Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has succeeded several investments including scrap metal and real estate businesses. He has channeled many people’s dream to have their own homes to reality though Mortgage loaning. Todd Lubar is a man who is gifted with values such as tolerance, work ethics, and hard work. He uses these values in his ventures, and as a result, Todd boasts numerous business successes. These characters have propelled him to higher ranks making other entrepreneurs both upcoming and the old in the industry to seek for his assistance.

In an interview, Lubar revealed that entrepreneurship is his childhood dream and he has always been having the business mind throughout his life. He gave his story on how he used to sell hot chocolate and lemonade in Washington DC at the age of 7 Years. He also noted that working hard is a value that has always been in him even at a tender age. Lubar advised ambitious businesspersons to emulate communication with their teammates. He admitted that there are numerous challenges in business life, but he used to try his ways during difficult times. You can visit his page.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is the present President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Lubar also works as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Mr. Lubar has in the past been in various positions and roles in several institutions such as Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar is remembered for helping Maryland Legacy Financial grow its office to several one hundred million dollars annually production unit in loan accumulation. Todd Lubar is also a former Vice President of Charter Funding where he used his position to continue focusing on helping the needy. Todd Lubar received his bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University where he graduated in the year 1995. Check out Medium to know more.

Todd Lubar entered into the industry of real estate back in the year of 1995. His desire to help other people driven him to venture into real estate as his lifetime career. He secured his first real estate job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was tasked with the role of a loan originator. He utilized his position to learn and understand the model of conservative mortgage lending. Todd managed to build significant relationships with CPA’s, insurance agents and real estate agents who are today comprise of his business enterprise.

Susan McGalla Speaks On The Gender Card And Business Leadership

Susan McGalla is a marketing consulting professional who became the first female executive president of American Eagle Outfitters. While she was still in that role and announced the new company headquarters opening in Pittsburgh, she was pressed by the media about whether her accomplishment was a new monument in the glass ceiling of women in the workplace. McGalla actually argued the contrary and explained that she has never felt the need to use her gender card as a way to earn positions in life. She said when she was a little girl, her parents expected just as much hard work from her as they did her older brothers, and she took that to heart after joining American Eagle. She said the way she considers people’s success in the workplace is just accomplishments by people and not by either men or women.

Susan McGalla was born in a rural community in eastern Ohio and attended a small college at Mount Union. After graduating, she became a merchandising assistant manager for the now defunct Joseph Horne department store company for about 10 years, and the experience she gained at this company was brought with her when she became a regional merchandise manager for American Eagle. In this role, McGalla was responsible for select inventory and marketing of women’s apparel, and her input and new ideas landed her in the corporate wing of the company and in several years elevated her to Chief Merchandising Officer and president.

McGalla left American Eagle in 2009 but joined several other companies including HFF Inc. where she served on the executive board and served as an advisor for marketing decisions. Several years ago she joined the NFL franchise Pittsburgh Steelers as their Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy, a position largely entailing bringing in memorabilia, gameday merchandise, tailgating equipment, jerseys and even new additions that were announced such as jewelry and home products. McGalla also recently had the fan shop’s website reorganized to serve mobile users better and had brand new displays and decor setup in the pro shop. McGalla also offers advice to company PR departments part-time at P3 Executive Consulting.

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Social Security Advice from Financial Adviser David Giertz

Most people don’t understand the Social Security program as well as they believe, says David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financials’s Distribution division. He oversees the distribution and sales of the company’s financial products. That includes mutual funds, specialty products, annuities, life insurance and retirement plans. His company is more successful when the independent registered advisers selling its products are more successful, yet too many of them are dropping the Social Security ball. They’re failing to even mention the subject to their clients, according to a survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute.

And that costs the advisers money, because four out of five of the survey respondents said not helping them with Social Security would cause them to switch advisers.

And people do need help with their Social Security as well as their investment planning, because it is complicated, as Giertz points out. The Social Security Handbook contains 2700 rules. And that’s part of the problem. Too many financial advisers do not understand those rules either, so they just punt, hoping their clients won’t notice.

But then the clients pay in the form of receiving reduced monthly benefits for the remainder of their lives. That can amount to $300,000 over the course of 25 years, David Giertz says. That’s $1,000 a month. Most of that is lose when people file for retirement benefits at age 62 until waiting until they attain their full retirement age. And if they’re able to keep working, they can increase their benefits by 8% per year by continuing to live on their work from full retirement age until age 70.

Giertz got his BS degree at Millikin University and his MBA from the University of Miami. He started out at Financial Horizons Security and at Citibank as a Financial Services Adviser. He is accredited as a broker through passing the State Securities Law Exam, the General Industry & Products Exam and the Principal/Supervisory Exam. He started with Nationwide Financial in 1999.

ClassDojo Is Connecting Parents To The Classroom

With things looking up in the world of EdTech, entrepreneurs and investors in the industry are optimistic about their future. But, pending federal education cuts expected to take place this year have some EdTech lovers on edge. How does one remain successful when facing financial cuts in an already tightly budgeted arena?

ClassDojo, one of the worlds most successful EdTech startups, says the answer lies in the voices of their teachers, parents, and students. Sam Chaudhary, the organization’s co-founder has been deeply engaged in the feedback of the apps users since its launch. Their feedback not only helps improve current services offered through the app, they also provide insight into the needs of educators. Communication between parents and teachers is essential to the success of each student. Traditionally, this communication is limited to parent-teacher conferences, which generally happen twice during the school year. Think of how many new things we learn and experience each day. Now imagine trying to explain those experiences in less than one hour, to someone you hardly know. Tough, huh?

ClassDojo is on a mission to bridge the gap between parents and the classroom and break the barriers of communication in hopes of bettering the educational experiences of today’s early learner. Since their 2011 launch, they have been committed to helping students, parents, and teachers build positive relationships through their safe, free, and innovative app. Through messages, pictures, and short videos, students, and teachers can share daily reports, achievements, and activities. Parents can track their child’s progress, praise them for their accomplishments, and communicate with their child’s teacher with just a few clicks.

The convenience provided by technology is immeasurable. Parental involvement is one of the most important parts of a child’s success. In today’s busy world, being present is not always an option. Working families often lack the time and flexibility that allows them to fully engage in their child’s school day. With ClassDojo, parents can now hold their child’s classroom in the palm of their hands.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Has A Busy Year Of Conferences In 2018

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a well-known name in the plastic surgery world today. Today, Rod works out of the Dallas area in Texas. His reputation and expertise in cosmetic surgery has earned him the recognition of surgeons all over the country. Many of Rod’s unique methods have even caught the eye of customers and doctors overseas. Rod Rohrich is capable of working on all parts of the body with excellent results and has changed the lives of many of his patients today. Rod also dedicates some of his time teaching students about cosmetic surgery. On top of this, Rod Rohrich will be attending a series of three conferences in different locations around the world talking about cosmetic surgery and the future of the field.

The first conference will be held between February 8th-10th in Miami, Florida. This conference is known as the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. This particular symposium offers live demonstrations and is considered to be one of, if not the largest symposium in the United States. Dr. Rod Rohrich was of course invited and expected to attend because of his experience and skill in the cosmetic field. The first event like this occurred in 1967 and was accompanied by some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world at the time who demonstrated live surgeries at the same time as the conference. Several decades after the establishment of the symposium, it became a large success and is attended by thousands of cosmetic surgery students.

Rod next trip will take him to the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting scheduled for February 28th and last until March 1st. This event will focus on discussing the latest methods and advancements developed over the past few years in cosmetic surgery. The final meeting Rod Rohrich is going to be attending is the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which will start the day after the second conference ends. Rod will be a coordinator for this meeting as well as a speaker during the panel while showing attendees the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery. Rod will also be showing off how some of these procedures are performed.

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Dr Jennifer Walden

The Passionate Philanthropist Plastic Surgeon, Jennifer Walden

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a renown plastic surgeon, situated in Austin Texas. He has a family of twin sons. She began her studies at the University of Texas Austin for Bachelors of Art in Biology whereby, she graduated with honors. She then pursued her dreams to Galveston, University of Texas medical branch where she joined a Master’s in Doctorate for medicine. On graduation, she attended the same university for plastic surgery residency. Moreover, she acquired a fellowship in aesthetic surgery from Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Jennifer Walden is a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

According to the article, Doctor Jennifer Walden is an experienced practitioner, whose skills have helped people improve previous surgeries or create a new look all together. She is the founder of MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. She is among the few female surgeons with certification. She performs surgeries in body parts mostly breasts, face, nose among others. Additionally, her virtue of patience has helped her in interactions with patients, enabling them to acquire the service they want perfectly. Most of her staff is women, because most of her clients are women.

In addition, Doctor Walden is a person committed to her work and making work perfect and easy without mistakes by using advanced technology in her surgeries. Some of them include laser fat reduction by SculpSure, 3D imaging technology which allows patients to see how they will look after the surgery and single follicular unit hair transplantation using SmartGraft device. Furthermore, she is an opinion leader who is outspoken in most conferences including being a leader of medical aesthetic companies such as Lumenis.

In conclusion, Doctor Jennifer Walden is a philanthropist known for her unending commitment to the society through contributions and donations. These include Guardian Angel Society which protects abused children, Junior League which gives nourishment to deserving elementary children, both in Austin, Texas. Another thing is that, she serves as a leader in the American Heart Associations which help create awareness to women on female heart diseases.

Read Jason Hope’s new eBook on technological innovations

Jason Hope is an American investor, author and a futurist. As an author, he has released a new eBook known as the “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” It is an informative guide to the Internet of things. It is the biggest technology that will happen according to the tech enthusiast. The eBook is available on Amazon.

What does this book contain? It is an eBook for those who would like to know more about the internet of things technology. In the eBook, Jason Hope gives a clear guide of what the internet of thing is and what it entails. He also looks at the implication of IoT in the society. Jason Hope also talks of measures that also in place to endure that the users of the internet of things are safe from hackers.

The internet of things is based purely on the ability of devices to connect to the internet. When devices connect to the internet, they can communicate to each other. When they share information, they can control themselves while performing a task without any human assistance. The internet if things also allow devices to connect to each other remotely. The internet of things according to Jason hope will be used in homes, businesses and industries.

The internet of things uses the power of computing to connect devices to each other. It gives devices the power to connect with each other while at the same time connecting with the human users. In the eBook by Jason Hop, He gives details about how IoT is being used to improve productivity and efficiency in industries. The concept of the internet of things is driving technological innovations to a higher level in the industries. Knowing the potential that is available, they are trying to come up with the best system based on IoT. The companies that will manage to develop advanced systems of IoT will be able to stay ahead of the rest regarding growth. IoT helps industries to manage operations which were previously not possible. It is possible to carry out operations with high precision now than ever before.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope studied MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business. He has been an investor in the field of mobile technology and once owned a mobile company which he later sold.

Jason Hope is also into philanthropic and has been helping the community through initiating community projects.

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Whitney Wolfe Ensuring Bumble Stays Ahead in the Dating Game

Whitney Wolfe has been the face of the dating industry since the time she launched Bumble, a dating app that only allows women to initiate contact. It is a unique idea but made a lot of difference in the industry that was subtly, dominated by men for a long time. Whitney Wolfe knew that abuse and bullying had been part and parcel of the online dating game for a long time, and it was something she wasn’t comfortable with. And, while there are many ways that the dating apps can try and wither out abuse by members, Whitney Wolfe came up with an interesting idea of not letting the men contact women first, but the other way around. It is an idea that seems to have provided an excellent result so far, especially with Bumble having more than 25 million members now, and is on the top five lists of most downloaded dating apps.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe has been in the news not only for her success in the dating business or how fast Bumble has been growing in popularity but also for her dream wedding in Italy with restaurateur Michael Herd. Whitney Wolfe, however, didn’t meet Michael Herd on Bumble or Tinder for that matter, but in Aspen, where they were both vacationing during Christmas. They first met in 2013, and in 2015, Michael Herd proposed Whitney Wolfe in a ranch in Texas during sunset, and Whitney Wolfe explained the entire scene to Vogue in an engaging manner. It is when the bells for wedding planning started to ring, and finally, during their celebratory trip to Italy, they finalized Positano, Italy.

Whitney Wolfe is known as a clever planner, and she has ensured that her wedding is as lavish and unique as possible. Whitney Wolfe was involved in every stage of her dream wedding to ensure that the result is exactly as she planned. Similarly, Whitney takes care of her business in the same manner and is involved with all the various departments to ensure that Bumble offers unique, efficient, and reliable services to the members. Recently, Whitney Wolfe added two new categories to Bumble, which are Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. It would help the members not only to find friends as well as business partners online. Whitney Wolfe has helped changed the dynamics of the social dating networks and how it used to function altogether with the introduction of Bumble.