information was fallen into the wrong hands. With IP geolocation, you can identify any unauthorized access to take immediate action.

In conclusion, these are some of the services that LocationSmart offers through the use of IP geolocation.

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GCPS And Aaron Lupuloff Are Helping America Love Education

The schools of The Unites States of America are performing at lower levels than the rest of the world. Could this be due to a decrease in American intelligence or is it something else? People like Aaron Lupuloff are taking an initiative to end this issue once and for all. He is currently the senior executive director of the Gwinnet County Public Schools Foundation. He has a passion for enhancing the schools of the United States of America and improving the community. He has had the opportunity to raise three graduates from Gwinnet County Public Schools and is using his insight and resources to take on the action of doing what needs to be done.

Based on rocketreach.co, the Gwinnet County Public Schools Foundation is focused on making sure that students have opportunities for success, scholarships are funded, learning is done, teaching is superb, and forward thinking leaders are uplifted. In 2018-2019 this school district had welcomed as much as 180,000 students. Gwinnet county schools stand out because they are made up of a very diverse array of students who have different backgrounds and different living circumstances. All of these students are given access to a quality education, the arts, and athletic programs when they engage in the enriching educational experiences offered at Gwinnett County schools.

They have even gone above and beyond to make sure that students are breaking boundaries and self limiting mindsets that could hinder them in the future. The Falcons, GCPS Foundation ,and the Arthur M. Blank Community Foundation have teamed together to start a girls flag football sports team that gives them a healthy and safe environment to exercise their athletic ambitions while bonding with others to create relationships that can last for the rest of their lives. Aaron Lupuloff & GCPS are reaching out to do remarkable things pertaining to the education of the future of The Unites States of America. Their good deeds will influence other educational programs and facilities to make education enjoyable and life enhancing once more. To see more about Aaron you can visit coursehero.com


Affordable Energy with the Help of Agera Energy

If you are spending too much on your electric and fuel at home or in the office, it is time to make a switch to Agera Energy. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

This particular company and provider is offering high-quality options for those wanting to save money. You can finally get the electric or fuel that you need without it being overly expensive. For this reason, Agera Energy is there to help in providing you with options that are readily available to you and helps you to save money on what you already might need right now. You can finally get a feel for what the company offers and helpful ways to save yourself some money. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

With so many people wanting to use the Agera Energy company for their needs, it has never been easier and quicker for you to get the right type of choice available to you. This particular company is there to help in ways you never thought possible. You can save money with Agera Energy and know you are still getting the service that you require. This provides you with the fuel or electric you want while knowing that it is going to be helpful in saving you lots of money.

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