Boraie Development Takes Aim at Revamping New Jersey Cities

Boraie Development, a New Jersey-based luxury real estate and development company, had launched a high-class rental tower, the Aspire, during the past few years and it has all of the modernized amenities for upscale living. The Aspire is located in the center of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and features 238 state-of-the-art designer studio apartments. Each rental unit has full panoramic views of the tree-friendly city due to its luxurious oversized windows. The Aspire offers a residents club where apartment dwellers can rest, work or play at the indoor or outdoor community lounging areas. The luxury tower had equipped an elevator with direct access to the 24/7 doorman-attended lobby and provides individual storage, bike storage and reserved parking facilities on-site.


The Aspire has lush full rooftop gardens, and spacious terraces and balconies that are perfect for grilling outdoors. The apartments all are donned with designer finishes, hardwood floors, walk-in closets, gourmet kitchens with space-saving island dinettes and master bedrooms equipped with luxurious frameless glass showers. Each unit was built with energy efficient heating and electrical units, and is wired for cable with free Wi-Fi hotspots. The building offers a convenient way for tenants to pay rent online through its own concierge system, as well as receive updates regarding recent visitors or deliveries attempts. The Aspire was strategically located a few steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station, boutiques and many diverse eateries. You can visit yahoo for more info.


Omar Boraie has developed and completed many luxury projects in New Jersey’s most populated cities such as Atlantic City, New Brunswick, Montgomery and Newark. In 2013, the urban real estate developer had completed a project in Newark that was very dear to basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal, who was born and raised there. Shaquille and his team had partnered with Boraie Development to renovate an old movie theater that he and his siblings used to frequent during his youth. The newly renovated theater now has a new name, the CityPlex12 Newark, and is actively co-owned by Boraie Development. The NBA star had paired up with Boraie Development again to develop an outstanding 168-unit residential tower in the heart of his hometown. Shaquille had shared that he aims to revamp Newark, NJ, and hopes to make it look more modern and beautiful. For more details you can visit



Boraie Development was established in 1972 and headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ. The luxury real estate and development company have completed numerous projects across the urban areas of New Jersey.



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Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner, CEO and UAE’s Notable Philanthropist

The world over has many rich people. Only a few of these people will be willing to continuously contribute to charitable organizations without getting something in return. One such a person is DAMAC Properties Chief Executive Officer Hussain Sajwani, who is now one of the notable philanthropists in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In 1976, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. This Dubai-based engineering, building and construction and the architectural company has grown to become one of the reputable real estate agencies in the Middle East. It is through DAMAC Properties that Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, has known many prominent people, who include U.S President Donald Trump, whom he knew long before Trump decided to contest for U.S presidency. Hussain is also a close friend to UAE’s His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Sajwani Among The Invitees

Shortly after the completion of the 2016 U.S Presidential Election that saw Trump win, the Republican invited his close friends for a private dinner party. The party was attended by 800 VVIPs. Among them was Hussain Sajwani and his family. When the president-elect introduced some of the dignitaries, he made a meticulous statement about the Sajwanis. Trump called the Sajwanis ‘the most beautiful family’ from Dubai. This was an indication of a close bond.

When he stood to acknowledge the invitation, Hussain Sajwani of the DAMAC Properties said that never in his life has he ever been happy, as he was that evening. He went further to tell the close to 1,000 VVIPs that both families have enjoyed close ties for a long time. “We have been invited by Mr. Trump to his home in Florida several times before and they have visited us in Dubai on many occasions but never have I ever been happy like today. It is a happy moment to celebrate with you my friend together with my family,” the DAMAC founder said. Hussain went further to mention how his wife and Ivanka exchange emails on a daily basis, enjoying what he called ‘their most adorable conversations’ on a regular basis.

Builds Trump International Course

As the U.S was on with its presidential campaigns, Hussain and his company, DAMAC Properties was busy constructing a magnificent structure. He later named the building Trump International Course Dubai, in honor of his friend Donald. The DAMAC founder is a man known to give alms. He does not keep all his wealth to himself. Recently, when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed asked well-wisher to support his Ramadan Initiative, a program to clothe and feed 1 million poor children, Hussain contributed 2 million AED.



Jim Toner Has Excelled In The Industry Of Real Estate As An Investor

Jim Toner is a beacon of hope for many budding entrepreneurs that are interested in getting into the industry of real estate. Jim Toner is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an investor in the sector of real estate. Jim Toner is renowned for creating the Wealth 101 system and providing advisory services for dozens of business owners on ways to improve their investments and make them more profitable. For over two decades, Jim Toner has been investing in the industry of real estate, and he has extensive experience over the highs and lows of the real estate industry. The story of this business mogul is one to be reckoned with as it is indeed the American dream having started from rags and rose to riches through hard work and dedication. Jim Toner started out as a simple businessman doing small deals in wholesale without any money or credit. Jim Toner is now featured on the CNN and has been associated with the noblest philanthropic efforts of giving away homes that are debt free to veterans.

According to Affiliate Dork, like any other business, the real estate investment venture was not all sunshine and rainbows for Jim Toner and at some point in the year 2010, he decided to forfeit his venture in the investment in real estate. He shied away from this line of investment after he was taken by what was speculated to be a widely known “guru.” Furthermore, the proclaimed national “guru” was said to have operated the largest real estate organizations in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, the organization was featured on FOX News National and their clientele composed of a large number of renowned athletes. Jim Toner was between a hard place and a rock and based on his knowledge of history on how hard it is to make money in the real estate; he decided enough was enough and called it quits. Jim Toner now ventured into coaching business owners on how to enhance their businesses through “celebrity positioning.”

Jim Toner also went ahead and wrote a book that became the number one on Amazon known as “send in the wolves.” In this period when Jim did not want anything to do with the investments in real estate, he was approached by a friend who was a renowned marketer inquiring if he was still in the business. After a short period, his friend in the marketing business followed up still wanting to know if Jim was still in the real estate investment and that is when he passed the big news to Jim Toner about what goes on in reality with the “gurus.” Jim found out that the “gurus” pay a lot of money to companies to come up with a story like that of Jim Toner. Jim Toner has had a success story in the real estate investment, and he was indeed the real guru, and that is why he jumped back into the game of real estate investment. You can view Toner’s resume here.

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Detailed Information about the Success of Rodrigo Terpins in Rally Driving

Rodrigo Terpins is a prominent Brazilian rally driver. He is 41 years and participates in Prototype T1 competitions with his brother Michael Terpins. Michael is also a recognized rally driver in the Brazil history. Both of them have achieved incredible respect and recognition both nationally and globally due to their incredible success in rally driving and their exceptional skills.


Rodrigo Terpins is one of the members who participate in the Bull Sertoes Rally. In the latest race, Rodrigo decided to race with Fabricio Manchiana as his co-driver. This combination manages to complete the race in 58 minutes and 9 seconds. They became number 6. Michael Terpins was also in this rally and emerged positions 5 with his co-driver, Sves Von Borries. They completed the race in 56 minutes.


Rodrigo Terpins believes in consistent ad determination for his success in rally driving. He believes that the driving force helps the driver to retain his focus and diverts all his energy towards achieving his goals and objectives. Rodrigo Terpins has also been hosted for many interviews led by various media outlets in Brazil. Rodrigo is an incredibly talented hero who appreciated all the races that he has participated in merely because they have contributed significantly towards his excellent performance and perfection for the upcoming future competitions.


Rodrigo Terpins is a social person and has established various social media accounts that help him to get in touch with his dear esteemed fans. Some of his social media accounts are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. He is always acknowledged and updated by the people who love his expertise all over the world via these social media accounts. These accounts also help to ease his efforts towards developing a great online reputation. You can visit their



Those interested in learning more about his career and expertise in the rally driving industry should visit his LinkedIn page. He has created a professional biography profile about himself to ensure that everyone gets a clear understanding of what he does and how good he does it. Rodrigo uses his Tumblr account to post any of the upcoming events. He also uses this page to update his fans about his news regarding past races and his performance in these rallies.


Papa John’s New CEO’s Public Apology

Papa John’s CEO has made a public apology for the second time.

The first apology that he made was posted on the company’s website. It was vague, however, as to who was its intended audience, prompting Steve Ritchie to put out a more clear apology.

This apology was to all of Papa John’s customers.

Customers who subscribed to Papa John’s emails received a very touching and heartfelt apology that revealed to them a glimpse of Ritchie’s character.

In the letter, the CEO mentioned statements that were spoken that he and many others deemed insensitive and hurtful.

Indeed, Ritchie stated that he, himself, was hurt simply because Papa John’s customers were hurt.

Ritchie also relayed to customers the fact that Papa John’s is not just a name but is a company.

He says that Papa John’s is more than one person. It is over 120,000 people all over the world working together to deliver better pizza with better ingredients.

According to, Ritchie reminded customers that some of the workers are people from their very own neighborhoods.

This nugget of information tugged at heartstrings and encouraged customers to continue to support the members of their communities as well as to continue to purchase the pizza brand that they have been enjoying for years.

Steve Ritchie’s first letter showed no compassion. Neither did it offer an apology.

He redeemed himself, however, in sending out this second letter, which was so compassionate that many people are choosing to completely disregard the preceding letter that lacked heart.

Papa John’s is going to continue to supply the fresh-baked pizzas that customers love, and Steve Ritchie Papa John’s says that he is going to spearhead the goal of delivering professional and understanding customer service.

He is so focused on keeping Papa John’s on its toes that he has asked everyone to hold him accountable even for his own actions.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Wants Everyone To Benefit From Knowledge In The Field

Why Attend The Group Surgery Meetings

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar says attending the cosmetic and plastic surgery meetings can be beneficial for doctor by preparing them for the future of the field. He says it’s difficult to know where plastic surgery will be over the next several years. He feels that the grafting procedure will be even more popular, no matter if it’s dealing with the butt the breast or the face. Fat is right up there under stem cell injections. Fat also has its own restorative and regenerative properties. That’s an experience you don’t get with implants.

Informed Patients Stay Safe

Patients should be seeking knowledge as well. They should be mindful of who they are choosing to perform their procedures and have at least a basic understanding of the training required to have them done right. Dr. Jejurikar says there is a threat out there to plastic surgery. Some of the procedures you should get from a plastic surgeon you may get offered by a cosmetic surgeon. Professionals and the public should be aware of the training required and potential risks.

Understand Your Procedure

Patients should beware if a cosmetic surgeon wants to perform a surgery that does not fit their background. Some people don’t realize the difference between the two surgeons. Cosmetic surgeons do not go through the same rigorous training as plastic surgeons. Reconstructive surgery is something that less surgeons are willing to do because there is a reduction in physician reimbursement. There are already very few that can do a really good job, but sadly the numbers are dwindling.

Do Your Research

Dr. Jejurikar hopes that patients can avoid surgical complications by doing their homework on the surgeon and the procedure. He is also hopeful that future doctors will take the time to realize what training is required for them to get into each field. Shortcuts are putting lives at risk.

Jacob Gottlieb Is Back To Creating Innovative Concepts And Opportunities

Jacob Gottlieb is back to creating innovative concepts and opportunities. He is joining forces with an old friend Stuart Weisbrod. Weisbrod was a mentor to Jacob when they were both at Merlin Biomed Group. Weisbrod is a co-founder of Merlin and used Gottlieb as his portfolio manager in 2000. Gottlieb respects Weisbrod and credits him with his knowledge about the industry. Jacob Gottlieb was a tremendous asset to Merlin and brought several high level clients to the company before it closed for business in 2007.

Jacob Gottlieb went on to form Visium Asset Management. Visium was started with a 300 million dollar investment that quickly rose to 2.5 billion. The company thrived during the 2008 financial crisis. At this point it had built its value up to an 8 billion dollar hedge fund. There were offices in New York, San Francisco and New York City. The employee ranks featured an international staff of well over 200 personnel.

Visium continued its run for 10 years until several of its top executives were accused of insider trading. The information was gathered by the FBI, who was working with an informant inside the company. They brought formal charges to a number of the company’s highest ranking team members. However, Jacob Gottlieb was never accused of any wrongdoing. Jacob Gottlieb stayed on with Visium and saw the company through its investigation. He remained the CEO and dedicated himself to returning funds to investors.

Jacob Gottlieb has put his time into developing a new enterprises. He has recently launched Altium Capital. Altium Capital is a hedge fund that will focus in Gottlieb’s primary specialty, healthcare. The organization already has a stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc is on the cutting edge of healthcare and will save millions of lives in the future.