Shiraz Boghani: Entrepreneur Powerhouse

Shiraz Boghani is a fervid innovative entrepreneur and prominent business executive. With a background in accounting, Boghanis’ business interests has been in the hospitality and healthcare industry. He currently owns nineteen hotels and in 2016, received the Hotelier of the year award.

Background Information

Shiraz Boghani relocated to UK from Kenya in 1969. He started his journeying career at KPMG. He became a managing partner and co-founded Sussex Health in the 80’s. He then went on to become one of the first entrepreneurs in the industry to introduce limited service brand hotels. Throughout the years, he has partaken in over 25 similar projects.

Being the director and chairman of the Splendid Hotel Group, it is deemed to be one of the top privately owned organizations in the UK with twenty renowned trading hotels. Not to mention, Boghani serves as a managing partner and chairman of Sojourn Hotel LLP. Sojourn was founded in 2007, based in the UK, its portfolio involves acquiring, developing and managing of hotels.

Boghani’s latest business endeavors includes the development of the impressive Hilton London Bankside, as well as The Conrad London St. James. Furthermore, he ventured the Grand Hotel & Spa, based in New York and the Holiday Inn London.

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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985, based in the UK it is a support and care home. It includes 24 care homes based in Sussex and has over 500 beds in each facility. It provides a variety of person centered care and its main focus is to ensure that older individuals with physical challenges and learning disabilities are well taken care of.

The facility has specialized equipment with more than 1000 professionally trained employees. Services are focused on palliative care, dementia care, special adult care and neurological care. The facility additionally offers day care, education services and respite care. The organization partners with local colleges for their education program and offers individualized programs. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare offers other services like occupational therapy.

Boghani has an unsurpassed commitment to his career with little to no competition. He truly believes in the industry he champions. Although his skills and knowledge are indisputable in the hotel industry, he additionally spends his time on other matters like the United Kingdom Charitable Organization, referred to as Aga Kahn Foundation, where he offers much assistance.

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Fabletics Knows What Their Customers Need

Because of the intuitive way Fabletics chooses clothes for each of their customers, they know what people need. They have made a lot of effort to try and give their customers the things they want and all of that has gone back to the way they do business. It is what has helped them make sure they are doing things right and it has given them the inspiration they need to continue trying different things. Fabletics knows what it will take to give people the options they need and they know there will be different things that will come as a result of them doing their best to help customers.


Looking at the different opportunities people have with Fabletics has allowed Kate Hudson to keep trying different things with the brand. She likes people to know she is a part of the brand and she is the ambassador. For that reason, she is confident in her skills and in the options she has given to people. Kate Hudson likes to tell people about Fabletics and isn’t afraid of showing off the brand no matter what she’s doing. It is what has made her a big part of the company.


While Fabletics is one of the top brands in the industry, they want to get even better. The Huffington Post recently talked about how Fabletics was doing everything they could to help their customers. They know what they want and that’s what has set them apart from other brands in the industry. As long as Fabletics is doing what they can to help people, they are confident in their abilities and in the opportunities they have to succeed. For Fabletics, this means a big part of their business is simply trying to make things easier on themselves.


For Fabletics, things have continued to get better. They know what is going to happen and what will make a difference for them as a company. As long as Fabletics is doing their best job possible, they are confident in the options they have. They want everyone to know what it will take to get to certain points while they are shopping for clothes and everything they do goes back to how they can help people get to that point. Fabletics wants people to know they are doing a great job and are going to be able to continue thriving no matter what happens with the brand or with other brands around them.

Felipe Montoro Jens And The PPI Projects That He Leads

One of the most successful business leaders today would be Felipe Montoro Jens. Sure, we could say that other leaders may compete with his position from Microsoft, Google, Bisaya Short Films and Apple, but what makes Felipe Montoro Jens stand out is the fact that he is doing his work mostly for the service of the people through Brazil’s federal government. How? Read more below.

The Federal Government ProjectsUnder the Investment Partnerships Programs being managed by Felipe Montoro Jens, the federal government of Brazil will bankroll a series of projects for the country, mainly to the country’s 22 sectors.

Most of these projects will be released in the late part of 2018, and most of these projects are in the airport industry. Examples of these projects include the construction of the Congonhas Aiport Auction in Sao Paulo and the sale of various assets of Infraero with airports in Brasilia.

It should also be stated here that under the helm of Mr. Jens, there will be more projects going to Confis, Galeao (Rio de Janeiro) and Sao Paulo.

Most of these projects are industrial in nature, and that’s the reason why it is easy for people like Mr. Jens to get the reputation and accolades they receive. The bigger the scale of their work, the more help they bring to the economy.

You may also like to learn that Annapolis and Alianca will get a lot of concessions from the federal government. It is also publicly stated by Mr. Jens that there will be a long highway to be constructed as a private initiative. That said, 2018 will be a year for more projects too in Comodoro and Porto Velho.

Another thing that could also interest you to know is the fact that the Investment Partnerships Program created by the Federal Government of Brazil with Felipe Jens as its leaders is an ominous project. It is the attempt of the project to strengthen the relationship of various state agencies and the private sectors.

The privatization of the projects in Brazil would mean a lot of changes and PPI aims to try to embrace all the issues here and drive the best solutions for the greater good.

Lime Crime Uses Partnership And Social Media To Overcome Launch Issues Into China

The cosmetics company Lime Crime faced a big challenge trying to launch their brand in China. In a December 5, 2017 article on WARC, Global General Manager Kim Walls says she had to do some creative problem-solving. Selling to China needs a different strategy than she uses in her industry.

Speaking in Los Angeles at the 2015 National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Conference, Walls said one obstacle to launching in China was the requirement that wholesale cosmetics are tested on animals. As a vegan brand, Walls and her company would never conduct business that way. The only other way would be to ship products right to China from the United States.

Shipping directly to China involves other challenges like logistics, taxes, duties and providing customer service in a foreign language. There is also a problem with counterfeit products. Walls said her company found out more than a million counterfeit units of their lip topper product were sold at retail outlets in China in 2016.

The answer to the problem was for Lime Crime to partner with the e-commerce company Revolve. Revolve is expanding their business into the beauty industry so the deal also has benefits for them. According to the WARC article, Walls told the NRF conference she wanted to work with Revolve because “They really stood out as people who were servicing a very similar consumer from a very similar perspective.”

Another strategy Walls used was creating a “seed audience” in China before the rollout. People coming to their website and looking at their social media feeds were encouraged to visit Revolve’s e-commerce site. This way visitors learned that Revolve would be the only place where people in China could buy real products. In addition, two hours before the launch (at the height of commuting time) current fans of the brand got access to Revolve’s e-commerce hub. This caused word of mouth to spread across social media channels.

Lime Crime also worked with a group of lesser-known online influencers devoted to the brand. Walls said they prefer their online content to come from people who are passionate about their products, compared to first-tier influencers who are their “own brand.”

Whitney Wolfe Herd Puts Women In Control Of Dating

Online daring has become a billion dollar industry over the last few years. The numbers of people who engage in, or take advantage of the opportunity to meet people online are vast and continuously growing, all in hopes of meeting that special someone. Bumble is a dating app company that has made its way to the ranks of being one of the top competitors in the market. The Founder and Chief /Executive Officer of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe Herd, and she has added a different twist to business. Bumble puts women in the drivers seat. The company is catered to women, and allows them to be the person to decide on whether or not to date an applicant.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has many years experience in the dating business. When she left her former employers, she decided to create her own brand, and operate her own business. She was sought after by one of the owners of a dating company who wanted her to work in his business. She declined his offer, but confided in him about her dreams and plans to establish her own company. The man, Andrey Andreey, who was familiar with the work of Whitney Wolfe Herd, was confident that she would be a very successful entrepreneur. He decided to put in the first $10 million dollars for her start up. She was to be named founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble, a vision made into reality.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has also launched two other apps inside of the Bumble umbrella. Bumble BFF is a networking app for those who want to find someone that they can be friends with. The other venture is Bumble Bizz, which connects business people, investors, and other professionals together to help further business interest.

Whitney met her husband, Michael Herd, on the ski slopes of Aspen. After dating for two years, they said their vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Positano, Italy. Many of their family and friends were in attendance. Michael herd is a restauranteur who also has interests in the gas and oil industry. Their marriage has been referred to as a whirlwind wedding. Whitney Wolfe Herd has her business headquartered in the mid western city of Austin, Texas. She continues to make additions to her brand, which has begun to dominate the online dating industry with her premier women centric app that put women in control of the dating scene.

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NexBank Announces a Private Placement to Investors

NexBank Capital Incorporated announced a 54 million dollar private placement to it subordinated notes to investors. As reported on Cisco the offering will be used for corporate purposes. With this transaction, NexBank has raised over 280 million dollars of equity since 2016. The notes will reach maturity in 2027 and they bear a fixed rate of interest at 6.375% over 5 years and then they will bear a floating rate based on LIBOR.

With a BBB rating, the notes are considered stable by Kroll Bond Rating Agency and fall under capital regulations. The offering closed on September 19th of 2017 and Sandler O’Neill & Partners LP acted as the sole agent. Because the notes do not fall under the Securities Act they can’t be sold in the United States.

As of September 2017, NexBank holds over 7.6 billion dollars in assets and NexBank specializes in commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking services to its clients. NexBank clients consist of middle market companies, large corporations, financial institutions, and real estate investors. On the board of directors, Mr. James Dondero presides as chairman and brings over 30 years of experience to the bank.

The services offered by NexBank are comprehensive and its commercial services include lending, credit services, treasury management, and more. It offers lending programs for warehouses, wholesale, corporate, commericial and real estate advisory to commercial investors.

Personal and online banking are also offered and NexBank brings over a hundred years of experience to its clients. Traditional and non-traditional investments are offered and NexBank is committed to the diversity of its business and personal client investments. NexBank is FDIC-Insured to a maximum of $250,000.

NexBank offers its clients interest bearing saving accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and college funds and it offers high-interest Platinum One Checking. Platinum One comes with a Visa check card, ATM access, online banking, travelers and cashier’s checks and a dedicated personal banker. For those who want a simplified checking account fee-free, E Free Checking is available and it offers a Visa check card, ATM access, online banking, bill pay and e-statements and notifications.